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  1. What ARE the differences between the RH10 and RH910? I can't see much difference at all. Also, I noticed that the RH10 has a really bad remote. If I were to get a different remote (in particular, model RM-MC35ELK) will it work completely with this MD player/recorder?
  2. That's a pity, I remember them being really good for their time, and that wasn't too long ago either. You're right, as well, about the repair costs. I went to my local Sony Centre and they estimated £250 to repair my MZ-N1, and that's how much I paid for it in the first place!!! Are you saying that I should just go for a HiMD player because they support what I want and provide a little extra, just in case I need it? I've had a look at those two players and they really do look nice. I was pondering the MZ-N10 for £150 at my local Sony Store, but I could get one of these for pretty much the same price on amazon.co.uk. What's the major difference between these two though? All I could summise from the info on minidisc.org is that the rh10 has a slightly longer battery life than the rh910, and the screens between the two are slightly different. Is there something I'm missing? Also, am I right in thinking that HiMD discs don't support LP2/4 but the player DOES support it for playback and recording (with the appropriate MDs)? Do these players connect to a PC with a cradle like the N1 and N10 do? Plus what're the transfer speeds in relation to the older models I'm considering? E.g. if the N1 is 32x and N10 is 64x, what're these new models?
  3. I've loved using the MD format for quite some time. I have... MZ-R70 - bought it ages ago, a bit battered but still works perfectly. Pity it's limited to SP though. MZ-N1 - wonderful piece of kit - Net.MD and LP2/4 - but it's knackered now CMT-CP500MD - my trusty little MD HiFi which does more than I want it to! Anyway... My MZ-N1 had kicked the bucket quite a long time ago and, during that time, I've been trying out the portable MP3 format. First of all I tried MP3 CDs but that made me have to burn a whole new CD in order to play a new song, so I had to wait until I had about 100+ new songs before making the process worthwhile!! Then I got myself a 1Gb portable MP3 player, which was pretty good but the sound output wasn't really up to scratch and unfortunately I had to remove songs I liked in order to fit new ones on! Now this got me thinking... I'd been using the MD format for quite some time. I may as well continue using it since I have many of my favourite songs on MD LP4 already and then I have the added bonus of being able to pop them into the HiFi too. Now getting to the point. I want a new MD player! I don't want to get into this HDMD stuff. I just want a Net.MD player that supports what I have. I've read up on the MZ-N10 and think it's pretty nifty but I'm not too sure whether I want to fork out up to £150 for one. At the same time, I'd used an MZ-N1 for so long that I'm comfortable with it, so I'm not sure whether I should just get another one (which would work out cheaper than getting an MZ-N10, although transfer times are cut in half!). Can anyone point out any reasons why the MZ-N10 would be more suited to my needs than another MZ-N1? Please no "Get this one because it looks nicer" posts. Testimonies from people who have actually OWNED both of these players would be really appreciated too. Many thanks in advance!
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