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  1. Theres a live action movie??? where!! tell me now!!! Leon
  2. Ahoi all! After much thought i have decided to sell my halloween costume. It took me 2 hours to make it, you can see what i look like in it, in my avatar picture!! I just coucldnt throw it away! http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...me=STRK:MESE:IT Thanks Leon
  3. i bought a crate of 50 about 4 years ago and they are fine, i fdound 10 discs in the same box that had defects on the discs thoug but they still worked. When u look close up you see what look like bumps and bouble son the omorpheous surphase of the disc, but it's probably on the inside and wont effect the head. for that price u cant expect much more Leon
  4. dont you all see, its so clear! its Mother Natures wrath upon humanity for buying Ipods!! imean its so obvious! Leon ps:if you see someone on the street with an ipod, give them ure rant!
  5. Now thats funny, seeing as someone stole my Gerber Ultra Flush, i was thinknig of getting te same old beday, but then i ran into another "I'm-so-cool-cause-i-JUST-bought-an-ipod" person, so im back on ebay seraching! Leon
  6. i had the very same issue as you! I live in australia though and finding a MD car player here was intensly dificult(when i did, Sony quated me $800 so i told them to go and use that deck up their ...) Anyway, the sony MDLP decks are pretty nice, i cheked these out live: http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...6019538-2276661 I also played with an alpine model, but it was double DIN(two slots in the cars panel instead of one) and it was only MD-SP and MONO, and it was close to $1000AU...so na! Best bet is to find a NEW Sony deck, they are good, and make sure you get someone who knows what their doing to install it for you, trust me on that one! no matter how much of a car gury you may think you are , its best to let a pro do it. There are a few UK online shops that sell these units to overseas, but expect them to be slightly pricy-er. Goodluck! Leon
  7. Thanks for your sympathy people! really apreciate it!! Leon
  8. my place got broken into and the bastards stole my 2 MD walkmans!! now i have 100 discs full of music i cant listen!... and sony are tardy. even the oz site www.minidisc.com.au has 1 md unit left for sale! Leon
  9. Hi all, i live in melbourne australia! i have recently been burgled, if anyone sees the following 2 units on ebay or similar please repotrt them to the police or to me asap: 1 Sony MZ-n910 Net-MD Minidisc Recorder -silver, with no wear marks -serial number 0170159 1 JVV\C XM-R700 MDLP Minidisc Recorder -silver, wery worn, in not to great working condition also 2 guitars and my amp went missing! but tahts for another board! Thanks Leon
  10. When i took a road trip in New Zealand with some friends, the rental company gave us a Camper van that whilst beeing in total working order, had a real shitty stereo. I used the little White Belkin FM trasmitter, works on 1Xaaa battery and lasted fro days! Kept us going!! Leon
  11. i use a Behringer valve preamp but for guitar to MD. I find that using a mic with it makes it sound way to ...big sounding. Leon
  12. will you ship to Australia?? i am interested in the 2 recorders, if you will ship, tell me how much? Thanks Leon
  13. is that a price in US? and how much will shipping be to Autsralia? Leon ps:can u put it on ebay, no offence but id feel safer.
  14. me!!! http://www.portadisk.com im cheap!! Although if youre going for huge bandwidth im not the man for you. Leon
  15. I get that feeling everytime, when im on the train and get my MD out to change a disc! almost everyone turns and lokos at my walkman as the disc slides out, and i slide in a new one! And all you see from the ipod "wearers" is a blank expression.... I paid $700AU fo rmy mz-n910 about 2 years ago, didnt even question the price, untill i saw the HI-mds start comming out, and then never been able to find one in a shop, never bought one! but things will change! Leon
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