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  1. i started using the 'key wizard program' but noticed i didn't have enough time to go through w/ the entire process. so i cancelled, disconnected my device (after key wiz created the 'omg backup') and my player says "mismatch in system files". i reconnected my hd5, went into explorer and renamed the folder, as you mentionned above, but the player still gives me the message "mismatch in system files"..... wtf??? the music is still ON the player, i haven't transfered anything... but why won't it recognize it? please help!
  2. would you happen to know if this is being worked on? for future versions of the program??? i mean, its great that we can save mp3 files, but i'm sure i'm not the only one out there who is waiting to be able to save/move ATRAC files from the player as well, not just mp3s.
  3. thanks for the help stuge... so you're telling me that all the music i have on my player under ATRAC format, cannot be saved on to my computers hard drive? this sucks. more than 75% of the music is ATRAC. basically what i want to do is move all my music from the player (hd5) to my new computer. i loaded my player w/ music from my old comp, which i no longer have access to.
  4. hi, if these probs have already been addressed, sorry and please direct me to the post. if not..... 1 - is the mp3 file manager suitable for use w/ an nwhd5 player?? i was about to download a version however it appears as though its for the nwE series players. 2 - when you say "make sure mp3 file manager is installed on the device"... what is "the device"?! the comptuer or the music player? i'm not stupid but you just make things very ambiguous. one minute you refer to the comptuer, the next the player... then "the device"... whats up? 3 - how do i know if that microsoft .net framework is already installed on my computer? 4 - and finally, and i need a direct answer please, i'm having trouble sorting this one out, can i or can i not transfer ATRAC AND MP3 files from my player TO my computer. i have both types on my player and need to save them on my comptuer. THANK YOU!!
  5. can you please provide a step by step walkthrough for using GYM? i am trying to find out exactly how to use this program (thank you for creating it by the way, SS is brutal and sony should be ashamed for making it). also, please be sure to include stuff like what types of files can be extracted (ie, mp3 or/and atrac3), the type of music players that are compatible (nwhd5, nwhd3, the latest versions, etc.) i'm sure w/ a thorough and comprehensive walkthrough/guide, there will be fewer questions and problems posted here and there will be fewer headaches for us users. thanks a bunch!
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