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  1. Guys that's great news thanks a lot for the help!
  2. Hey, Just want to check something: If I've used Sonicstage on my laptop and desktop PCs - do I run the risk of one of them soon limiting my tranfers of a particular song? Basically I've removed some files I'd previously added, but from the other computer. I'm afraid that it will come to a point where one PC will think I can't add another copy of the file to a disk because it won't know I've already removed one that I previously loaded. Does that makes sense? Thanks in advance.
  3. bri

    Noisy HiMD?

    Sorry I meant the disk not the unit itself.
  4. bri

    Noisy HiMD?

    I'm no expert but I guess a Hi-MD - especially one that's been used a bit - will be like a big hard-drive and requires plenty of searching; more when it's been edited, etc. I hear mine but only in a quiet room and occassionally.
  5. Only if you put back my censored reply I will put one up when I get the chance. Edit: Fair enough about the antagonistic post - sorry but I couldn't help myself.
  6. Personally I've never been happier than with the RH10 Japanese remote (name in my sig. below). It's such an improvement on previous designs I dunno how I did without it. The remote your considering would be too bulky for me as you don't want something that'll strech your clothes
  7. off to root in the kitchen so...cheers.
  8. Well I couldn't do this from the machine when I looked...so I checked the manual and lucks like it's not possible...well at least that's what the picture seems to say (see attachment).
  9. So it's literally nothing more than 'cling film' you use to put over left over food?! Do you cover the buttons as well? Thanks for the help by the way...
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Where does one get this Saran wrap...i.e. Does it come under a product name - Saran is not a corporate name correct (Google told me so )?
  11. bri

    audio quality

    I never got this from anywhere official; the complete opposite infact - user forums and comments... Thanks for the input Volta.
  12. bri

    audio quality

    What happened to the idea that (unofficially) mp3s converted to ATRAC sounded marginally better than when played as mp3s? I'm aware of the idea of further compressing on lossy formats and it sounds counter intuitive but that was what I was lead to believe.
  13. Thanks to KJ_Palmer I got a PDA Screen kit in Malpins...eventually! Anyway covering the RH10 Remote worked beautifully...and no scatches there yet so probably made it all in good time. The RH10 screen itself is a bit different. I have one small mark right in the middle which I'm not willing to put toothpaste on...despite using the cleaning wipes (wet and dry) I still had a few marks. After 2 attempts at covering a) the whole left hand side from top to bottom (i.e. the front but not the buttons side) and then... the screen on its own...I'm not too satifised. I think the material of the RH10 itself doesn't lend well to these protectors and for all that the screen may be safer it looks 'worse' than before. By the way I used a squeegee-card (i.e. a supplied alternative to a credit card) to smooth all the air as much as I could. Any ideas?
  14. Have a read of this FAQ for mp3s and Hi-MD: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=7432. There's plenty of information at the top of the Hi-MD forum generally.
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