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  1. Yes, Ill be doing a donation. Im on a tight budget right now but it will come.
  2. Did try to install, first file went ok but after upgrading with the new exe i get a system error saying the program couldn't be run, "libtag.dll" is missing... what can that be? (Im running it in a windows 7 64x) --------------- edit: well what do you know.. I just copied a libtag-1.dll and renamed it, then after upgrading I put it back in the folder under the name"libtag.dll" and now i can get a file out of the disc a short recording i did way back, it was in *.oma format. Did now also a recording in wave and transfered to pc without problems, fantastic!
  3. Off the hook! Going to test this tonight. so many years without having the pleasure to kill that old monster of ss, it took all the fun out of mini-disc, at least for me. ps: the program is it "portable" or must one install?
  4. Hi there! This project is so cool and promising. I'm a little confused though on exactly what is within reasonable expectation. So i put my questions here maybe you can let me know what is to come and whats not, I took a look at the list on the project page but cant really understand what is and what is not. With an MZ-Nh1, is it or will it be possible to: transfer recordings of pcm, hi-sp to a PC, without SS? y/n decode hi-sp recordings to wave without SS? y/n Upload Mp3s to mini-disc without they been re-encoded to atrac? y/n Retrieve the same mp3 files from mini-disc to PC? y/n Best regards Ed
  5. i wont rant over the obvious stupidity from Sony not letting you upload directly to you PC your files or convert to wave with the monstrous programs they release for such a basic feature. Just want to know if anybody has heard of a way to upload your files without that crap of sonicstage?
  6. One (good) step, in right direction Sony. If you want a fresh start I think you still can save your selves, get read of all restrictions, even for 1st gen. HiMDd users (mp3) Offer your clients joy, not problems. Sonicstage is still a bit of a nightmare, it scares the shit out of me when it "offers" it self to remove files from my computer. It simply does not show respect for your files. If I ever want to delete anything, i go to the folder and delete it. Give us a driver that makes upload/dl computer to disc without Sonicstage. You HAVE to make things easy to use, its not an option to have complicated processes like you intended from the beginning. And don’t discharge your first generation HiMd users or regular MD users, its them that keep the good-will/bad-will alive you know. Take care of your customers, its a basic rule in business. “Customer is always right”, remember? I think your wrong, Sony can turn this around but its going to take a revolutionary and fast reaction, its the only way to again be pioneers. People listen very much to serious and straight recommendations, and mine have NEVER been easy with Sony HiMD. I want to be able to say, buy it! Its simply the best. As easy as with an Mp3player. Memory/disc, data in and data out. Is it so damn difficult to understand? Good luck!
  7. Thanx for your help! I was thinking of a unit that was: -easy to record with -not necessary to upload digitally -with standard batteries, (maybe)dont know how good internal batteries are in older models -essentially, a god recorder unit ps: Ill check MZ-R57
  8. I truly hope some like that would happen. But when it comes to Sony, my hopes are over.
  9. Thanx Richyhu! Im recording some live dj-mixes and wanted to inrease the bitrate but still dont go as high as wav. Since I saw that you could have higher tranfers via SS I got curious. regards Eddie
  10. I understand that you now can choose different bitrates while transfering music files to a unit. But i wonder if it now its possible to choose bitrates when recording with Line In or Mic? (other than wave, Sp and Lp) Im using a MZ-NH1.
  11. "remenber mp3 is not a fidelity mode"!? Well, is certainly not HI-Fi when you have an mp3 and have to re-encode it to be able to hear the song. But a mp3 can be quite Hi-fi my friend. At least without the stupid restricions of Sony products.
  12. One step in the right direction from Sony I would say. But they still gotta understand that this morronic idea of restrictions dosnt lead nowhere. That is not the future.
  13. Thanx for the link! Hmm, they make it a package with Soundforge!? It almost sounds like their products where user-friendly. Editing software? Sony makes it as hard as possible for us to even get the damn recordings out of the unit, maybe getting read of all drm and other uploading restrictions would be a better idea.
  14. Hi! I work at a radiostation called k103 (www.k103.se) and we are planning on buying 2 or 3 minidisc-recorders for interviews. What can you guys recommend? The units need to be easy to use, not necessarily Hi-md but good quality. Your help is much apreciated!
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