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  1. at my school we use sound forge (probably an older version) and I use my hi-md and upload all the time. you just need a connector from the headphone jack to your computer, and record it as an external source in soundforge. just make sure your levels are turned up high to make sure your quality is great. from there, save in any format you wish.
  2. Marc thanks so much for your constant coding. I'm still using version 4 of your program, but it has worked well so far for me. Keep it up,
  3. first, take a breath I was in the same place you are a little while ago. did you download the ss2.1 from this site? You will need the himd renderer program as well. From your post, I think you want to record from a hi-md either to another hi-md or a cd. (I would have to go back and read it again), both are easy to do, and the himd renderer has actually put my mind at ease. If you're worried, make a copy of your file (s) from within sonic stage, before you put the file through the renderer. once it has been converted to a .wav file, you can import it back into sonic stage and select where you wish to burn this file back to. IT is a lot of shuffling, but definately worth it in the end, when you hear how good it sounds. I haven't tried this in linux yet, so I can't help you there... hope this helps
  4. I was on the sony (canada) website, and it says that hi-md discs are in stock and ready to ship. Does this mean they are finally here to stay?????
  5. hi I'm not sure if they have this in the US (or abroad), but sony canada has mail in rebates, up to 50 bucks if you buy a hi-md recorder. also best buy and future shop have some great deals if you're in the market. hope this helps you all out...especially with the new wav converter, that guy is awesome.
  6. but if I make them upgrade, then the same copyright issue will come up as I'm having with hi-mds. I am hoping to get the old program today, and then buy a regular minidisc so I can start recording for school and transfer to my computer
  7. I've got sonic stage 2.1, while some of my freiends are using whatever came with the old mds
  8. hi Is it possible to record a regular md (not himd) in a hi-md player which can still be read on the regular minidisc player? I want to find some way around this copyright issue, and some of my friends have the old software for regular mds thanks,
  9. Thanks I'll try this all again a bit later tonight and let you know
  10. maybe I should just reinstall it. thanks so much for your patience
  11. I tried to do everything 5c from the wav converter on this site. I still have the first version, maybe I should try toying around with the 2nd version. it seems to be working fine, I just get those errors no matter what I do
  12. yes, the mz-nhf800. did I maybe record in the wrong format? I just picked this up a few days ago, so I'm learning all the buttons. I just recorded straight from the mic with whatever the factory settings were
  13. yes, I'm using sonicstage 2.1, which I downloaded from this site. I'm new to this recording end of computing, so I ask for your patience. should I not have tried to copy it and put it on the desktop? would this change the files at all? (you never know with windows)
  14. I copied the files from himd to my deskop (to try and simplify things) and tried to follow the directions to get it to work. I kept getting error messages.--could not open input file. I noticed the files I copied are .oma not the .omg, is this a problem?
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