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  1. How about putting the Installer that comes with the Player off it's CD and then online? Once I also had a problem installing SonicStage (It might have even been OpenMG Jukebox). I believe it was when I wanted to update my Computer crashed during installation. When I rebooted my Computer I could neither install anymore nor uninstall. The problem remained until I went to the registry deleting all entries referring to Sony/Sonicstage manually. (It took my about 2 or 3 hours ) But after that procedure the installation worked flawlessly. So this is what you could do: - Uninstall via System Settings \ Software - Searching for Remaining Folders/Files of Sonicstage (Program Files\Sony, Settings and Documents\All Users\Application Data\SonicStage, Settings and Documents\"your username"\Application Data\SonicStage; the folder "Application Data" is usually hidden. There might be some other folders, these are just the ones that came to my mind; use the search function in Windows Explorer) - Go to the registry ( "Start" -> "Run" -> "regedit") and search for remaining entries/subgroups containing the word Sony (use the search function "Ctrl" + "F"). But be aware: You could damage your Windows Installation if you delete the false entries. But if you have no other Sony Hardware/Software installed nor do you own a Sony Computer you should have no problem finding the right registry keys to delete. I'm sorry If not all the commands and folder names are right but my Windows Installation is German therefore I could only guess them. I hope I this helps you anyway if not someone comes up with an easier solution. Good Luck
  2. Hey guys I just found this article on Sony's German webpage. It clearly states that you can also download Music onto the MZ-RH1 with the Mac software. It also says something about a vertical jogdial (to search for songs by title artist,..). I don't know what they mean by that, probably the button you can push up and down. There is some confusing picture with it but it's a bit small: At least it would mean the display also shows the track title which is very important from my point of view. Or can anyone explain me how to use the "line out" function without seeing the track titles among 50-500 songs? edit: I'm not sure about the downloading modes on Mac. It might only work with WAV
  3. Ouh man, I must have missed that.. Haven't been much on the forums for the last time.. *cough* Thanks for that. My honors to whomever? created and uploaded that one..
  4. Really cool new version.. Now I am able to recover some songs that were trapped only on Hi-MD.. The ones on normal MD it seems they still have to wait.. So now there are not many things missing regarding MD + Computer: The most wanted for me are: 1. easier handling of files which means: a)auto update library b)removing files from library on DEL c)adding files with drag and drop 2. direct support for other audio formats - best case with plugins because it's the only way to make sure everyone can use the format of his/her choice. 3. finally a way to play my ATRAC files back in other applications - whether through a release of the codec or by writing a plugin at least for winamp and wmp because these are the most common players thanks in advance ;-)
  5. Count me in! options: whatever (I may prefer Hi-MD for tagging reasons) but i have to admit I don't have every song in PCM quality if that matters for recording mode.. I listen to many types of music so (But it shouldn't be usual pop, usual techno, or gangsta rap) Your disc would be around (at least?) 50% metal (mainly the melodic genres) PS: that has been the best news for ages
  6. Will you accept PayPal as a payment method? I live in Germany
  7. Yeah great the forum is working again. Big hooray for all who worked on it. ------ unfortunately I lost an unread PM. If the one who wrote it could send it again..
  8. Aren't the most people in here saying things like "Use MD for recording otherwise get an mp3-player"?
  9. Ask for the NH900 and new warranty or/and the RM-MC40ELK. Because otherwise it would be a "lower end" model. That's what i would try.
  10. Maybe they are still working on the details of the MD part. It makes a lot of sense: In these times you shouldn't wait throwing your stuff on the market; but also they didn't wanted to give away another half finished program. Why else would they have named it different? Too many people hearing the word "Sonicstage" think negative of it. You can't get rid of it anymore (sad but probably the same with MD). So they developed the MD part at last: The last version works stable enough to work with. Better give Sony the time to come out an excellent MD program. Isn't that what you all want? I'm sure we get it.
  11. <s>Maybe they bring out a new version supporting (Hi-)MD with the 3rd generation. Or</s> an advanced version since not many people use MD, but a completely different programm wouldn't make that much sense
  12. I understand about the writing speed with the magnetic layer has to be heated to change the magnetic property (south or north). But sorry I was only talking about the reading speed. Because while reading the disc has not to be heated up (since the data won't be changed) but it is read by laser only. If i recall correctly the degree in which the layer reflects the light (laser) is slightly different between the north polarisation and the south polarisation. That's how it differates "0" and "1". So I still see absolutely no reason why the reading speed could not be increased. BTW.: Speed is not one of my primary concerns. Since I use it for playback as a main purpose I would probably be out of MD otherwise
  13. Hmm... And why is this not possible with MD/Hi-MD? Or is it just because they don't build in a more powerful motor for given reasons i.e. it's likely to be done in a possible internal computer drive?
  14. I don't understand that point. MD is read by a laser so it should be possible to read it around the speed of a CD, shouldn't it? And: Today i read on buffalo's site their MD unit supports USB2 at full speed.
  15. I have a virus on my computer so it doesn't work properly. cheap windows/computer rubbish besides: unfortunately this is true
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