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  1. This post seems to have died, which is a shame because I'm in the same position and thought I'd struck gold when it showed up in my search results! I currently use an NH900 with GreenMachine's mics and battery box through line in. This has served me very well but I'm going to be recording at lot of festivals and at some very quiet gigs over the summer. Also (and I'll say this quietly) I've just bought a cheap JB3 from Ebay as a backup and for festivals. Initial results indicate that I need some more oomph and at least another battery box so that I can use both units at the same time. Anyone got direct experiences of a small and relatively low cost stereo mic preamp that will increase the quality of the recording (through line in) and double up as a battery box to power the mics? Cheers Richard
  2. Cheers. 2 quick questions: What does a zero crossover point look like? What's the difference between fade in/out and crossfade in/out?
  3. I had the same issue as you until I bought one of GreenMachine’s battery boxes. Highly recommended it is too! I typically record through the BB to Line in at between 16/30 and 22/30, depending on the type of music and venue but never get clipping. The trick is to not set the level too low to avoid getting loads of separate tracks (but that’s another story). The smaller venues are usually great for small acoustic shows but often have worse sound systems (and/or engineers) so that bands with proper drums and bass guitars sound less than great when you get the recording home. When I close my eyes at the gig and concentrate what’s coming through my ears I’m often be surprised at the amount of bass actually coming through. For what it’s worth I don’t bother with bass roll off since it means that certain frequencies are not recorded (I think). If you don’t like it when you get home you can mess about with the eq then, but you can’t change what you don’t capture in the first place. Cheers
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. In highlighting the bad sections here I've probably made it look like the whole recording is like this. However the show was about an hour long and there are only two or three songs that have this fault, and of those only the one shown here has a lot of crackle and numerous episodes of signal loss. That's why I'm keen to patch it up rather than 'mess up' the whole show when the majority is perfectly ok. I have other shows where the right channel is completely missing so that one's a no-brainer. Cheers
  5. I've got a few damaged recordings due to a faulty mic. The right channel comes in and out in places - probably because the connection to the right caplet had worked loose. I've got new mics now but what can I do with the damaged recording to make it 'stereo' again? This is what it sounds like: [attachmentid=1771] Here's what the tracks look like in Audacity: [attachmentid=1772] And in more detail: [attachmentid=1773] I've tried to copy and paste from the left channel to the right to patch it up but it's really difficult to line it up to make it sound exactly right. Are there any shortcuts or easy ways to do this, or is it just a matter of patience and trial and error? Cheers Sample_Audio.mp3
  6. Thanks Guys I decided to leave the mics intact! I couldn't bring myself to take them apart never mind remove the faulty caplet. From last night's recording I've got most of the recording in mono (left channel) but one middle section of the concert in stereo (about 3 minutes). At least it will be fun to experiment in audacity to patch it up. Cheers
  7. I've lost the right channel of my mics. Presumably it's just a loose wire because I can get it back with some wiggling! Obviously I need to get some new ones - I've not got the time, equipment or skill to take them apart and put them back together - but with 3 concerts this week alone, and one tonight, what can I do for now? Should I remove the right caplet with a pair of scissors (ouch! ) to record in mono (and double up the tracks in Audacity?) or leave it as it is and hope that I get at least half a concert in glorious stereo??? Cheers Rich
  8. I may have clicked at the wrong time (i.e. if the site is offline to be updated) but it appears that the links in this thread now direct you to an adult dating site! GM, are you branching out into new markets or have you moved your site!? Perhaps someone could post another link? Cheers
  9. Hi all It's getting near to music festival season again and I need an external AA battery case to power my Sony NH900 in the field. Please get in touch if you have one you could sell me. Many thanks
  10. Just to say that I highly recommend GM's mics and battery box. I purchased one of each after posting pleas for help from my fellow European MD users! I've been using the mics and BB for live concert recordings with excellent results. I must have been to 30 or so different sized venues to make personal recordings of a range of diverse artists – never any clipping even when it was so loud my ears hurt! When I have more time I'll post some decent quality samples in the Gallery. I'd also say that the service is excellent too - mic and battery box arrived very quickly and well packed! PS GM does not know I'm writing this! Maybe it will come in handy when I order my next pair Cheers
  11. Like most people I'm looking for the 'next best thing' for live recording. A 2Gb SD card could go straight into the appropriate slot on my laptop and it looks like it has firewire as well. Anyone found any more detailed specs?
  12. Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated. I guess I'll just have to keep looking on ebay for the external battery case. It's so much more convenient for things like festivals where there's no access to mains power - I just take a bag of fully charged AAs and that's it. I could do the same with gumsticks I suppose, but they're much more expensive to replace. Cheers
  13. Hi I need to buy an external AA battery case for my nh900. I left my old one on a bus while in Turin - I live in Leeds, UK! Can anyone help? I've looked on Ebay but not seen any. Cheers ps is this any good as a replacement gumstick? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/GP1450-Gumstick-Mini...1QQcmdZViewItem
  14. Genius! Need to grow my hair a bit though!
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