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  1. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one to have the problem with my RH10.
  2. Yes, and it run from the player own power supply. I have the RM-MC38EL remote, one line text w/o the kanji support. I might get the 40, or if they release an OLED version which I doubt they have plans for, i'll get that. God, once you go OLED, you don't want to go back!
  3. I really don't like DLing anything less than 128kps MP3s but will take less if I can't find a higher bitrate so I use 64 A3+ for my MD and listen with my Sony's MDR-XD 400s. My CDs are incoded 196kps VBR, stored in my HTPC and played through my Roku 1000.
  4. My MZ-RH10! Oh how I love that OLED screen. Say it with me, OLED... O.L.E.D. I still use my 600D and leave it hooked to my PC for tranfers.
  5. No, Please don't sell it! It will be a collectors item when the live action movie comes out.
  6. Sorry RoBA, I know you said no Ebay, but from this seller they are the cheapest including shipping as far as I know. buyfromjapan I have read plenty of users here recommending them and they have 100% feedback score.
  7. *NT points to his sig. People with more than three are just greedy.
  8. No, she just didn't want to leave us out feeling lonely since last year becuase we really didn't get hard this year. Well atleast it south of me buy a hundred miles or more.
  9. I might be interested in some 1 gig media. thx, d. Come to think of it, maybe the people in the US can do a group buy on the Hi-MD media?
  10. Is there anyway to have the MZ-RH10 display "1 remain" as default instead of "lap time"? Thx, d.
  11. Well, I decided to keep the unit as it is not worth the trouble returning it and started to look for a black RM-MC35ELK. So far I can't seem to find one on Ebay or Google, only the silver ones. Am I correct Sony doesn't sell them separate?
  12. Shame my MZ-RH10 can't have those battery life in play mode.
  13. Thou shall not think with thy wallet... I mean Thou shall not think with thy CC, oh god I'm in debt...!
  14. Thank you for the fast reply Ishiyoshi! I had a distant feeling it wasn't when bought it, but hoped it was. I up in the air right now if I want to keep it or return it for a Japanese model. Guess I'll be in the other threads comparing the US and Japan before I decide.
  15. I hope this is in the right forum, sorry if is not. Well, I just got my new deck in from an E-store on Ebay and I had ask them if this was the Japanese model and they said yes. E-store here I got the one with the new plain remote and didn't come with a USB Cradle. I thought I post here, among all of you to double check this is not the Japanese version. I currently checking the web to verify this info: MZ-RH10/BM 120v P-17001830-2 S01-5051907-D upc 027242664180 Part No.code 2-592-076-01 Thank you for your help, d. Box Scan included. Please excuse typo in title. sry.
  16. J-pop and Anime Sound Tracks on Atrac3plus 64k bit rate from 17 plus gigs of 128k- 320k bit rate sources. Ug, need more Hi-media! Edit: So Ishiyoshi, what do you think of "Doggy Dog"? LOL
  17. Been awhile since I tried it and would say yes, plus I remember not have enough room for my tag info because I have really long titles and artist names.
  18. Yes for me, it sound more like 128k in MP3 format. 64K is fine and you should get around 33hours of music on a 1-gig disc or 10 hours(after reformat to HI-MD mode) on a 80 minidisc. Also you should look into get some Rechargeable Alkaline(GrandCell, or Rayovac) or High capacity Ni-MH. One more thing about what brand of media to get. Memorex is fine but I have a few discs that started to squeal after some time of usage IMO, so I would stick with 80 minute or 1 gig Sony discs. Enjoy, d.
  19. Thx, richyhu ! The remote and 6 band EQ is what I was worried about and hope the seller can contact me to see if it is a Japanese import or a early US model(iirc reading they had a LCD remote before the change ).
  20. Welcome to the forum! Hope you are able to get the 600D, it is a great base player for people new to MD/Hi-MD format. I'm about to upgrade to the MZ-RH10. Hope you enjoy, d.
  21. Hi folks! I been lurking here for a long time before I decided to join the boards some months ago. Great site and very helpful, but i'm now stumped and need your help before I upgrade to the MZ-RH10. Here is the decription that someone is selling New and sealed, could this be right. I sent the seller a few questions and currently waiting for a reply to see if they are up to date with the info. thx, d. Lightning Capital, USA.
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