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  1. That's great! - I'm glad it worked for you too. I noticed that Gracenote CDDB stopped working when I went to use Simple Burner about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I somehow found that file and the problem was fixed for me. Then while scanning the Minidisc forums the other day I noticed that others were having the same problem. I can't remember exactly how I found that file ... I probably I did some searching for a solution using Google, ... but beyond that I can't remember what led me to it. I guess I was just lucky. So I'm glad to share my luck with you, and others. I guess that's what makes these forums so great. Sammy
  2. I experienced this same problem recently, and somehow found the following link: http://www.gracenote.com/developer/update/ which allowed me to download the file "Gracenote_CDDB_Update_Patch" Once I installed the update patch, everything worked fine - perhaps this file should be made available in the file downloads section. Anyways, I trust this will solve the problem for all.
  3. Thanks for the information about Total Recorder A440, Syrius, Volta. It sure sounds like this would be a good utility to add to my collection for if/when upload problems occur in SS. And the price is quite attractive - only $11.95; I will be ordering a copy shortly. Has anyone had any experince with the "Pro" version - it's $35.95, so a bit more, so I was wondering if the extra funtions were worth it?
  4. Thanks Syrius, for both the information about upload problems linked to prior editing in the Minidisc, and for the information about Total Recorder. I will certainly check out that software, as it seems that it would be valuable to have on hand, just in case. - Does it produce decent quality output? (I guess anything is better than nothing, if you can't get your files off the minidisc) Also, do you know if Sony has acknowleged the problem with editing on the minidisc, and are they planning to do anything to remedy the problem. I don't do a lot of heavy/complex editing, but I have done some, and have have not problems up until now.
  5. Thanks for all input - I tried transferring all the tracks that were originally in that disk back on to it from "My Library" in SS (except for that 10min section where the original error was discovered). The entire transfer went fine and this should have over-written the "bad-spot?" if there actually was one on the disk because another recording session of about 90mins had been added after I discovered the erroor - but who knows for sure? It sure would be nice if there was some kind of utility to check/scan the integrity of a blank disk - something like "CheckDisk" or "ScanDisk" in Windows. Does anyone know if such a utility exists for minidiscs? Also, what does formatting actually do on a minidisc? Shouldn't it produce some kind of error if the disc has a problem spot on it?
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, but I've already erased and formatted the disk so I can't find the exact location again. But I also wonder if your suggestion would work because I'm not sure how a disk gets filled with data - Is it always in the same pattern. This disk was at least half full of data before the problem became evident, and had 7 or 8 previous tacks recorded, each averaging about 100min in duration (some of which had been edited on the minidisc recorder) - so how could I be sure that a error, say at the 10 hour and 33 min point would show up at exactly in the same location once that disk was formatted? Just wondering. Anyways, the disk was a black Hi-MD (old style)
  7. I have been using my MZ-NZ700 Minidisc 7-8 months now and have had no problems whatsoever in doing many live music/voice recordings and transferring them to my computer in SS and nurning Audio CD. I am very happy with the performance of this unit, and with Sonic Stage software. But I recently experienced my first unrecoverable read(access)/write error when transferring a 100min recording to "My Library" in Sonic Stage 3.3 (See the thread "An Internal error has occurred") I managed to recover about 90min of that recording, so the loss was not that big. I do have a question regarding what I should do with the Minidisc blank on which this error occurred: Should I try to return it to Sony in exchange for another, or will the Hi-MD disc be reliable to continue using, once I transfer all my recordings to "My Library" in SS, and then erase + format the disc. In other words, how do I know if the problem with the unrecoverable error was caused by a glitch during the recording or if the problem is a "bad spot" on the media.
  8. Uh-OH! I already added some track marks to the recording and then tried tranferring the smaller portions to "My Library" in SS. It seems to have worked, however; I cut the 100min recording in two at the 60min mark and the first 60min transferred OK; then I cut the remaining 40in in two and again, the 1st 20min transferred OK, but not the 2nd; I then cut the remaining 20min in 2 and again transferred the 1st 10min ok but not the second. I then listened to that last 10min section and there is a "blank-out" from 2:41 to 2:49 when I listen to it on my minidisc, and when I listen in SS with the minidisc connect through the USB cable I get a message in the minidisc display saying "Access Error" and the playback stops (at arond the same place), Fortunately, that last 10 min of recording does not have much important content recorded on it. I do have some questions: 1. You said that I should not do any editing (I presume that means adding track marks) using the minidisc. WHY? Isn't that part of what makes the minidisc so useful? So far I have had nor problems ... but if this truly is dangerous, I'd like to know. Has Sony said anything about this? Could you send me in the right direction for more infor? 2. What about the actual HiMd Minidisc blank that the error showed up on. Is it still useable +/or reliable if I format it after getting all my information transferred off of it, OR should I send it back to Sony for a replacement? 3. Where can I find more information on "the last resort method for f-ed up uploads"? Thanks for your input, very much appreciated.
  9. Yes, it seems to play OK on the minidisc, (and also when hooked up to my computer with the USB cable and played in SS 3.3) though I have not yet tried listening to the whole recording yet. I am also considering adding some track marks to this recording to split it up, to see if I can at least transfer part of the recording in bits and pieces. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I also think that I should probably format this disk once I get all, or as much of what is recorded on it, transferred to my computer.
  10. I have a MZ-NH700 that I use to record language lessons using a microphone. After each lesson, I tranfer the file from the mini-disk recorder to "My Library" using SS3.3. But one of my lessons, about 100 min long, recorded in AtracPlus-64 gets about 66% through the transfer, and then I get an error message saying "An internal error has occurred" and none of the transfer takes place. Does anyone have an idea what is going on, +/or how I can remedy this so that I can tranfer the file to my computer. - I also tried converting it to a wave file using HiMDRenderer, but I also got an "Access Error" displayed on the mini-disk, and it did not complete either. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  11. I just picked one up, and the name on the box says: FM Stereo Transmitter ; the model number is 2610510 Sam
  12. OK ... But do you know what the difference is between a MiniDisc player sold in Canada vs one sold in the US, and why Sony says the following: "IMPORTANT: This utility is only for product purchased and used in the United States. It may not function properly with product purchased from or used in other countries." Would appreciate knowing why. Thanks
  13. I just downloaded the SonicStage 3.2 Full Installer, BUT am worried about using it with my NZ-NH700 that I purchased in Canada because it seems that there are different versions to be used for products purchased in different countries. For example, the original SonicStage 3.2 Upgrade posted here stated that it was only for products purchased in the USA. So does anyone know if the SonicStage 3.2 Full Installer will be safe for me to use with my Canadian version MZ-NH700?
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