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Found 9 results

  1. Hello I have a Sony Minidisc player which can also play mp3-files. How can I put these mp3's on my minidisc without converting them to ATRA? I also have a netMD player with SonicStage on a Win XP PC. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks Michiel
  2. Hey there, I haven´t found any info about this in the FAQ or google but i´d like to know if any Hi-MD machine can decode mp3 files since some units have "mp3" printed on the back and others do not. If so, which models will play mp3 without conversion? I´m planning to expand my little collection and get a hi-md machine from ebay. Currently there are two options: A Sony MZ NH-700 and a NH600. Can they play mp3? I have a lot 320kbit/s mp3´s EDIT: I also found a MZ-NH900 unit for a reasonable price avaiable but it doesn´t come with any additional accessory. Are any features avaiable on the device itself (like sound modes)? I don´t care much about having the remote itself if any features are avaiable without it Thanks
  3. I have a question for the experts.This was posted some time ago in a different forum but I didn't get any replies. This has been driving me crazy ever since mp3 cd's were conceptualized and adopted. Now most Compact DIsc players/DVD players have this capability. But there has always been a flaw and hindrance as far as the MiniDisc's compatibly with said MP3 CDs. Someone PLEASE give me your thoughts or ideas. Or perhaps an answer (Steven...cough cough cough). Read below to understand exactly what my problem is: I prefer to record optically from a CD to the MD in HI-SP mode or Linear PCM, rather than connecting the machine to a PC and transferring tracks from Sonicstage to the MD disc. For some reason it sounds better like this to me. I was over a friends house and they had a lot of music on their computer that I liked. So I quickly installed Sonicstage on their computer and burned 38 songs to a CD in MP3 format. I didn't have my RH-10 with me so I had to burn an actual CD. When I got home I put the CD in my Sony CD/DVD Changer Model# DVP-NC655P that is capable of playing MP3 CD's. The quality surprisingly sounded very acceptable. Next I attempted to start the recording with the optical in attached and the RH10. BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DREADED AND LOATHSOME NO DIGITAL COPY MESSAGE!!!!!!!! WHY WHY WHY WHY????? THIS DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE!!!! If I were to re-burn THOSE EXACT TRACKS to a standard audio cd, they would record to the RH-10 just fine....WTF!!!!!!!????????? Does anyone know a way around this rather than re-burning multiple audio CD's containing all the songs packed on the MP3 disc and recording optically from them? What a waste of blank CD media!!!!!!!!!!! I am baffled as to why I can record a FACTORY COPY PROTECTED CD and upload it to any computer unlimited times, but an MP3 CD wont record at all due to some kind of SCMS (Serial Copy Management System). Retarded! What a joke...... Does sonicstage encode MP3 cd's with some kind of SCMS that a normal LOSSLESS CD burned and copied doesn't have for some reason?? Would the RH10 allow the recording from MP3 CD if I burned them with another program? Or are all MP3 cd's played with a Sony CD player flagged with copy protection to the MD? Anyone's help is greatly appreciated! Thanks for the input, Sean
  4. ............what we've all been saying (and doing) for years. Sad that Sony didn't become the people's choice. Only themselves to blame for that, and some badly-designed "tests" which happened to favour MP3. http://www.calgaryherald.com/technology/Better+audio+quality+could+next+consumer+demand/9651386/story.html Does this ring any bells for y'all?
  5. Dear Experts Minidisc is great, but - today - I like my smartphone better. Therefore I'd like to transfer my Minidisc music data to MP3 data. Unfortunately, my MDS-JB 930 only outputs wav-files in real time. So, what have I to do to achieve my goal? Have I to buy a new MD player? Have I to install a certain software on my Win7 64 bit computer? Be assured that any help really is appreciated! Many thanks in advance, best regards pudu51
  6. Hi Folks, I have a question about SonicStage. I have avoided SonicStage for years for multiple reasons. I've always tried to use SimpleBurner only. I dislike having to keep any sort of library of my tracks in digital form on my computer. I enjoyed the simplicity of CD-->MD. Using SimpleBurner worked great for years, while my music collection was solely on CD. However, I find now that I have more and more music in non-CD format (downloaded podcasts, MP3 collections, etc., tracks on USB voice recorders) that I need to get on MD, SimpleBurner isn't enough. I need something that will allow me to get an mp3 on my NetMD portable (yes, I know, it must be transcoded to ATRAC, but that's okay). So, I've just installed SonicStage 4.3. However, I still do not want to have to keep copies of the songs I transfer in SonicStage's library on my laptop's hard drive. Is there any way to get SonicStage to behave as a simple facilitator of transfers WITHOUT having it store a copy of the audio file on my laptop's hard drive? Really, what I would love, is something as simple as SimpleBurner that also handles MP3s, wavs, etc. Sounds like the LinuxMinidisc project will eventually do something like this, but if it is ever done it will probably be years from now. Any suggestions for doing what I want to do in SonicStage? Also, is that check-in, check-out nonsense now gone from SonicStage 4.3? I hated it when I couldn't manually delete a song from a Minidisc because it had been transferred under SonicStage and now said "PROTECTED". Thanks.
  7. Hello friends, Has anyone noticed the striking crappiness of MP3 files transferred "as-is" to a HI-MD? Meaning rather than converting the MP3 file to Atrac3Plus, the RH-10 can transfer MP3's with no conversion and play them back. I am confused as to why the native format of an MP3 file sounds horrible compared to the same file converted to a different format? An MP3 converted while transferring to the HI-MD Atrac3Plus 352kbps sounds amazing compared to if you just simply transferred the MP3. I don't understand why, it makes no sense to me that it would sound better as the originating file is the MP3. I'm assuming it has something to do with the playback on the MD unit (using an RH-10 for the comparison) Can anyone enlighten me? Input is appreciated! Thanks, Sean
  8. i have a bunch [like hundreds] of old MDs with mono, SP, LP2, LP4 recordings, with track divisions and names, i want to move to PC i need the original MD track divisions and names to remain intact what is best way to do this? i would not mind buying something like an Hi-MD MZ-RH1 less preferable is a pro deck with optical outputs, but Hi-MD MZ-RH1 would be preferable since it is also usable for future live recording etc but i need to know it would do this, for certain [[though flash recorders severely make this less appealing as years go on and prices drop...]] i can NOT end up with a single long file for each disc, that i have to go re-edit, divide, and name the tracks all over again thx, wle
  9. http://www.electronista.com/articles/11/09/13/premium.player.has.tegra.2.wi.fi.bluetooth.dnla/ It is an Android music player with linear PCM format . I am about to buy Sony MZ RH1 MD player for linear PCM lossless music but I am going to keep an eye to this yet releasing music player . Only feature I will miss is the feeling to insert minidisc .
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