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  1. Hi, I have a mint MZ-N10 player that hasn't seen much use over the years for sale. It includes the unit, remote, and earbuds only. The unit also includes the sony MD protection cloth bag. A 5$ universal charger can be used to charge the unit. I'm not sure how much these units go for nowadays, but i'll start the price at 90$ US shipped in Canada. American buyers add 5$. Paypal only, non-credit card users only.
  2. The topic is misleading. You had me going there believing that sony killed off the MD production for a moment. As for moving their factories to china... i think theyre just doing what the entire world has already done to become more profitable. For me, lesser quality MD devices seems to be better than no new MDs at all.
  3. Even though the ksc 35/50/55/75, Portapro, Sportapro, UR40 use the same legendary 60 ohm driver they all differ in sound. They all generally have good sound, but there are noticeable differences. Also KSC 35s dont come cheap anymore now that theyre discontinued and highly regarded by many audio enthusiasts. You'll probably have better luck finding cheaper 75s. I have seen many mods done using these drivers and ive tried one myself using cheap ksc50s that i found on ebay for 5 bucks and put them on an open set of headphones that make it sound better, or at least sound more like a porta, since there's more pressure against the ear. If you can spend around 40 bucks then stick with the portapros.
  4. PX100s without question. The sound can't get any better and the build quality is excellent. The EX71 canalphones have a very muddy sound to it and the bass isn't as nearly as clean as the PX100s. I was very disappointed when i got them.
  5. they are not the same. i found a dry battery case for my N10 at ebay awhile back for 6 bucks.
  6. north american models are already set to maximum volume, correct?
  7. Ive always wanted canal phones from sennheiser and checked their site today and there it is. Anyone try em out yet? How are they? http://www.sennheiser.com/sennheiser/icm_eng.nsf/root/500831
  8. Or try Techno Mart Electronics district by Gangbyon station, near Chamsil Transfer on the green 2nd Line.
  9. man, just shows you how poor of a job sony did in marketing this great format. MD, outside of east asia, basically spread from word of mouth or as an experiment purchase.
  10. i just pulled out the phones that came with my NH600D and tested them out of curiosity, since they were not used once and i own PX200s and EX71s. they look like cheap, airplane headphones, but i was quite surprised with the sound. they sound alright! i guess i wont be underestimating ALL freebie headphones. they wont exactly become my primary phones, but i will definitely use them at home. im sure many of you sorny MDP users have a pair of these as well. what do you think? is it just me?
  11. lol did they hand you literature and ask you if you're aware of the "truth"? i got hooked to the MD format after a friend introduced me to the format in 2002. i later got my first unit, the N1.
  12. After switching to Hi-MD ive noticed myself always changing the EQ for different types of music, but when i was using my netMD, the default setting for "sound 2" sounded great for every type of music!
  13. My favourite player was the first netMD, the N1. I use my hi-md the most these days, but i think the N1 netMD made an important step for all MDs.
  14. Ive been trying to master setting the equalizer on my hi-md and was wondering how hi-md users here set their bands for particular genres. Would anyone care to give me some tips on how to set the bands for music like Trance, D&B, Rock, etc. right now im using my brand new EX71 headphones and they sure as hell sound very tinny to me with too much treble; maybe that's my problem.
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