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  1. I have just brought my MD player from warranty service. It is silent again! But I would like to tell everyone with this problem, take it to service center as soon as possible- repairman told me, SONY dont wanted to pay for repairs like this and that this was the last time they have done it. The problem was in laser sled, some grain of sand or something like this was between motor wheels and teeth didnt pass togtether.
  2. Of course, I´d like to lead every thread till the end, because it could be helpful only when complete..
  3. Thanks a lot for your great answer. I have tried to open the player but I find out it is so dangerous for me(and for player too:) so I decided to take it to warranty service center. Warranty ends on October, so it is the right time! Tahnk you, David
  4. I have n910, it works without problems, but when I am skipping between tracks, it makes really terrible noise from uint case. It sounds like noise from rotating mechanism, not from laser driver. I have tried same MDs in brothers 909 and there was no problem. Does anybody know what coulud be bad and what to do with it? Thanks a lot. I like when things work properly and this one makes me mad.. P.S. I have added that sound as attachment, it is mp3. noisyMD.mp3
  5. Thanks a lot. I will try it.
  6. davidak


    bass is on the left, middle is in the middle and high tones on thee right. you can set it up according to your ears:)
  7. It is saying: "Failed to download WMP9 Codecs, please, install it manually" during installation, so I have done it but the problem is still here again and again. Does anybody know, whats wrong? Thanks.
  8. HI! So It is OK again now and I know, what was wrong. I opened the player, when it was in the charging seat and connected to USB. There was a short-circuit after this stupid opening and it has made something wrong with power circuit in the player. MD has still warranty and they has repaired it for free so I am happy again and I am enjoying my MD! David
  9. Thanks very much but I mean "service manual"
  10. Thank you, but I havent found n910´s manual for free.. So I thought it is a chance..
  11. Can I use n10 s. manual with my n910? Is it teh same? Should be...
  12. I would like to ask you, if you had this problem just from beginning or it started to do it now, after using it. Do you have already new unit? I think I havent already warranty, so I have to repair it in other way. Do you have some idea? Service mode reseting or something like this? Thanks, David
  13. Hi, please, could you write me more about this flash app? It is exactly what I need and have never heard about it before... Thank you, David
  14. Hi. I tried to enter service mode on my n910, it didnt work with the manual to 710 but with a manual to 510, which you can see above. Thanks a lot. Is there someone, who knows this service mode on 910? I have problem with DC adapter (I have already made a topic)- when I want to charge it is showing PC->->MD sign, although I press STOP. I think it is some stupid software error and could be repaired through service mode. Does anybody have some idea? Reset or something like this? Thanks, David
  15. Hi! I have the same problem with my 910, as you can see above. I really dont know what to do, too. But you should know, it is charging during this pc->->md. I plugged adapter to minidisc, there was nearly empty battery and after about 4hrs was it fully recharged. But it is strange problem and I dont like it. It doesnt work as it should . So post me when finding some solution please. David
  16. Thanks. Its impossible to press stop during this stupid PC --> MD. But I thing, it is afterall charging, but there is no CHARGING signe. So it is not so big problem. I have no external charger, I am from Czech Republic and electronic accessory is not so rich as in US and UK.
  17. I tried nearly everything. Baterry is OK, it is possible to charge it in R909. But in 910 is still that stupid PC --> MD. There is no usb connection and butons didnt work when PC --> MD... I want to charge... Maybe, is there some servise mode on 910? Some total restart?
  18. Its there if it is not connected to USB too. Well, I will try another battery and lets see. Thank you very much for your reply. David
  19. Hi, I have netMD Sony MZ N910 and have a problem. It is impossible to charge it with AC adapter. When I plug AC to MD, there is PC->MD signe and it doesnt charge. But it is incorrect- it is not connected to USB. I dont know what to do with it, there is nothing in manual. Thank you very much. David
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