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  1. Thanks for some good news. But I read that 2005 units should be able to play 320kps, from the Sony Hi-MD site.
  2. I have to admit that this is an awesome player. Forgive my ignorance, as I've been away with any MD players. I have a few question: 1. Firstly, can it play atrac3plus @ 320kps? 2. Will it ever be available in other Asian countries? 3. Is the battery replacable? Btw, is this model oso discontinued? Which means that there's no video Hi-MD player coming out? Thanks in advance!
  3. Sorry it's 1000kps or something. Anyone knows which model was it, I remember it was very very expensive. I think it should be the qualia MD. But I can get any info of the audio quality from their site. So can it really play VERY high quality audio, or anything that makes it so different, expensive in anyway? Thanks!
  4. I just remember that, about a year ago or so, I read from a magzine that Sony had a new MD player that plays very high quality audio, highest ever in fact, up to 1000khz or something. That player is thus able to play audio that is almost equivalent to DVD-Audio (not the auido part of the normal DVDs, but a special encoding)! And I remember that was an awesome Headphone that came out with it as well, that supports the high quality playback. So, anyone remember which model it was? If you any info, I would really appreciate. Thanks!
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