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  1. It must work, but I think it won't make much noise... I wouldn't risk that at all. Except that, it seems to be quite big for street-wearing, don't you think? There are many excellent in-ear earphones, for example Shure.. You definitely don't need such a huge thing to get good sound.
  2. Summary: No Atrac support, only 400kbps AAC instead. That's a good format, but: Sony MediaManager does only 256kbps AAC (reason?). BTW the cover art quality in SMM is poor. Windows Media Player doesn't do AAC at all. There are plugins to play it, but I can't get it to the goddamn library. Winamp - absolutely perfect namager, transfers all the formats I need, but no cover art. And, I haven't tried to get some video to it yet. I guess that's going to be real pain. Here's a little recipe for wealth and fame I made myself: Manufacture a good portable audio device that will do flac, WMA lossless, MP3 and other common formats. Include a simple software that's able to manage music the way Sonic Stage was, to change the music tags in both PC and the device, automatically download cover arts, rip audio CDs into all of mentioned formats and convert any video into 320x240 Divx or AVC. At least the most common formats. Now, would this be so complicated?
  3. Yes, but that's not a compression, is it? 700MB per CD is quite much.. What's the difference between PCM and LPCM? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lpcm I really can't see there any exact statement about the average bitrate of LPCM, or if it is a compression. I also haven't seen LPCM in any audio converting software yet.
  4. Hi. NWZ-A829 I've recently bought this device and, shortly, I'd like to ask two questions: 1) Is there any lossless format I can play with it? WMA lossless doesn't work, AAC is not supported by WMP, and I don't know much about it. What format and which audio converting software do you recommend? The Sony MEdia manager offers only conversion to MP3, what's pretty poor. 2) How to turn Clear Bass off? Seems like they tried to avoid bass distortion, but now, when the dynamics is messed up, it sucks even more, imho. thx for replies.
  5. I'm about to buy a nwa 808, but is there the limit? Currently, it's the only thing which keeps me hesitating. I've read in some topic that there's no limit but the guys from Sony retail store say there is.. (slovakia goddamn EU) The problem is you can't hear anything with some 32ohm portapros. Best of all is that 30meters near the sony store is an Apple Center with shi**y white ipods.. and those have NO limits (isn't that against the law?) They say they import american ipods to europe, so in fact it's american products. And that's why needn't keep the limit. Interesting, at least. So, couldn't Sony just import those devices from north pole or somewhere? leastways it would work well.
  6. Hi all, My NW-A3000 device has spent a day in the front pocket of my knapsack.. Something got wrong with the screen of the player. I uploaded some pics, it looks like that: I'm quite surprised, i can't find out what's the reason - I always handled carefully with the bag.. As you can see, it's quite hard to read the text. I know nothing about these led displays, even how it works etc - could it be caused by an impact, or the wet in-bag environment or what? There was a deodorant spray near the device, but nothing else.. any explanation how this could happen? Do you think they'll repair it, if my warranty hasn't expired yet? Thanks a lot
  7. Good idea.. but isn't it better to make a split archive?
  8. There was also a white SonyEricsson K800... where can I get the Bond's graphic theme?
  9. Yipee, I finally learned how to manage playlists. Everything worked for a week, but now the stupid message appears again (here's the screenshot): http://img274.imageshack.us/img274/846/stageiu3.jpg . Again: WTF is dat? I simply don't understand the message.... how can I 'register' the files? What am I doing wrong? BTW SonicStage is already updated, but reinstalling and re-building the library seems to be two terrible hours of work for me. Any ideas??? What about the message? thanx
  10. Hello How can I add a song to an existing playlist on the device? The song is in the library, but when I drag it to the device's playlist and drop it, SonicStage looks like it works, but then it freezes with "Updating Artist Link" message. I can avoid the freeze by clicking on the albums view - but when I return to the playlist management, I click on the playlist where I wanted to add the song, the song IS NOT there. I just can't edit any playlist on the device using SonicStage - this worked in CP, so what's the problem? Next, when I drag some file to the library, there's an error message like this: Cannot find music files that are not registered to SonicStage. WTF is that??! How can I register these tracks to SonicStage? This message appears everytime. I'm very disappointed with SS... CP rules, but it seems they don't work on it any more, and I feel like absolutely nothing works with SonicStage. BTW - my english sucks, ask me if something's written inexactly or you just don't understand it. Thanks
  11. I use 352 Atrac for everything I import from an audio cd... the battery life with this format is about 7-9 hours on my nwa3000, I have PortaPro headphones.
  12. Hi guys, I know this is a bit offtopic, but what are the other items in the service menu? Some of them look like interesting options... Is there any manual or something what explains the other options? I'd like to know it before I do something... thx
  13. OMG, this is a nightmare... It looks like SonicStage does not manage playlists on my nwa-3000, I dunno where's the problem, but I simply can't add 3 new songs to an existing playlist, is this a joke? I expected more abilities and simplicity, but I really, really don't like this. and Do you have any ideas how to manage the device's playlists in SonicStage? I hope I'm just doing some mistake... Connect is over? WTF?? Nothing more to say, I'm getting really mad that I haven't buy an iPod. thanks for any ideas
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