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  1. hey, my N1 "died" a while ago, or rather, i diagnosed it as dead or dying and stopped using it. I found this guide today, and got out my player with the intention of doing the fix. I turned it on to test it was dead, and guess what? It starts playing again, no problems, just like new. Could it be possible that this ribbon cable is breaking? rather than broken? maybe its getting loose so it random works and doesnt work, is this possible?
  2. I cant seem to find ANY stores in the uk that sell the NH1 OR the RH10, or any minidisc players for that matter. any other UK users here care to help me? i originally got my N1 from dixons, years ago. also I was looking for a repair centre, guess what? its a £80 fee just for LOOKING at it
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, Im REALLY annoyed about this...ive been deprevived of portable musc(the headphones on my phone dont work either ) I Kinda want to get a hard drive player(maybe i shouldent have said that in a MD forum ), but right now im also looking for hi-MD alternatives. Ive seen these on ebay: Sony NH1 and sony RH10, The NH1 looks really really nice(slimmer than my N1 and an ipod photo), however it is the first generation, so im scared that it will wind up like my N1, could this be the case? are these things now reliable to get used off ebay? Or does anyone have any other suggestions for around 100 pounds. Joe
  4. Hi everyone, Ive been a owner of a MZ-N1 for about 4 years, its been fine for all that time. however recently its been very unreliable, the discs dont always load, when it first started happening it said "read error", but now it just doesnt load and i get a battery symbol, a spinning disc symbol, and lots of funny noises(wowwow wow wowowowowow). It seems to work on and off, its well out of warrenty, ive done a search and it seems like people have this with recording. but for me its also listening(havent tried recording). has anyone had this problem before and can you guys help me? thanks,
  5. ahh but ipods are shiny, methinks thats why a lot of people buy them(o yeah and of the cool ipod dance adverts) but i totally agree, iriver, creative zen etc. all good.....
  6. ok thanks, one more question: is there a MD that is far superior to all others in terms of prics, i mean most expensive.
  7. ok ok simpify.....: (this isnt about ipods i was just mentioning it) 1. why are Hi-Mds so cheap? 2. which is the best hi-md 3. is it worth selling my net md and getting a HI MD?
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    So Cheap!

    i have a MZ-N1 net md and it has served me well(been to about 10 countries). but the whole Hi-Md thing has caught my attention recently(i was tempted to get a ipod mini and was looking for alternatives). most of the hi-mds ive seen seem to be around 100 pounds. (my net md cost 200). so i am wondering: has the power of ipods struck a large blow to sonys MD sales? is there less people buying MDs? and lastly should i sell my net md and get a hi-md? do you know whats the most expensive or best specs hi-md out so far?
  9. Audacity eh? ive got that already. will i be able to get the same quality sound as my minidisc through a crapty line in socket on my motherboard(no seperate card its intergrated ). also will i need to manually control trackbreaks or is there a function to just do it for lazy people like me?
  10. i had a few red hot chilli pepper albums on a minidisc that i burned about a year ago with openMG. but 3 winXp reinstalls later i can put them back onto my pc. i desperatly want these songs since ive broken one of the original CDs. i know that Sony(brr.....) have copy protection stuff but is there a way to get around this and get my songs? thanks, please help me
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