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  1. Everything went well. Bought an RH10 from him. Thanks!
  2. Sorry for the delay, but I've left another reply. I sometimes forget about these forums. And no, I'm not a theif (if that's what you were implying).
  3. I wondered the same thing. You could do so much with Hi-MD I'm supprised the nobody really tried to hack it. The RH1 was my first recordable Hi-MD (the MZ600 couldn't record) and when I saw the Firmware v. 1.0 it had me thinking about that. As I've had a few MP3 players that are Firmware upgradable I thought maybe someone would put Rockbox on it or something.
  4. 15 hours left and only at $86. Anyone else interested?
  5. Just what the title says. I have Paypal too.
  6. It's for sell on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=015 Item number: 250038262264
  7. What drag and drop is when you plug in your player, it'll show up in explorer without any drivers or software, kind of like what hi-md's can already do, except you can drag MP3's or OMG (for atrac) directly to the disc and the MD player can play that. And visa versa if you record something you can just plug in your MD player and just drag your music from your disc to the computer and it copies it to the computer, without any DRM or crappy programs getting in the way. I'd like to be able to use my MD's as like backups for my music (since MD's can't get scratched). I'd much rather just drag the music folders to the disc and have it work without trying to import it into Sonic Stage, then spend hours fixing the names, albums, ect. are done correctly (Compilations with multiple artists are a hassle). I do also have an iAudio X5 60gb, and I do miss using drag-in-drop when using this. But I just got the RH1 and saw that so I just thought it was also user firmware upgradable just like any of the HDD mp3 players I had.
  8. Has anybody noticed that if you go to Menu\Options and scroll a little there is one that says FW Version and if you go to it, it says Ver. 1.0 which means it looks like it's firmware upgradable. Does anybody think they'll ever release a new one with new fetures (drag and drop:-)? I think too that would be awsome if they made Rockbox for it too. Then that way it would do everything.
  9. One other thing that would be nice is Firmware Updates. Or even better yet, open source firmwire updates! But I know that won't ever happen with Sony. That way when a new version of Atrac comes out they can update the firmware without needing to buy a whole new MD player. Or even add new features to your MD player, like Ogg support . Which made me think, I wonder if Atrac4 will ever come out. They should include a way to record in Atrac Lossless. But now I'm just rambling on.
  10. If Sharp came out with a Hi-MD comparable to the R-H1 then I'd probaby buy one in a heart beat. I like my old Sharp one that only would record in SP. It has more bass than any Sony player that I have/had even CD players. Also I think what would be even cooler is if they opened up the format for any company to make an MD player any way they want, kind of like a CD/MP3 player. Like making it drag and drop or adding Ogg or Flac support (my favorite formats) or any other feature they want. I think that would help the sell MD's.
  11. Since a lot of people here like high quality stuff I thought I'd mintion this, umm what would you call it, jukebox for your stereo. It sounds kind of cool... I kind of want one, but the $2,999.99 price tag kind of scares me. Well anyway it's called the Opus form Olive. It has a cd/rw drive in it and also a 400gb hard drive in it. It rips your music directly to Flac (which is lossless if you didn't know) and clames it holds about 1,1000 cd's in it losslessly. It also records to MP3 and play's MP3, Ogg and Aac format's. It also has a RCA line in (gold plated) for recording from anything else. Also has a gold plated analog line-out, optical and coaxial. It also has USB 1.1/2.0 so you can upload/download to your computer too. Another neat feature is that it says that it has wi-fi or eithernet so you can stream the music to anyplace else in your house too. It says this too "Accurate recording from a variety of external devices such as MiniDisc, DVD and DAT" It sounds amazing to me, I've been wanting something kind of like this for my stereo for a while; where I can rip my CD's to my stereo without a computer, and better yet it's lossless. Oh, you probaly wanting a link by now. Well here it is: Wait for it: Wait a little longer: Almost there: Ok sorry : http://www.olive.us/p_bin/?cid=01_07_opus
  12. Just to be clear, what I'm wanting to do is trade an md with mixed rock music on it that you made of your current favorite rock songs, preferably songs Not played on the radio (but you can still play another song from there CD, like for System of a Down, I'd rather not have BYOB, but Cigaro would be good, because the songs good and they don't play it on the radio). The reason I'm mostly interested in doing this is because I want to find new music, besides what they play on the radio . I also mostly like new rock, like Mudvayne, Disturbed, Deftones, Cold, System of a Down. Not so much old rock like Ozzy, Metallica, Pantara, Led Zppelin, although I'll listen to those. And I'd rather not have punk (because it seems like that's what the radio is beginning to change too.) I also consider Sum 41, Blink 182, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan etc. to be punk. So I'd rather not have those. It seems like I'm narrowing it down, but I'm really saying is to make a new rock mix with songs not played on the radio (unless it's really good... for example I like Seether's new song "Remedy" is good). Ok, so let's trade!
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