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  1. It's not overly difficult, just take your time and be mindful of the ribbon cable that exists between the two halves, the track mark button and hold switch. The ribbon cable is what had my "broken" NH900 out of service so to speak. The cable was not fully seated. The un responsive buttons is an easy fix, but tedious to get to. Before disassembly, get a can of air and try to blowing it behind the selector wheel a few times. If that doesn't work, you'll have to take it apart and clean the contacts.
  2. Over the past couple of months, I've been bitten by the MD bug again. I hadn't visited this forum in a VERY long time. I've used one of my MZ-NH900s at my work desk on almost a daily basis for 10+ years. It sits it's original cradle, powered from the AC adapter because the battery long since gave up the ghost. I have about 20 disc's (a mix of Hi-MD and standard MD My other NH900 has been broken for years after it fell out of my pocket and a disc got jammed. Was able to get the disc out by disassembling the recorder but when I all went back together the buttons were no longer responsive... So I put it in a storage box with my other MD stuff that wasn't used anymore. FF 1month ago, I was digging thru some things and came across my box MD recorders. Pulled out the NH900 and took it apart again. Long story short, it's had been returned to service! While looking for info on repair, I came across this site and an intro to Reddit MD. My interest stoked again, burned some new disc's, reorganized some of my favorites, and am trying my hand at labeling. I've also managed to buy a couple of new Hi-MD blanks and some used standard MDs. It's always fun to go thru used disc's from someone else to see what's on them 🙂 My MD arsenal consists of: MZ-R500, MZ-N707 (eprom nodded), MZ-N920, IM-DR420, MZ-NH600D, 2-MZ-NH900s, 2-MZ-RH10s (both with bad displays), and a MZ-RH910. 150ish standard MDs and 15 Hi-MDs. Most of my standard disc's are Hi-MD formated and most of the music is burned in ATRAC3plus @256k. I simply LOVE this format!
  3. I believe I'm familiar with this issue if I'm understanding you correctly. The 600D has a quirk. None of my other players, Hi-MD or regular MD have this issue. To get the 600D and SS to work in regular MD mode, look on the corner that has the erase prevention plastic tab. On the back of of a 60/74/80m disc, just above that plastic tab, you will see two small holes. Put a SMALL piece of tape over the hole just above the one closest to the plastic tab. This is not necessary on the 1G Hi-MD disc's, but you can't use those in a regular MD recorder anyway. Shutdown SS, reboot your computer, and try it again. There is a better write up somewhere in this forum, but I can't find it. I use my 600D regularly to burn my discs in an attempt to put less wear and tear on my Hi-MD and MD players.
  4. Working with Bromite (Android). Today marks my first visit back to the site since 2009! Hard to believe it's been that long. Still rocking my mini disc's daily in my office!
  5. This has always been a facination of mine, albeit I've never made any real attempts at making quality recordings. I'm curious (and know even less about what I'm asking), I assume stereo mics vs monaural are used?
  6. Tnx... that's what I ended up doing. Took a couple of hours, but all cleaned up now. Interesting tidbit about playing MP3s using other software. I haven't come across that one. Enjoying everyone's facination at these "little disks" on my desk at work, all colorfully labeled and scattered about. Hi-MD has become my office music format of choice for the time being.
  7. I'm probably overlooking something very simple here, but how do I refresh the music library in SonicStage 4.3 (Ultimate)? The "refresh" command under "view" doesn't seem to update the library. I've updated the files in my music folder, using another music management tool, that in some cases, tracks in SonicStage won't play because they've been moved/deleted. I don't want to have to identify ease file individually.
  8. OK, thanks for the opinion KJ. Had a feeling that was the going to be the case w/SQ on hte RH710. It is a nice looking unit, but I definitely prefer the digital amp sound. ...my quest for a black NH900 continues...
  9. Tnx KJ. I wasn't aware of that, that's good info. Like Arureal , I've never seen one in "real life". KJ: curiuos about the MZ-DH710. How does the sound compare to the NH900? I've always found the NH900 cleaner/crisper than my RH10s.
  10. Anyone have a black one they'd be willing to part with?
  11. ARGH! sorry about that! sfbp... what adjustment did you make?
  12. Talisin: what power adjustment did you make on your 910? I'd be interested to try this on the RH-10. I'm assuming its an adjustment you made in the service mode? Might be worth a shot.
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