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  1. gee - this would be right up my ally - it's what i do best - must chart this down and give it a try !! "Mean Mr Mustard" > Her Majesty" > "Polythene Pam" !!!!
  2. LOL - i still will be Dj'ing for Family and Friends - so - you have a good shot at me Djing for you !! footnote#1 - i am still waiting for SBG to invite me to Nova scocia to DJ for him !!
  3. listening on one of the OTHER PC at different versions of Mr Boombastic by Shaggy - which i DIDN'T have last night when i DJ'd - i have been transferring my MD's and most CD's to my laptops and THOUGHT i did that one - and left the version home in the garage !!!! so i didnt get to play it - their alternative request was "The Pee-Wee Herman Song" LOL - "Tequila" -which they actually danced to ????!!!! ((i NEED)) to listen to that one all day long !!)) - Footnote#1 - now -which version do i want to lift off YouTube for my collection - the one in the garage is actually a House/remix of it - Footnote#2 - soooo - how many more songs DON'T i have with me when i DJ- (oh - yeah_ i am retiring) - LOL !!
  4. @Stuge - well publicity stunt or stupidity - they need to "Police' who can get on that stage or not - Footnote#1 - anyhowzz - KW does make some good music/rap - i guess i won't "Trash" his songs - and i pulled out my 808's & Heartbreak (Parental Advisory) KW CD and am listing to it - but low- cause when my wife hears it she is gonna tell me to put on my ear-phones - Footnote#2 - i kinda like "RoboCop" track 7 - "okaaaaay - ok ok" - so- i put that song on repeat a lot - not for hot - but for Dot - she likes it too !! Footnote #3 "i could never be ur Robo Cop " - Footnote#4 she's just a L A Girl !! (you need to STOP it NOW !!!!)
  5. after the other night - i think i am gonna "TRASH" break and flake my 808 CD of KW - he now sucks - he has not class - and tonight i refure to play ANY of his songs at the Sweet 16 BD Party i am DJ'ing - footnote#1 - did i (rayzray) say that KW SUCKS !!!! footnote#2 - it was a good album while it lasted !! footnote#3 - i am listing to "Real" music right now - like AC/DC etc !!
  6. oh - i though he went to the masters - that's cool that he takes they from the vynyls - maybe that's why they sound fooooo good - i'll have to find the CD and listen to it again -
  7. yes- i have a copy of Dr Ebbetts CD - don't know which one - but i used to LOVE to listen to his re-masters of the Beatles - i highly recommend his works - too -
  8. i sent a copy of you post to one of my former piano students who is pretty much "into" the Beatles - he sent this back to me to paste here for you to read - ((Hi Ray, I don't read that board, but please copy/paste this response: ----- This is not correct. There are a few things: 1. The stereo set was *not* compressed in its entirety. There are some tracks to which no compression was applied, and others where compression was only applied to one channel (typically, the one with the most transients). In general, the amount of compression/limiting typically resulted in a volume boost in the range of 1db-3db. Less than 1.5db of compression gain in not audible. There are a couple of issues with the stereo set, but the compression isn't a big one. 2. There was no compression applied to the Mono set. None. You can try to determine this through comparisons with other masterings or vinyl pressings, but you will get incorrect results. Those masterings will may appear to have higher transients in some instances due to the amount of EQ that was applied at the frequencies dominant in the transients. EQ was not (as far as I know) applied to the Mono set. These were done flat. 3. As a final consideration, keep in mind that the original mixes (especially the mono mixes) were heavily compressed and limited. It many cases, the limiting was rather extreme. Revolver is a good example of this. If they applied 1db-3dbs of further compression, it would be virtually unnoticeable, as all of the peaks were already squashed. It is the same as bein upset that somebody drew on your blue wall with a blue crayon of the same shade. ))
  9. LISTENING to my "Sound Efx" collection - this is too mych fun - i have about 30 or 40 CD's some regular - some "Rude" and some TV'ish and some Halloweenish - some Sci-Fi'ish - some Natualish - i like the "Rude" ones the best - footnote - loading them into Laptop-2 for this weekend's sweet 16 party - with a Disney theme - seems like i can use some of these - footnote#2 - this does not include my vast Bobby M CD collection of DJ fanfares - and efx - and themes - whch i will have with me in CD form - i like to LISTEN to them once in a while - especially the "Elvis has left the building" one !!
  10. LISTENING to all my wedding sound efx and clips and loops i am putting from MD's to Laptop via my back-up CD's - life is so wonderful when you are not the bride ????!! footnote#1 - uncovering many good songs that i forgot i had - like "bad Boy" (la la la la la) by Buster Poindexter - a cover of the origina by (MMMM) i forgot _
  11. listening to part of my 500 MD's i DJ with - trying to get them into my laptops - i kinda like my old stuff and remixes - gonna have fun listening to my stuff - nuff said - Gruff said so !!
  12. listening to my CW playlists on my 120G Zune - setting up background country music for my wife's daughter who is coming over for a cookout - setting it up on my Double-Sound-Bar system in the living room - i plan on having wall to wall CW music (non-stop) -(until someone complains) - and then we will "Flip-the-coin) to see what happens - footnote#1 - i DO have a "Two Headed US Nickel/Nickle/5 cent coin" - i always "win" -
  13. i have them - i LOVE them - and listen to them often in my ZUNE - i really don't quite understand John the Revelator - though - i have a bunch of different versions of it - footnote#1 - and - i just put them on - they sound great -
  14. my family is doing very well - and - my daughter is doing fine - and is cancer free - and has a wonderful husband now - she has my personality - lol - the rest of my family is just great - especially the 15 (fifteen) grand children !!!!
  15. Congrats - bobt - on your new family member - and "enjoy" your family - they are "Everything" -
  16. congrad's bobt - hope you can also listen to a Portable MD unit -or a Zune - or one of those i-pods while you work - is the job on the same island ??
  17. Omar Rodregez Lopez's 'Old Money" CD that was given to me by a clerk at the CD store = LOVE it - Omar is from Mars Volta - i was told by him - and he put out this "Instrumental" album that was rejected by Mars Volta- i LOVE the chaos in his arrangements - perhaps a bit too much chaos - footnote#1 - i wonder how this would sound going through my NEW Korg Kaoss Pad (KP3) - would it be like two negatives becoming a positive - or just DOUBLE the Chaos - well - anyhows - my new Skullcandy/Skullcrushers really LOVE this music - my head is "Vibrating" -
  18. i (rayzray) cannot really answer for him - but - i like to buy a few casssette players/recorders to play the used cassettes i buy so IF the cassette drags and puts a strain on the cassette mechanizm - i would rather ruin a cheap cassette player than my own good cassette players/recorders - for these little jobs that come up - you know like just goes on - even in the "Old World" of cassetteism -
  19. Listening to my 80G Zune with my NEW Skullcandy/Skullcrushers with The "Vibrating" sub-sonic sytem/sub-woofer - built in to the headset - and love how it vibrates my head and circulates the blood in my brains - this is a healthy situation !! footnote#1 - you know - out of my FOUR computers - i can only get on MDCF on only one of them - they others won't let me on your site - am i being punished for being me (rayzray) ??!! yesss - me (rayzray) also - ENJOY the Windham Hill Samplers - and always try to buy them up her in RI (USA) when i see them - you are sooooo lucky !! its it mostly guitar -r keyboards/piano !! or something other than those ??!! (just curious) - footnote#2 AND - OOPS#1 )) just found it in my CD Index - i DO have it - i will go in the cellar and dig it out - and put it on my Zune for a while - thanks for the thoughts and have a good day !!
  20. HBD Storm Shadow - (stay ahead of the Storm) !!
  21. I'm "Pumped" over this ------- that would have been a nice add to my 31 MD Decks - well - there ARE a couple of Tennie ones too -
  22. just when i tought our house was all set - my wife dicided to get NEW hardwood floors - it NEVER ends !! so - i guess i can say i am buying a Hard Wood floor - and gonna put a LOT of holes in it to route all my audio wires through -
  23. i recently watched Fight Club for the first time - didn't know it had a story and plot - i liked it - all i really wanted to do was see where the Fight Club "Rules" fit in -
  24. LISTENING to this NEW band (Ernie and the Automatics) that played LAST NIGHT in Foxboro- Ma and someone recorded thim and put it on the internet - and this guy/store (which i will not indulge) downloaded it - and played it when i went to his store - i liked it and he made me a fax of it - these guys are local guys - but one is the Sax player form the Beaver Brown band whech was in the move (mmmm -forgot the movie) - oh -( Eddie and the Cruisers ) - Ernie is Ernie Bach JR - who owns a car dealer here in Providence area - and is FAMOUS for his and his father's "Come on Dow" radio commercials - the drummer is from a famous national band and the guitarist - i think is Joe Sambouka - or something like that - yous know - the Famous guy - the great guitarist - the Father of all inventions on the guitar - maybe i can google them - but - at least i have THE audio of last night's concert already - what a great day - footnote and i also bought the Rolling stones LIVE (I-Max) DVD for tonight - after Ernie and the automatics - (get it - Automatics - Car Dealer - automatics ??!!) - this has been a good day - as i am already LISTENING to it - and LOVING it - the sax and gtr solos are AMAZZING !!!! footnote#2 - you know - now that i think of it - i may have some of the facts mixed up - we DID talk about TWO bands -
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