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  1. k but all i have is field recordings hundreds of em wle
  2. ok thanks, i believe you i wish there was some way to try this hands on but there seem to be only about 3 people in the world doing it what i don;t want is a bunch of bugs and traps and complex nonintuitive operations, hacks, linux i just want it to be simple, easy, and leave my source material unaltered how close is it to that? is there some guide already written for doing this? i see plenty of stuff that says basically .. .."connect the analog L and R to a sound card, make a big wave or mp3 file, then enter all the track names and divide it all into tracks by hand" that is too hard wle
  3. sorry to be ignorant, but are you serious? who is "us"? sony ? so it is possible to mess up and lose your own recordings? wle
  4. will i lose ''rights'' to my own recorded music? wle
  5. i was hoping to avoid what i perceive as the sonic stage / DRM nightmare.... is there ANY way around that? i could buy pro level decks if necessary wle
  6. is there any way to transfer minidisc to PC including track divisions and names from the original minidisc? does that renderer thingy do that? how ? what else [MD hardware" ] do i need? they are NOT Hi-MD, just either mono or maybe one of the compressed modes stereo.... all recorded on SHARP units of earlyish vintage thx wle
  7. so i have a ton of mostly live recordings i added track names and divisions, manually, laboriously, with the portable recording decks i want to take all the discs, and for each one, have the following thing happen: each track becomes a separate mp3 file on a pc AND if i gave it a track name, i want that track name to be part of the file name ( if no track name exists, i still want it to be called "track 3" or whatever, preserving the original order) how do i do that? i do NOT have to have precise audiophile fidelity if the solution involves anything analog [which i doubt since i also need track names], that is OK and keep in mind it;s all MDLP oh- actually some may be SP mono, as well - but i can give that up if i can do all the MDLP stuff thx wle
  8. ok thanks what form are the tracks and names in, on the pc, after uploading? i mean sure, .wfm extension or whatever but do they end up separate files, in a directory, file names from whatever i originally named the track? wle
  9. i have a bunch [like hundreds] of old MDs with mono, SP, LP2, LP4 recordings, with track divisions and names, i want to move to PC i need the original MD track divisions and names to remain intact what is best way to do this? i would not mind buying something like an Hi-MD MZ-RH1 less preferable is a pro deck with optical outputs, but Hi-MD MZ-RH1 would be preferable since it is also usable for future live recording etc but i need to know it would do this, for certain [[though flash recorders severely make this less appealing as years go on and prices drop...]] i can NOT end up with a single long file for each disc, that i have to go re-edit, divide, and name the tracks all over again thx, wle
  10. Sharp MT77/MT877 Charger cradle - does it drain the battery before charging? i ask because i am having issues with capacity. sometimes when i record, the battery can be just off a 'full charge' cycle, and the fuel gauge will read 'full', but within 10 minutes of starting to record, it;s 'battery empty'. if the charger really discharges before charging, that means i can;t try to get more into the cell by charging twice. i would actually be doing a bad thing, wearing the cell out with an extra cycle. it;s a new cell. does anyone have a manual for this thing? wle.
  11. dr7 report, i can see it, it;s harder to get to than the mt77. it;s a little black tiny pushbutton switch in the bottom half of the player, [the part with the motor, not up in the door], if you are facing the opened disc door, look on the left side, about halfway into the player, there is a little platform up in the door mechanism that presses the switch down when a disc is inserted i had to disassemble the lid to be able to find it but you can see it without that, if you know where it is. it would be harder than the mt77 to fake out. still can;t figure the mt880 though. wle.
  12. only works for mt77, still can;t figure out dr7 or mt880. wle.
  13. dude, that is it! http://www.minidisc.org/manuals/sharp/service/MDMT877.pdf page 34. it;s up inside the door, swa13 i have not cloned yet but i think it is easy to make a metal strip to hold that switch closed. there is a little tab that closes the switch when the door is closed. wle.
  14. --right, i should have said, i know how to do it on an mt-15, i have done it but i upgraded to the mt77 and dr7, no longer have an mt-15. --trouble is with the new ones, i can;t find the 'door closed' switch. --so that is my question, where is the door closed switch? --thx wle
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