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  1. Hi, Do you know if with the new Sonicstage version I can pass my olds recordings by USB to my PC?
  2. Dont do that!!! I have done it, and my RH10, after that, dont works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. eosid

    Nh1 Line Out?

    I know one think. Since I changed the code for the EQ my MD RH10 don't works!!!!!!!! The Sony SHOP accepted to change with one other,new,RH10,. In my new RH10 I WILL NOT TRY TO DO THIS!!!! MAKE ANTENTION ALL THE USERS, DON'T DO THAT!!!
  4. eosid

    Nh1 Line Out?

    Where can we have an answer for this? Have you any idea?
  5. eosid

    Nh1 Line Out?

    I don't beleve it! RH10, 2nd gen., and without line out!!!
  6. I have done the changes in the first page of this topic. I am in France, and after the changes (113 and ...24) I have 2 customs EQ, but-I think- the max volume is the same. Have I done anything wrong??
  7. eosid

    Nh1 Line Out?

    That means that the line out of R900 is better of the simulate RH10? Or it's the same thing??
  8. OK, you are right. But what is the Audacity? It is not better to do this with Cool edit, Wavelab or soundforge?
  9. eosid

    Nh1 Line Out?

    You are right! My old model is the MZ-R900. My recordings are in the old system. I know that the only way to send them to the PC is the Line Out. As you know, the RH10 has not Line Out. So, is it better to send them to the PC with my old R900?
  10. Hi! I would like to pass my old recordings via line out to my PC 1. I will connect the MZ-R900 with the MZ-RH10 via line out for one PCM recording and after via USB to the PC? or 2. Directly to my sound card Audigy 2?
  11. Can I have speed control (like the older models) in my MZ-RH10?
  12. eosid

    Nh1 Line Out?

    And that means that it is better to do my recordings via line out to PC with my MZ-RH900 and not with the MZ-RH10?
  13. Hi! I have one MZ-RH10 the last week (I am in Paris) and I would try to change the settings for the EQ and the volume. After this, the quality of my recordings in PCM will be the same? It is very important for me! Thanks for your answer
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