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  1. I honestly tried both control A1 1 and A1 II and I get the error still.
  2. I just don't understand how public domain wav files would ever have protection for cd-text data, when they were not even encoded with cd-text data to begin with. I think my issue has more to do with my 400-disc changer,since I never had this issue with the same discs on my 5-disc changer.
  3. Sfbp, I tried Imgburn and Nero separately. I don't know what you mean by bad characters. As a text, I burned public domain WAV files and named each TEST1, and TEST2. The disc is named TEST. Still get the error no matter what I try. CDs that worked just fine with the Sony 5-disc changer do not transfer CD-TEXT to MD with my CD 400-disc changer.
  4. I don't think it is a copy protection issue, since I burned some public domain WAV files with Imgburn AND Nero, and I still get the textprotect error. This didn't happen with my broken Sony 5-disc changer. The JB930 manual makes no mention of the textprotect error either.
  5. OK just as a test, I downloaded some public domain WAV files, inserted my own CD-TEXT info, burned a CD, and guess what - I STILL get the textprotect error. So this is not some sort of copy protection issue, and I am just out of answers...
  6. punkrockaddict, I wouldn't say it is as if the cable is not connected, my JB930 properly inserts track markers from the CD and everything else EXCEPT transfer CD-TEXT data. And I do have control A1 enabled on my CD changer. Perhaps it is a copy protection issue. I burn my FLACs to CD with Imgburn, and when I do, I have Imgburn pull CD-TEXT data from the FLAC Tags. I tried inserting CD-TEXT data with my own custom names, but I still get the error.
  7. On my MD deck or the CD changer?
  8. Sfbp, I am just trying to figure out why my JB930 is displaying that error, since this never happened with my dead 5-disc CD changer. As of now, I burn my FLAC collection with ImgBurn to CD, and then I dub from CD to MD.
  9. I have an MDS-JB930 MD recorder, and I am doing a CD synchro recording from my Sony CDP-CX455 400-disc CD changer through Control A1II. For whatever reason, CD-TEXT info cannot be transfered from my CD changer to my MD recorder, and my MD recorder says, "TEXTPROTECT", and won't transfer CD-TEXT data from CDs to MD. My older 5-Disc Sony CD changer did not have this issue with the same CDs I tried (that player sadly died recently). I already tried the suggestion here with no luck: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MXD-D3.html Any ideas? The MDS-JB930 makes no mention of the TEXTPROTECT error
  10. And eBay/PayPal will rape you with fees...which is why I never sell there any more, but that is just me.
  11. I sent a PM yesterday and even offered more than one blank...
  12. Ok it seems that even though I had everything all set up, only some tracks would actually be split, while others were not. Even though on the the disc you can clearly hear a gap in between tracks, for whatever reason, it doesn't split all of them. For example, I have a list of 22 tracks in foobar2000. The first 4 tracks (around 3 - 4 minutes long each) splut fine, but then the next few are 10-23 minutes lon each. Is there some setting on my MD deck to ensure the tracks split? I really don't want to go back to burning albums on CD-R, since my CD player doesn't seem to consistently read CD-R's without skipping (even when burned at 4X).
  13. Thanks guys. Pressing the Music Sync button on my remote (In addition to foobar2000's 2 post track silence plugin set to 2500ms) did the trick (enables Sync recording mode). I am really glad to have a real remote controller
  14. How would I do that? Sorry, I am not a techie. ..
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