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  1. How dya mean "high self noise"? Does it add a loud hiss to the recording like? Also is it more likely to record louder (without making any hissing louder or anything)?
  2. Or at least a TV-out lead for PSP - either in AV or S-VHS format. If $ony really wanted to piss people off, they could put some kind of copy protection within the cable so if someone were to plug it into a VCR or DVD-R(W) device, all you'd get is noise. * *$ony have implemented this in the PS2 - PS2 owners will know exactly what i mean.
  3. I've been recording lectures with my MZ-RH10 and they sound really good but extremely quiet (The loudest I've ever had from a recording is less than half way) and unfortunately, I'm resorting to using a pair of headphones to record the lectures (Don't shoot me just yet...) Anyway I've been looking around for a suitable microphone and I think I've found it. http://tinyurl.com/dvmaz I've seen this microphone on SonyStyle's website for $100 (Approx £60-70 ish) and to get it for under £15 sounds too good to be true. I have no idea about the recording limitations of the RH10 or anything - I've no idea if this would make my MD player go kap00t - so if anyone can advise (especially anyone who's got one!) then please do. From time of posting this, I believe there's 14 hours left in the auction so I need to get your opinions ASAP. Click the link to see more details about the auction. Thanks in advance!
  4. Yup those are definately the ones alright. I would post a few photos but it looks like Ishiyoshi's already done it Oh, for the record, the ebay seller was called minidisc_au (original, I know). There aren't any MDs being sold by this member at the moment but keep an eye out.
  5. I don't know where you can get them individually but I've got a 6-1 usb2 card reader which uses the exact same kind of USB lead as my RH10 does ( A -> B ). I've tried it with my HiMD player and it works perfectly. If you've spotted one at RadioShack (Or Tandy as it's known to myself) then I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  6. zxon

    ATRAC3plus 48kbps

    I used 48kbps when I first got my RH10 and was very happy when I managed to squeeze 198 songs onto (what was originally) a 74min MD. Then I started playing around with other bitrates and now I've decided on simply transferring MP3s over, as these sound so much better. I can expect just as many songs on one MD still, but it has to be a 1Gb one now
  7. I just received five of them from ebay. They worked out at about £4 each which isn't bad for 1Gb of storage. The seller I believe was from australia and delivery took exactly a week. I'm at work at the moment so I can't check up on ebay to find out the seller's name, but I'll post back here later with the seller's name if anyone's interested.
  8. I can't believe you lot actually throw your MDs about the place! I've never once had to demonstrate how durable an MD disc is, because people round here can see it's encased in plastic anyway. As loyal fans of the MD medium, I strongly advise you show it a little more respect. As far as MD disc problems, I've only ever had one MD go bust on me (and that was an official sony one), and that was in the very first multipack of MDs I bought way back when I had an MZ-R700 No matter how many times I tried to clear it, it just wouldn't have any of it. Then much later when I got my MDLP hifi, I popped it in there and it formatted it successfully. I now use that very disc to store my linkin park albums in HiMD format
  9. I'm well impressed with the Sony DCM-M1. I wouldn't mind one of those babys!
  10. Good news: YAY! My RH10 arrived today! Really fast postage I've gotta say! It took (technically) 2 working days to reach me... 3 if anyone wants to include Saturday as well. Remarkable! Bad news: It arrived at 4pm and I had to start work at 1:30pm, and it's at my neighbour's house right now How dare they get their grubby little hands on my MD player before me! Grr!
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when you boost a microphone signal doesn't it boost everything that it picks up, even interference and line noise (hissing, crackling etc.)?
  12. Hmm... kinda defeats the point of having AVLS on the unit doesn't it?
  13. Just had a thought... One of the other reasons why I'm buying from japan is because the volume output is louder. I remember reading somewhere here about there being a reason why european models are quieter than japanese ones, but I can't remember it (nor can i find the specific post). Can anyone endulge me?
  14. Brilliant! I paid for the item late friday / early saturday at about 12:20am, and at 1pm on saturday he sent me an email saying that the item had been shipped!! Just under 13 hours! I was amazed!! Could very well even arrive tomorrow morning. Ya never know! Hell, the sooner the better if you ask me!
  15. Why dya think I just bought it? Item got shipped just under 13 hours after purchasing it. Yay! Finally my constant annoying questions have paid off!
  16. BTW For anyone in the UK, buying from Japan will cost roughly £185. The best price for the RH10 that I've seen on the internet for the UK is at amazon.co.uk (£155) but you can only get it in black. As everyone knows, the reason why people buy this from Japan is: • Available in all four colours • Matching charging stand / Docking station • Better (original) remote • Louder volume output If you feel that all these are worth the extra £30 (which I certainly do!) then you know what to do
  17. Errm yes, I only just realised that after I posted the message. I went hunting for the pics again and then noticed a familiar avatar next to the photos (That brown thing that looks like a mouldy spongebob squarepants, which seems to be popular in japan for some reason). As a matter of fact, I've just come back from a practice. I couldn't buy the player as soon as I got home cos our lass was there and she'd kill me if she found out I got it If you want to hear some samples, click here to visit our site. Of course, I'll see if I can post any samples in the appropriate thread on these forums in the future.
  18. The item has officially been bought and paid for! You'll see on the auction that he's only got 9 left now Thanks again to everyone, especially Low Volta. The thread started off a little slow but very soon it really caught up speed! Quick replies, friendly words. I'll help out by posting a review if required. Low Volta: you say that blue ones are rare? Not bad! I saw a whole bunch of photos of the blue one on here somewhere and I just fell in love with it! Damn it's gonna come in handy for recording my band practices.
  19. Cool... and I've just noticed that the item should take 3-5 working days to deliver. I'm gonna buy it as soon as I get home! Should expect it, at the latest, next Friday I'll keep you all updated And many thanks to everyone who has helped me on this. I originally was gonna get a £150 MZ-N10 from the Sony Centre in town, but parting with <>£30 more gets me a MUCH newer, better and nicer looking model
  20. Well the remote that comes with the JAP one seems more than suitable for what I want. What I meant by logging in is that I'm not sure if my login for ebay.co.uk would work with worldwide versions of ebay (ebay.com, ebay.co.de etc.). I suppose that's not a problem, just so long as I can use the same paypal account, which I can only assume won't be a problem.
  21. I hope all the blue ones don't go before I get back home from work. I'm at work right now and the admin restrictions don't allow me to log into ebay (but it does let me view auctions though). Will my .co.uk login work with this site or will i have to sign up again dya think? I honestly don't know because of the above reason. Also, how long did it take for delivery for you guys in the USA? I'd imagine it'd be similar to the UK too. The price is about £30 more than if i were to get one from, say, amazon.co.uk (£155), including the shipping. But I would imagine that would be worth it as its the colour I want and it comes with cradle and a decent remote. If I were to get one from amazon, it would have to be black, have no cradle, and then I'd have to fork out another £20-30 for a decent remote anyway.
  22. Many thanks for the quick response. I have only one more problem... I live in the UK. This thing charges through the USB port does it not? If not, dya think a UK compatible plug will be provided? If no, would my MZ-N1 charger do the trick? I'm gonna ask the seller these questions too.
  23. Okies I've decided I'm going to get the RH10 but I really want it in blue. I'm sure that I've heard from someone that the only way you can get it in that colour is if I got it from Japan. So I have more questions? Has anyone bought one from there? How much did it come to? Is there an english translation in the manual? Does the player support UKEnglish just as well as a european RH10? * The software? English is it? * This is really important to me as I don't want my track names to look all funny on the player's screen.
  24. If that's the case, the only real differences are that the RH10 has a better screen and has a harder case, making it more durable. That's what I'll probably go for methinks...
  25. There aren't many differences between the RH10 and RH910 really. I managed to get some info from minidisco, here are all the differences (apparently)... Display... RH10 - 6 Line Organic EL RH910 - 5 Line LCD Casing... RH10 - Aluminium Lid RH910 - Plastic (I think) Remote... RH10 - Included (albeit a crap one) RH910 - Not included, according to the site. Battery Life... RH10 - < 33 hrs RH910 - <34.5 hrs Like I thought... not much difference.
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