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  1. Using my NW-E507..seems like the only new bitrate supported is 192kbps :/ One more is better than zero I guess.
  2. I can confirm that Japanese and Chinese (not just Kanji) works fine in 3.2 without any registry modifications for NW-E507. MD's probably still need the registry modifications though, but I can't test how well it works since mine is dead
  3. Isn't it the same for 2.3? Kanji works for in SS3.1 and Chinese as well if your system is configured properly. Transfering the track data to your MD would be a different problem. In that case you can only transfer Kanji. If it's the NW-E400/500 series, you can do whichever language your system is configured for. Not sure about the other Network Walkman.
  4. Thought I should add something after getting my NW-E507. The NW-E507 actually stores the information on the player in unicode. I have been able to successfully transfer both Chinese (not just Kanji) and Japanese title/artist information with English SonicStage running in the appropriate non-unicode mode using Apploc.
  5. That is only for Simplified to Shfit-JIS. Also that doesn't work in SS 3.x anymore. The other registry setting mentioned earlier I have confirmed to work even on Englsih SS. I swear I looked at that before when I was messing with the Jap SS. Thanks pata2001 Is the UTOC4 value still needed to get kanji to display on the unit?
  6. I have played around with the Japanese 3.0 (might've been 3.1?) SS and couldn't get it to work right under English XP w/ non-unicode set to Japanese. I would still get a lot of ??? for the menu's and Japanese wasn't displayed everywhere. Some places worked, but not all. willykyu: SS probably calls another application to handle the transfer from PC->MD. This application is probably being called with your OS locale, and not the one set by AppLoc on SS. So you're getting a unicode->shift-jis on SS's end and it is feeding into the helper app that is doing the transfer shift-jis. Windows tries to send this shift-jis to the helper app and decodes it from french->unicode (it doesn't know it's shift-jis) and passes it to the app. That's my guess
  7. Never had any major problem. Had a slight problem with 3.0 and 3.1 (couldn't preview clips from connect store, probably my fault). Finally completely removed OpenMG and reinstalled and it worked. But then I don't really use it much since my MD only displays NO DISC!
  8. I have 3.1 down to 19 MB now. Seems like it is marginally smaller than 3.0. I also figured out how to install the limited patch without using the external installer, so save about 600kb there DlFileSetupJPServer.txt
  9. Yes, showtitlehalf no longer works with SS3. It is needed, but there is more to it now. I have experimented with several combinations and the Jap version of SS3 and Windows locale set to Japanese is required. My guess is that the US version forces the latin codepage (1252) in the library. And to make it worse, the Jap version of SS3 isn't fully functional under English WinXP even with non-unicode set to Japanese.
  10. But I have a Japanese unit That doesn't work Sigh.
  11. The shift-jis conversion/display works fine for me under English Windows (non-unicode support set to Japanese). Works with both English or Japanese OpenMG. I do not know if the transfer to MD works though since my MD is no longer functional Some things I have discovered: *Language support of SonicStage is no longer determined by the registry. -Made copy of all registry keys made by SS/OpenMG Japanese and imported them over an English installation, and still couldn't display Japanese. *Locale setting does affect SonicStage. -Set the locale to Japanese and those ??? you see in the picture will become Japanese. This doesn't fix all the ??? though, only the ??? inside the library itself. It also fixed the shift-jis on the SS loader screen. The initialization text requires the locale to be Japanese for it to be displayed properly. I just noticed that after setting the locale to Japanese the shift-jis characters got messed up (they were entered when locale was English), but re-entering them remedies that. It then follows that changing it back to English from Japanese changes the characters to ??. My take on this is that SS uses the locale to determine which codepage conversion to use. With the Japanese locale it does a shift-jis->unicode conversion, resulting in a unicode->latin conversion that returns ??. *English SonicStage cannot import Japanese named files even when non-unicode is set to Japanese (maybe no multi-byte support?). This works fine under the Japaense version of SonicStage with non-unicode set to Japanese. I didn't try without. *You can change the checkout mode back to unlimited in the English version by changing the reg dword at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Sony Corporation\OpenMG\PD\{E1E50A82-ADC9-4263-A175-9454A6A4D7AA}\CheckoutModel to 1. The english installer sets it to 0 and the Japanese installer sets it to 1. This can be changed in the OpenMG installation script OmgCore.ini by changing the line CheckoutModel=0. (Under the English SS, from my one usage of create audio cd, I made a cd of the free "The Massacre" from connect.com and my remaining checkout count was 7. I don't know if the original was 8, or was it 7 and just didn't change.)
  12. I believe it does say 7 but I made an audio cd with some songs from connect.com and the count didn't go down. Either that or it went from 8 to 7.
  13. You could use a system monitor/snapshot thing to create a msi out of the ss2.3 uninstall. I wonder if that'll work...
  14. Yep the codecs really complicate things. What has me concerned is that the wmfdist that comes with SS has mp3 decoder?/encoder? and other weird stuff too. Not too sure if they're necessary and since I have a big codec pack installed I can't really tell if missing them will have ill effects Edit: Took a look at the 9x package and found that all the codecs are the same files (figured, they're just codecs anyways) There are 3 additional files that add up to 104kb so you can really just include both together. Actaully, the inf file for Win9x is already included in the XP package of the WM9 codecs..(no idea why)..total comes to 1.07mb 7-zipped
  15. Not too sure abuot that but I have my English WinXP set to Japanese (non-unicode programs) and the English version of SS3 still works. It wouldn't install but I just edited the ini and told it to not ignore Japanese OS. Update: Tried typing some Japanese into one of the title fields and I get jargon too. But it displays under the properties of the file.
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