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  1. SonicStage allows direct PCM import of old standard MD/ATRAC recordings! Don't misunderstand me - I do not talk about converting imported ATRAC3plus files to WAV. In a rather hidden import settings sub-menu you can select whether you want to import your MD recordings as Hi-SP or PCM. I tried PCM, and indeed, my MD was imported as OpenMG PCM which I could easily convert to WAV or transfer onto a Hi-MD disc. So uploading as PCM at least keeps the original ATRAC quality you recorded onto MD. But retaining original ATRAC quality in a compressed format is not possible. So if you don't want to loose quality, you'll have to use PCM, even if it is quite an expensive solution because you need many more Hi-MD discs...
  2. Very odd... Normally, there should be no problem with uploading old-school MD tracks (provided they are recorded in real time) as the RH1 is compatible with all kinds of MD recordings made on each recorder ever built, regardless of the manufacturer.
  3. sharpsony


    Production costs in Malaysia are presumed to be much lower than they are in Japan. In my opinion, the quality of the RH1 is on Japanese level.
  4. The RH10 hasn't got a line-out either. So there's no chance to "hack it". BTW, the RH1 hardware is quite different from the RH10/RH910.
  5. I experienced the same problem with my NH900 - it is obviously caused by a worn-out gumstick battery that breaks down abruptly, leaving no power for TOC writing. Buying a new battery (NH-14WM or compatible) or using the AC Adaptor should help.
  6. The ferrite cores primarily suppress outgoing interference which may, for example, impair reception of FM or AM broadcasts. So it might be useful to use the cores while recording radio shows off simple (portable) radio units with internal antennas.
  7. The RH10 indeed DOES have two custom equalizers which are, however, deactivated in the firmware of the European model for whatever reason. But that can easily be changed by selecting the appropriate setting in the Service Mode menu. So you where rash returning your RH10.
  8. I can confirm that there is a "bump" under the label on the back of my NH900 (bought in Germany). It is clearly detectable by moving the fingertips over it and even faintly visible under certain light conditions. I think, it is indeed caused by a screw head hidden under the label. By the way, I treat my MD recorders extremely carefully .
  9. That sounds really encouraging... Let's hope your contact is right (I'm sure he is )and Sony will release the new model in the near future. That's good news, too!
  10. I found minidisc.org (and the forums, subsequently) in June or July 2004 via a link at the bottom of the MiniDisc entry in the German Wikipedia. But due to restricted spare time and extensive activity @ minidiscforum.de it took me until October 2005 to register...
  11. I think: yes! At least, I have received six spam mails from U.S. addresses since yesterday advertising discount pharmacy, Rolex watches etc. I had never received ANY spam before...
  12. Except for the LIP-4WM battery, the MZ-RH1 is exactly what I've been waiting for. I'll buy it as soon as possible.
  13. That's really great news!!! Even mono recordings can be uploaded - I'm especially delighted about that as I own several of them from the pre-MDLP era (extending recording time to double by switching to mono). Thanks for your great work, MDfreak! And thanks to Sony for finally allowing upload of our old MD recordings.
  14. An upper middle class Hi-MD deck is an absolute necessity, as a portable unit will never reach the same playback quality and comfort of use! The MDS-JB980 needs a successor on the latest level of technology, including Hi-MD recording modes and the MD upload feature of the MZ-RH1. I would buy such a deck if it wasn't more than EUR 450,-. A car deck would be nice (though not that necessary), especially if it had recording capability. I would certainly buy one if I could use it for recording of interesting radio shows while being on the road.
  15. So there is no mono recording capability in MD mode? I hope though that upload of SP-mono recordings will be possible at least... Have you tested that yet?
  16. Whow, that's really great news! The MZ-RH1 has got features that I didn't dare dreaming of! Finally, this seems to be the ultimate (Hi-)MD recording device I've been waiting for, rather than another Walkman with those well-known ergonomical shortcomings of former models (RH10 already was an improvement, though). Upload of legacy MD recordings becomes possible - I still can't believe it... It will save me much, much time backing up hundreds of hours of SP/LP2 recordings. Hope that it will also work with MONO recordings. Although I already own ten portable MD recorders, I will surely buy the RH1 sooner or later. The only thing spoiling my happiness ist the use of the expensive proprietary LIP-4WM battery. NH-14WM or even AA would if been the much better solution! If I wanted to buy a spare LIP-4WM (and I want!), I would have to order it from abroad, since it is not available in Germany... So, if Sony staff are reading this: Please make spare batteries locally available in Germany and elsewhere! And please continue developping good Hi-MD products such as a DECK...
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