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  1. Just to update on my problems with SS 3.3 Following the reformat and reinstall of XP Pro previously detailed I have now downloaded again and run the web installer and everything is now fully-functioning! So, it can be done..!
  2. Have experienced exactly the same problem, and mine was with an upgrade from 3.2. Have had and used SS since about 1.x and successfully upgraded each time until this most recent. Both web installer and full installer showed exactly the problem as at the head of this topic. and in my case it had already uninstalled SS 3.2. Unfortunately System Restore could not, somehow, fully restore everything and my whole system became unstable - crashes, BSOD etc. Luckily I was able to install an "emergency" XP Pro on another HDD and so access the files on the HDD containing the "faulty" install but the only solution was a reformat of this HDD and a reinstall of my full XP Pro SP2. However, I am very cautious about reinstalling SS 3.3, I still have both the web and full installer files but am uncertain what to do. Does anyone have the installer for 3.2? If so, could you email it to me? I guess it will be a large file. Also, does anyone know where SS stores the "My Library" tracks on a PC? I have been able to retrieve all the files from the corrupt HDD (via the "emergency" install) and copy them to another HDD and would like to restore them. They are all original voice-only recordings, made by me so DRM is not a problem Any help appreciated. My Spec: XP Pro SP2 P4 3.4 Gig 1 Gig RAM 10 Gig HDD (emergency install) 80 Gig HDD, partitioned 50 and 30 (normal XP install, following reformat)
  3. But the line output level is lower than that of the headphone output, surely? Using the headphone volume control gives an amplified output much higher than simple line level.
  4. Just a thought. On a completely different forum (to do with DTP software) I remember reading someone stating that VPC (version 7, I think) can require as much as 2Gb RAM to function properly. Could this be the reason for the very slow upload to the Mac?
  5. You have disabled the AVLS I assume? On the numerical scale of headphone volume levels it seems to max out at about 15, whereas the full available range is up to 30. The setting is under menu>option>avls. HTH
  6. Try here for some of the cheapest UK prices I've seen. Don't know how much the delivery will be, unfortunately.
  7. Don't they simply mean that charging takes place when the unit is on the cradle and the cradle connected to the mains, because the only connection between the cradle and the unit IS the USB socket?
  8. I have an NH1 which I regularly use to record line-in (analogue). Whenever there is a "silence" of about 3 seconds a new track mark is created automatically. I don't have the recorder set to create a mark at a predetermined time interval. Hope this helps!
  9. Don't know if I'm missing something here, but... Why would you want to format the disk with "windows xp"? If the disk was new no formatting was necessary to use it in the nh1. If you really need to format it put it in the nh1, press menu>edit>format>yes.
  10. Downloaded installer from link at the head of this thread, ran it, told me I already had the latest version installed (I have 2.3). Am also in the UK. Jeff
  11. It is a pain, but using my NH1, like you, to record in church, what I do once the recording is finished is to start playback from the begininning but immediately pause the disc, use the track finder to find the next track marker, hit the "T-Mark" button and the marker is erased. Then to the next marker, and so on. It is time-consuming because you need to remove each one manually but it does leave you with one track on the MD. I don't think you can manually remove track 1 marker so the recording should be still playable!
  12. I THINK the answer is incompatible sampling rates. DVD is normally 48kHz (or higher) and MD is 44.1kHz. Digital copy can only work when sampling rates are exactly matched. Jeff
  13. MZ NH1 is my first experience of using minidisc in live recording and, so far, I'm very pleased. No battery problems, though all recordings have been 2 - 3 hours at most. Originally bought the ECM 909A mic, good but the hiss level on quieter passages made it less than ideal. Now use the ATR25, designed for video recording, only £25 in UK, but so far has proved ideal. Hope this is helpful.
  14. Thanks for this. The info is very useful. Just one thing; the Audio-Technica mics you name are apparently not available in the UK, where I am. The ATR25 does give a very good account of it self.
  15. Glad to see I'm not alone in concerns about "hiss" on mic recordings. I've only recently begun using MD (Sony MZ NH1) for recording music exam candidates performances, some of whom sing/play very quietly! I initially purchased an MS 909A mic, good quality on reasonable sound levels, too much hiss on very quiet passages. So I tried and have subsequently bought a mic that many users of this forum would consider "unsuitable", I suspect, the Audio-Technica ATR 25. It is officially a "Video" mic but so far has proved absolutely ideal for the purpose for which I need it. Its only drawback is the very short connecting lead, about 8 inches, but I also bought a "headphone extension lead" which allows the mic to function at a greater distance from the recorder. I'm almost certainly going to fit at least one of the spare clamp filters which came with the NH1 to this extended mic cable to attempt to prevent any unwanted breakthroughs, but, so far so good. Jeff
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