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  1. I sold mine for $130 US including shipping. But I was looking to unload it so someone else could get use out of it. It was just not being used as I am a Mac User and need the RH-1. So I'm sure that was a great deal. I later received offers up to $200 so probably somewhere in that range.
  2. Sorry it has been sold. I've been busy and didn't have a chance to update the posting.
  3. Okay now that I have some time to post. The unit is in top working order. It has no scratches and has been used only a few times. The OLED is still in perfect shape no burn in or anything. Best offer takes it away. Buyer will need to pay shipping.
  4. Best offer gets it. It's in top working order.
  5. I will take photos tonight and try to upload them. It is the black US Model. Ordered from Amazon about a year ago roughly?
  6. Hi all, I rarely post but I finally got an RH-1 to be compatible with my mac and want to sell off my MZ-RH10. I have about 10 Hi-MDs and 30 or so assorted color regular MDs to throw in with it. It comes with the charger, battery caddy and standard US headphone remote and ear buds. If you are interested. Please email me at john at johnkhan dot com with an offer. The unit has been used very little and is in pristine shape. I also have a Sony canvas case that goes along with it for protection.
  7. They do have the shock absorbing mechanism still. Also they are definitely replacing all the discs with these as my RH10 just came in today finally and a Crystal Blue disc was what was packaged with it instead :-D
  8. I have the language packs installed but it did not succeed. Your default OS language must be Japanese. English with the Language packs will not do apparently
  9. Glad to see you got yours :-D I'm going to try and make some Illustrator and Photoshop templates for the new style of labels they are using in the next couple of days when I get some time.
  10. The Jacket. Absolutely Fantastic.
  11. Sonic Stage 3.2 is also coming out in tandem with the Sony PSP 2.0 firmware upgrade. One of the major features apparently is using SS to manage music on your PSP. I just hope it's not just for the PSP firmware upgrade but for MD users as well
  12. Yes they were $6.99 USD each. Exactly the same as the older ones. I found some more last evening at another radio shack and the lady said that they were the newer ones they had gotten in. So yes I do believe that these are replacing the older large case media and that is the reason they are so scarce. Not because it's disappearing any time soon
  13. I am still awaiting my first Hi-MD unit on 08/01. An MZ-RH10. I had an MD deck back in 1995 and loved it. So I'm all psyched and went out to get some media for it this afternoon ast radioshack. I figured I'd be lucky to find even one of the standard blue and orange large case Hi-MDs. To my suprise I bought all they had which was two standard Hi-MDs and 6 Crystal Blue smaller cased Hi-MDs. The cases are closer to regular MD size. I have seen topics of people trying to track these down. My opinion is that sony is just switching to these newer designs and maybe thats why supplies have been slim. I'm in Washington DC and I just found these prominently displayed on a shelf at radio shack with all their other media. ############## Here are some photos ############## [attachmentid=479] [attachmentid=480] [attachmentid=481] [attachmentid=482] [attachmentid=483] [attachmentid=484] [attachmentid=485] [attachmentid=486] [attachmentid=487] [attachmentid=488] [attachmentid=489]
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