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  1. One month ago, I had the same problem .. suddenly the screen went dead! .. I just pressed the small reset (hole) on the back!! The screen came back to normal state! (note that the reset does not affect anything..) Chris
  2. hi, its the 2.01... They are not sorted alphabeticaly.. thats it.. its like this (same view on the sonicstage)
  3. Hi, It seems that something is wrong on the Artists list.. It looks like sorted alphabeticaly, but in fact I see some artists in "wrong place" The same "view" is on the device and on the "device transfer window" on the SS 4.0 CP.. Any ideas?
  4. not to mention that its memory hungry!! (I saw about 70MB usage...)
  5. ..like you canot DELETE a song on the Device (in my case a A608) if you choose it from the PLAYLIST (on the device explorer window), but you can DELETE it if you know the Album and choose it from the "Albums by Artist" (again on the device explorer window) Also, the "device explorer window" lacks the option to see the tracks by "All tracks" view...
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