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  1. Hi I've just got a Sony MZ-NH900 and an audio-technica ATR97 omnidirectional condenser boundary microphone. The setup works perfectly for recording interviews and focus groups which is the reason I bought the kit. Having read lots of stuff on the forum I realise that this is not the ideal setup for recording live music but I couldn't resist trying it out at a festival. The results are not good! For the open air stuff (e.g. standing by the mixing desk at The Magic Numbers) I got some nice ambient crowd noise, a bit of wind and fairly clear but low fidelity music. The mic is mono so I duplicated the track in Audacity to make left and right channel sound. Is there anything else I could do to improve what I've got? For the indoor stuff it gets worse. I used the low sensitivity mic setting and turned the rec. volume down to 12/30 but the sound is really distorted in places. Presumably there's nothing I can do with the wav file to get rid of the distortion? Looks like I'm in the market for some new kit now! Any recommendations for cheapish UK distributors of binaural (stealth!) mics? I'll upload some samples when I've got time - perhaps you can include them in a 'how not to' guide! Cheers
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