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  1. Well, I think that I will skip the whole 3.4 then...
  2. I've been using the method you described too. Two things I have noticed: 1. It does not work if the first album contains too many (>32) tracks. It's not the number of albums that counts here, but the number of tracks. 2. It does not work if the first album contains too few tracks compared to the number of tracks you add in the second phase. That is, if the Sonic Stage finishes transferring the first album before it has added all the tracks of the other albums to the transfer list, it will hang up. When it hangs up, you can see that the REC indicator of the MD goes off. It's like some sort of timeout occurs if you don't keep the MD busy, and the MD returns to idle mode while Sonic Stage still thinks that the trafser is ongoing. A bug in the MD driver?
  3. Update: after experimenting, I found that transferring just a couple of tracks seems to work OK. It's only when I try to transfer lots of tracks at once when it crashes. I haven't found what the "safe" limit is, but I'll do some more experiments when I have time.
  4. Yep, I have the same problem. Well, on my PC actually it's more like 3 out of 4 transfers that jam the whole SS before it even starts transferring the first track. If the first track starts transferring, then it goes OK.
  5. I'm still not 100% convinced that Sony did this on purpose. If that were the case, it would be logical that also NW-HD3 and NW-HD5 had cripled MP3 playback, but they don't. This could also be a bug in the firmware, e.g., the roll-of is meant for low-bit rate MP3's but the code is missing the check for the bit-rate and erronously applies filtering to all MP3s. But I guess we won't know for sure before the next generation of HiMD's come out (if its still there, it's on purpose for sure). By the way, has anyone tried this on any other 2nd gen devices besides the RH10? If the filtering is done on purpose, there might be a similar setting as for the Euro output power limiting that could be switched on and of in the maintenance mode.
  6. In this thread: Hat Trick For Mdcf? , davidb says that he measured the following frequency response when he set the 10 KHz slider to the max (+10 dB): 1kHz 0dB 2kHz 0 dB 5 kHz +3 dB 10 kHz +7dB 15 kHz +9 dB 18 kHz +7 dB 20 kHz +2 dB Looking at the graphs earlier in this thread, wouldn't setting just the 10 KHz to the max give a relatively flat response with MP3s? Could somebody measure what the response is with different kind of combinations of the EQ settings?
  7. I'm still a bit confused about the "album" and "playlist" stuff in SS 3.0... Does the installation program create the new "albums" from the existing albums, or does it use the "source" information from the tracks? The pop-up window that comes up in the beginning of the installation suggests it's the latter, but reading the posts here I get the impression it's the the former. The reason I'm asking is that I have a lot of tracks that are imported from WAVs, and those have "source" set to "untitled". And since I have deleted the WAVs, Sonic Stage does not let me edit the track properties. So if the SS 3.0 uses the "source" information as the basis for creating the albums, then my library would be messed up if I upgrade.
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