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  1. The article I read about this on BBC online indicates: "About 20 titles are thought to be using the XCP software and in May 2005 Sony said more than two million discs had been shipped using the technology. XCP is just one of several anti-piracy systems Sony is trying..." Has anyone yet discerned exactly which Sony BMG titles are thusly infected? I guess I'll have to investigate what my kids are buying and playing on *my* computers around here. I hate (other) lawyers , class-action lawsuits, and what they've done to our society and economy. I know this is wishful thinking, but in this case I hope Sony's conduct generates successful legal action. The article in the Inquirer cited above by jadeclaw is just devastating. It is just this kind of bullshit from Sony, and the support they and their ilk have bought themselves in Congress, that turns law-abiding folks into criminals or outright anarchists. Makes me want to go make 10,000 copies and stand on the corner of Times Square to give them away.
  2. Thanks for this utility, Marc...I am sooooo easily amused by cool stuff like this... After almost a year, I just started using Himdlister to put my numerous MD song lists into a database on my Palm PDA, using SmartList To Go (www.dataviz.com). It works fabulously...sortable by any field to find your tunes, albums, etc. 1. Created an output text document for each Disc# in Himdlister with title, artist and album...with a -tab- in between each. 2. Created a new Smartlist (database) on my desktop Smartlist To Go application, with four fields...i.e. the above 3, plus Disc#. 3. Set the default value for the Disc# field to whichever disc # I am importing. 4. Import each tab-delimited text file one at a time...map the fields...it imports your text file and automatically assigns the correct disc # based on the default # you set for that import job. 5. Repeat for any new discs you record. ...oh, I forgot: whoooo-hoooo!
  3. I don't have an RH10 (but assuming it works essentially the same as my NH900): 1. Speed might depend somewhat on your system. On my system (P4, 500mb RAM) I can upload 60 minutes of live recording (Hi-LP mode) in a coupla minutes. I've never timed it, but it's just a couple of minutes. Once uploaded, they have to be saved / converted to .wav files as a separate operation. Another coupla minutes for 60-minutes worth of recordings. 2. If I have inserted track marks in my recordings, they upload in Sonic Stage as separate tracks. When I burn such live recordings to CD, such as my college kid's concerts, I insert track marks as I record, and use Nero to edit and burn to CD which has an option to NOT include a pause between tracks. Thus, playback is seamless between tracks although there are separarate tracks on the CD. 3. don't know about auto-track mark settings 4. From what I've read, the M10 and M100 units are functionally identical to their RH10 and RH100 brethren, except they are packaged differently and, as you already know, come with software to be able to upload to MAC machines. I have been contemplating one of these guys for my kid, Joe College, who had to have an Apple Powerbook...grrrr
  4. I tried buying an album from the Connect music store with my current Sonic Stage 3.2 installation, and I received a pop-up message saying that I was still using an old version of Connect Player and I should download the new version...or else I would not be able to burn purchased titles. [i had purchsed a couple of songs from the Connect store a couple of days before this without incident, so they just implemented this warning.] I haven't downloaded the software yet for fear that it will botch my current (and working) Sonic Stage and Simple Burner installations. So I bought the same album from iTunes, burned a CD (or 3 or 4 ) and put it on my MD with Simple Burner.
  5. You can get an LCD remote for the US version MZ-RH10 for a whole lot less than $65...though it'll probably not be the color-matched black one. Check the pinned remote thread: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=8147 for compatible remotes, and head off to eBay where the RM-MC35ELK can be had for pretty cheap. If you're already willing to spend $65 for one, you might then also consider spending a bit more for the 3-line RM-MC40ELK. I use the MC40ELK with my 1st generation MZ-900 MD unit...I find it very useful even for ordinary playback use, like on bus/train/plane trips with the mini-disc unit stashed in a pocket somewhere. It allows you to scroll through disc contents with ease to find what you want. The 3 lines make it easier to see what you're scrolling through, and gives you more available info. on playback. Plus, when you are recording, it is *really* cool to be able to monitor your recording levels, and change them if necessary (in Manual). Can't do that on the skinny stick remotes. But if that functionality isn't likely to be much use to you, go with a much less expensive MC35ELK from an eBay seller with good feedback.
  6. Good evening, all. Upon trying to purchase a couple of tunes this evening from Connect/Sonic Stage to fill out my collection from a particular artist, I was presented with the following pop-up greeting: Hey music fan, It appears you are still using an older version of the Connect software. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version. Otherwise, you will not be able to burn any newly purchased content. Upgrading also offers the following benefits: Enhanced burn rights - Burn up to seven regular CDs of any playlist* RadioConnect - Streaming music 24/7 with an easy "Click-to-buy" feature Improved performance Improved user interface... The "upgrade" button then takes you to a link that touts the new Connect version 3.2 (same version as my current Sonic Stage installation). Now, I had purchased a few other songs just a day or two ago without this aggravation, so this must havew just been implemented yesterday or today. The thing that bugs me most about this (other than wanting to just be left the #%!* alone), is the bit about not being able to burn newly purchased content without upgrading. Is that for real? I guess I should take them at their word when they say that, but maybe they were just kidding...in order to get people to install it? And does anyone know if "upgrading" to the "new" Connect just replace the Sonic Stage name with Connect...since it has the same version no. as the current Sonic Stage installation? Thanks...
  7. I have ordered each of my kids' (3) iPods* directly from the Apple web site where you get free shipping and free custom engraving. They provide a tracking link in the shipping confirmation email...the package originates in Shanghai, China, first stop is Anchorage, Alaska, and it's generally here the following business day**. So...while I don't have one in front of me to confirm, I assume from this that they're made in China. I also find it intriguing (as an American who has seen "made in USA" become virtually irrelevant to many others except myself) to note the apparently nationalistic Japanese buying interest. Of course, we should take the tale with a grain of salt because we don't know anything about how randomly the "poll" was conducted, how many people were asked, whether he asked only people he knew, or even how the iPod and MD actually fared against each other. But I have no doubt that the underlying premise is true, that the Japanese put at least some stock into buying stuff that is made there, or at least sold by a company that is perceived to be Japanese. * I will point out that my oldest kid had a MD recorder years before iPods and other music players were all the rage. He still uses it to this day at college, to record himself practicing. So, he does have at least one redeeming quality (second to being my kid). The other two kids are over on the dark side...hook, line and sinker. ** The ordering & shipping process of Apple is remarkable and impressive. Order online and pay no shipping. (Yes, they do charge local sales tax. Don't know if that's just policy, or because Apple has multiple store locations in Maryland.) The iPods are custom engraved, packaged and perfectly shrink-wrapped as if you plucked it off a store shelf, shipped from China, and AT MY DOOR 4 business days after placing the order. While I *am* easily amused, that's pretty darn good.
  8. Thanks once again, for confirming that information. After all of my deliberations, though the Japanese models are more attractive for their colors and accessories, I am likely to go with the U.S. model. I have some AMEX points that are burning a hole in my pocket and etronics is a participating vendor. Plus, I can still use my RM-MC40ELK remote with it, so I won't be too sad or disabled not to have the lipstick LCD remote that comes with the JP version.
  9. Thanks for your excellent & timely replies. I'd seen the suggested eBay seller's listings recently, and was favorably impressed with his considerable 100% feedback. One follow-up thought/query...I think I've read elsewhere previously but...I'm here now. I am guessing that Sony USA doesn't honor warranties on Japanese products, and I'd have to return a Japanese version to Japan for warranty service? Would the same apply to out-of-warranty repair? Now, for a more practical "domestic" consideration...how to get this past the Spousal Unit with minimal noise and risk of physical harm (a rhetorical question there, not calling for reply, though creative suggestions welcome). I use the MD to record our kids' concerts so I have tried variations on the "It's all for you, dear" theme, with the expected negative results. She's not about electronics, let alone redundancy in electronics. Might just have to buck-up and take my licks...
  10. G'day to all. I am a current (and happy) owner of an MZ-NH900, teetering on the brink of buying an MZ-RH10 and I have a cupla quick queries: Does anyone know if the A/C adapter that comes with the MZ-RH10 is compatible with the MZ-NH900...i.e. are they interchangable with both models, so I could keep one at home, one at the office, etc.? In looking at the model nos. at DAPC, they are off slightly (ES3010K for the NH900 vs. ES3010K2 for the RH10), and one is $10 cheaper than the other. Japanese vs. US...the colors, cradle & remote that comes with the JP version are nifty, but add about $100 (Audio Cubes vs. etronics prices). Additionally, Audio Cubes' site seems to be pushing an optional $30 transformer (free with $400 purchase, so I guess adding a few extra gumsticks and a wall charger would do the trick) to make sure the JP unit is getting the appropriate charging voltage. Do U.S. users of the Japanese version feel this transformer is necessary? Are the dry battery boxes interchangeable between the NH900 and the RH10, such that I won't have to make sure I keep them separate?Many thanks.
  11. Unit: MZ-NH900 Recording Uses: Recording my kids' concerts (high school and college) from the audience, then uploading & transferring them to CD for family & other band parents; recording myself @ practice (banjo); recording my kids' audition pieces; outdoor bluegrass festivals; casual jam sessions with friends while camping; recording/archiving LPs & cassettes and uploading/transferring them to CD. Primary Playback Use: For playing my personal tunes while on bus/train/air travel. Alternatives: For all of my recording uses, I have no obvious single & affordable alternative. If Hi-MD is indeed to be relegated to the trash bin, I will probably buy a new RH10 for use (can't resist the allure of that display!), keep the NH900 as a backup, get a couple of extra gumsticks, and stock up on some discs. For playing music on road trips, I would probably buy an i-Pod because my kids have them, so i-Tunes is already on my PC. I *can* put hours worth of tunes on my Palm T5...sound & function are satisfactory with Aeroplayer (Realplayer for Palm sucks), but audio playback chews up battery life and I NEED that battery for playing games :-D Request: As it is right now, even with the clunky SonicStage software, the Hi-MD format has everything I need and want it to do. I suppose it would be *nice* to have hardware that would be easier to record with, such as not having to go through so many menus to set up manual recording (AND HAVE IT REMEMBER THAT AS A DEFAULT) rather than having to go through it every time. But that's a small thing in the big picture.
  12. Thanks! I'd seen that thread before, but sometimes I just can't seem to get all my cylinders firing in unison.
  13. Kurisu, I'm wondering if follow-up info on this thread was posted elsewhere...can't find any. I'm also anxiously following the Sony news thread, waiting for the next shoe to drop about the whole MD thing...and curious about whether the Sony Pro Audio MD units will be similarly sh..-canned. In the meantime, I have a kid who is a college musician, and I'd like to buy him an upgraded MD recorder for X-mas. He uses a MAC iBook, and has an older MD recorder (don't know the model) which he uses to record rehearsals of himself and his brass quintet. My choices are either the MZ-10 or MZ-100 Pro Audio units, or a regular Hi-MD unit, and an external Griffin USB sound "card". If I were to upgrade him to one of the Pro Audio MD units, he could upload his recordings to his iBook, and edit, distribute, & burn them to CDs, etc. ...and in so doing, I could probably slip a new MZ-RH10 past the Spousal Unit for myself as a backup for the say when my NH900 dies...
  14. Hmmm, or as I remember my Mom used to say when the 'rents still spoke German in the house many years ago: Es ist doch zum kotzen.
  15. My college-aged kid just had to have an iBook (mac) rather than a Windows laptop when he went to school. Fine. He now also wants a new minidisc recorder (he has an older Sony but I couldn't tell you which), to record rehearsals of himself and his various performance ensembles at school. Fine. His use of the MD, either old or new, would be greatly enhanced if he could get his recordings into his iBook. Unfortunately, in addition to not being compatible with SonicStage, his iBook has no microphone or any other audio input. So I came across this USB sound device (link below) and am curious as to whether any readers may have any experience with it. It's basically a USB-based external audio card. It gets mixed reviews on various sites I've found it, but for $30 at amazon.com it just might be a good stocking-stuffer, whether or not he gets a new MD recorder. http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/imic/
  16. Perhaps you could try a careful application of a silicone cement at the end of the cord where it enters the phone, to make a flexible reinforcement for the cord. Make it a little bit thicker at the base, and taper it off as you go down the cord a half inch or so.
  17. Kurisu, I posted a separate review of the E3c in the Phones forum. (ps. you still in MD?)
  18. Your buds look like they'd fit easily in the Shure case. This should take you there: http://www.shurestore.com/earphones/eserie...ories.html#CASE Or, if Amazon is more your thing, they have it too (and it qualifies free shipping if you order $25 or more): http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...e&s=electronics
  19. Along with the Shure E3c canal phones which arrived today, is a nifty and compact storage case which has an integral "spool" around which the cord neatly winds. This case is also available separately from shure for about $15. I think I will order an extra one of these to use as a case for my SP SP-TFB-2 in-ear mics. Their thin wires get hopelessly tangled. Here's a pic... [attachmentid=421]
  20. Been eyeballing the E3c and the Etymotic ER6i canal phones for awhile, comparing reviews here and elsewhere. Current prices @ Amazon are only about $4 apart. I settled on the Shures ($108 delivered), probably for the ergonomics, fit flexibility, and because they just look better-built. I also ordered a pair of the optional triple-flange sleeves to get the full range of fitting options. My decision to buy was sparked by my last plane trip...my Senn PX100s are great and I look forward to continued use out of them, but they're just not efficient (loud) enough for use in a noisy environment like a plane, train, bus ride to marching band trips, etc. They arrived today, having strategically planned their arrival while the Spousal Unit is 1,100 miles away (yes I'm afraid...and it's almost always easier to seek forgiveness than to ask permission). Trying the various sleeves, the only rubber/vinyl sleeve I could get a decent and reliable seal with were the small ultra-soft (grey silicone) sleeves. The triple-flange (optional) sleeves are pretty good...very good seal and comfortable, but they make the phone stick out farther from the ear than the others. The yellow foam sleeves at first (well, for the first hour) were unnerving...too much pressure, I guess. But they seal out the world very well, and now that they've been in for awhile, I am quite accustomed to them and I can see using these primarily...dang...the message light on the phone that's sitting right next to me just lit up but I didn't hear it ;0 (thanks to Alison Krauss being piped directly into my brain neurons). To my ears the sound is crystal clear and dead-on. I recommend using a custom EQ setting if your player offers it. Most of the complaints I've read about these phones is the lack of bass. The bass is just fine for me...if your tunes have bass in them, the E3c's will reproduce it just fine. Remember also that these do not have to compete with ambient noise for your attention. As others also report, a good seal is important for low frequencies. If your music is already thin on bass and you can't equalize it sufficiently to your taste, I suppose I could see some people griping. The sound isolation is very, very effective, and you kind of have to get used to it...your ears are totally sealed which is good for listening to music. But even though the sleeves are "comfortable", having something totally plugging up your ear is not a normal sensation. And by no means should you be driving or even walking around on the sidewalk in these, because you will hear NOTHING of the outside world which could be dangerous. Driving the E3c is a breeze with my NH900...I'm dialed in right now at a very comfortable 11/30. It starts to get real uncomfortable at about 19-20. Even in a very noisy place, I can't conceive of prolonged listening any louder than 17-18 (depending on the recording's volume).
  21. smkranz


    ...heh...heh...this whole damned forum has cost me a world of hurt...and I'm loving it.
  22. smkranz


    It's a quality of life issue... Yes, I *could* live without it (or, beer), but I have gotten used to having it, so I wouldn't want to be without it (at least with the NH900, that is...what I really want is the RH10). I scored mine on eBay for less than $70. How much would I have paid for it? I dunno, but I think $70 would have been my limit. Any more than that, and I could have VERY E*A*S*I*L*Y rationalized my way into buying a new RH10 2nd gen. unit with the OLED display, and selling the NH900. I probably should have done that anyway, but, oh well (I have the Spousal Unit to contend with... ). Have you considered doing that? It seems that between what you could get for your NH900, and what you'd save by not buying the 40ELK, might come close to justifying a new RH10? And for your money, it still isn't going to make your NH900 the perfect machine. The clearest advantage to me, is being able to monitor and change recording levels in darkness or bad lighting...or for that matter, almost any lighting since the NH900's display is so un-friendly IMHO. The larger display is nice for playback, I guess, but that's way down on my list. You still have to get into the menus on the main unit to set manual recording options.
  23. These Panasonic jobs are what I use. $30 (US), decent sound for tiny speakers, and very portable. http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Panasonic-F...roductDetail.do
  24. I just posted a live recording from a bluegrass festival to my gallery: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?act=m..._album&album=62 and am interested in any opinions/feedback on the results I received...here, or with comments in the Gallery. Particularly, am interested in hearing from anyone using the Reactive Sounds Boost Box so that I can record with the line input. I edited the recording by cutting some of the bass to make it less boomy, but I think the overall quality still suffers...and I probably should have posted an unedited version, I guess. The sound guys on this band in particular had the bass too loud. Other bands were much easier on the MD. Thanks in advance...
  25. Ditto that. They sound fantastic IMHO. 99% of the time the listening volume is MORE than plenty, but I have once or twice wished that I could bump them a notch higher...quieter tunes in a noisy listening environment.
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