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  1. Well, 'blank disc' was my problem also. The recording process looked ok, but any attempt to playback resulted in a 'blank disc' message. Looks like your recordinglaser is dead/about to die. Best regards, Holiday
  2. Just got word from the repairshop. The recording laserhead was broken, approx cost to fix is norwegian kroner 1.300 (USD 200). I dont think it's worth it, even if it plays ok thoug. They wouldn't even concider a repair under the warranty, mainly because the player 'looked used'. Imagine that.. Well, I think I leave Sony in favor for a MP3 player (less moving parts that can break) Best Regards, Holiday.
  3. Hi girls/guys. First; I apologize for posting in an already (?) dead thread. Secondly; impressing work there, pureangst! My problem: my 3 year old MZ-N1 has just recently decided not to record anymore. (It plays fine). This holds for both recording via the PC (Net Simple Burner and other software) and also via 'rec sync' (optical cabel). Well, in fact, it records approx 2 minutes of the first tune, then silence.. So, I cleaned the lenses - no effect. Then I took the MD apart as described above; no (visualy) broken ribbon cables. The only thing I haven't tried yet is new discs. The MD has already (under warranty) been repaired once, I will try argueing that this also should be coverd under the warranty. To be honest; this must have been the most shitty pice of HW I ever have bought.. Anyone have a clue on this ? Any help is highly appreciated. best regards, Holiday.
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