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  1. I figure you are the only guys around who can help me out with this. I'm still using my NH1, partially because I love it, and partially because I currently am too broke to pay the 350 for an RH1. Unfortunately, the remote for it just... died. For some strange reason, nothing shows up on the display anymore, and the buttons don't work. Though for some reason, every now and then when I hit the play button, it fast-forwards. and if I hit fast forward, the volume goes up. This is the second time that I ended up with a busted remote, though the first time was my fault since it had gotten crush
  2. Thanks to one of my cats, I now have a cut cord for my RM-MC40ELK. the only wires still intact are the white and green wrapped ones... everything else was shredded. I was thinking I could just re attach the wires, but someone who did this sort of work told me that I wouldn't be able to get it working, because it wasn't just copper wires that were used. I noticed some fibrous material mixed in there too; he said those also needed connecting, that they were a bitch to work with, and that I shouldn't bother wasting my time. I don't know if that's true or not, but since electrical work isn't m
  3. Ok, before you guys slap me for asking such a stupid question (no matter what answer you might be thinking), hear me out. I've been wanting to get an RH1 for a whole now. Even though I already own 2 NH1's, I figured that considering it's gotten sorta rare these days, I should get myself a new recorder, as to increase the lifespan of those other two by using them less (one of my NH1's goes with me wherever I go), and well, the RH1 is pretty much the last MD unit around, not to mention the most advanced as far as features go, so it feel sorta foolish not to nab it. But reading the topics ar
  4. Ah.. so basically I'm taking a risk by going there... ah well. That's a shame, considering that I just saw a MZ-NH3D there for $172. Maybe I should hold off on that anyway, considering I also want the RH1, and that's relatively easier to find.
  5. Thank you very much. trying to navigate through the site now... if only I knew Chinese.... Oh well... I wanna get my hands on that NH3D (or maybe even an EH1!), so hopefully this will be my ticket to it. Again, thanks.
  6. I know this came up a while ago, but I would love to find out what online shops you saw those units at also. I'd like to increase my arsenal, and considering how potentially expensive that's going to get, any place that I could get them cheaper would be a help.
  7. Yeah, that's something about the RH1 that's made me hesitate a little about getting it. I don't know... it seems all the Hi-MD units have some kind of strange flaw in each, some worse than others. I still plan on getting an RH1 though... as it's the last and most advanced unit, it just makes sense to me to get it before it's too late (it kinda already is, since I know have to get the MZ-M200 in order to have a chance) I don't plan on ever going back to MDLP however. I first got started with MD's thanks to my old reliable N510 (still got it, along with a n610... both still work great), and
  8. Ok, I think I solved my problem. Basically it was one new tune I added to my folder that I was importing from, that was causing the crash. I'm not sure what exactly was wrong with it, since the bit rate was well within limits, and the ID tag was fine. But I recoverted the mp3 with CDex, and that fixed things. So I suggest, for anyone having this problem, to basically do what several others were saying, and try to import your files individually. Hopefully it isn't every single last one of your mp3's that are messed up in some way. Of course, you can always just reconvert your tunes just t
  9. I've recently been having the same problem. I haven't installed any new programs recently, nor have I changed any of the hardware. And I'm still using the Nh1 I bought several months ago. Anybody have any ideas??
  10. Great. Just great. I just recently got my hands on that Nh1, and this comes out. Well, I knew it was coming out, but not with the features it has. Ugh. :-P Well, at least I can afford it when it does come out. The question is, will I? After all, I don't have tons of old live sp recordings that cry out to be uploaded to my computer. I'm not constantly recording bands and live shows outside. My md units are primarily used for recording music from my cd's and from other peoples music (be it digital or analog), and as my personal music player, as well as my file tranfer device (love thos
  11. Actually, I think the RH910 is a better value, overall, than the Rh10. I could be wrong, and if I am, please correct me, but considering that all the Rh10 has over the 910 is a better pannel display and an aluminum lid, yet costs around $235 at the least, while the Rh910 goes for $170... it just seems like a no brainer to me. The RH910 has all the main features of it's higher priced "cousin", and you save some cash getting it instead. In fact, the only reason why I recently picked up the NH1 as you guys suggested is because I realize now how much of a collectors item it is. Sure, it looks
  12. I got it I got it!! And it looks freakin sweet! ... Now I just gotta charge it up. :-P
  13. Well, I'm definintely going to get it, but something just recently came to my attention when I went back to the store to tell the guy to hold it. He's got TWO of them. They haven't moved at all (obviously), so he's willing to sell both of them to me for $200 each. That's two NH1's for $200, when other places are selling them for much more than that, if you can find them. I'm grabbing both by this Monday just on generally priciple. If later on I want to get the RH910 (again, for all that it offers, $170 is a steal), I might auction off one of the NH1's on Ebay, not just to make some extra
  14. Ok, I think I've made up my mind. I decided to check out places online selling the models I was interested in. The prices shocked me: RH10: $235 RH910: $170 NH1: $542 Yes, you saw the price for the NH1 right: $542.13 to be exact. And the store I looked near my job is giving it away at $200 cause they can't find anyone to buy it. I'm nabbing that thing as quick as I can. I get paid next week: it will be mine then. I do plan on grabbing that Rh910 however. At $170, it's also a steal, especially since the only thing the RH10 has over it is it's special panel screen. But yeah, that NH1
  15. Yeah, I have to admit, you guys have good points. And thanks a lot for that import link. Yes, the prices are pretty high, but I can save up the coinage for it. :-P I'm probably going to go ahead and get that NH1, but I recently saw a MZ-RH10 going for $235, and I'm tempted to get that one instead. true, I've heard the button layout on that unit could have been better, but then again, that's what the remote is for. :-P So anyway, yeah, I'll make the move. Question now is, what model?
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