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  1. Does this player recognize COMMENT id3-tag? My tunes are described like this: ARTIST: Hybrid TITLE: Finished Symphony COMMENT: Deadmau5 RMX ... but NW-A3000 (SonicStage) ignores the COMMENT tag at all, so I am unable to distinguish (until played ofcourse) Club mix from Original mix. Can you see the COMMENT tag in the NWZA-8xx player PLZ?
  2. yaroukh


    I'm unable to transfer new/modified playlists with WinAmp 5.5... Together with following facts 1) that you can't have two tracks with identical name from the same artist (in two remixes) 2) and that you can't modify a playlist without having all the songs on PC that your DAP is connected to * ...this makes me heading back to SS. * I consider this one being a minor issue, SS has this limitation too (and it is heavily advanced in SS) Still I'd like to THANK to otisj for his effort! Too bad for me I can't make use of my Java knowledgde here, so I could extend ml_sony somehow. ) best regards Yaroukh
  3. yaroukh


    I'm facing following issue: When I'm looking for artists starting with "T" the player navigates to "The Buzzhorn". Before "The Buzzhorn" there is "Butthole Surfers" in the list, "Cabala" follows. When I move cursor to "Butthole Surfers" the letter above list changes from "T" to "B", when I move forward to "Cabala" it changes to "C". The cause is obvious IMO, I just don't know whether this behaviour has been reported already or not. (If it was then no reply is needed.) Have a nice day
  4. Is there a place where one could check the progress of things related to ml_sony development...? (ML_SONY on SourceForge seems to be dead, and this forum is far from healthy life as well.
  5. IMO WMP is for occasional listeners. And I tend to believe that WinAmp has more "Users" than WMP. I'm not talking about sole installations, I'm talking about people who LOVE music and who live with it, people who use listen to it couple of hours a day. I don't believe such people actually use WMP. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if overall number of tracks played with WinAmp is higher than for WMP. My vote goes against moving ml_sony development to WMP (not speaking about MediaMonkey, which I'm yet about to see, LOL...) Main reason is not enough otiasj-es.
  6. yaroukh


    Thanks for hint, Garth ----- ################ ################ Saving custom Database Success ################ ################ Saving Sony Database Failed ################ All done! -----
  7. yaroukh


    I get the libusb0.dll-error too, what am I supposed to do?
  8. Is it easy for you to locate the original mp3-tag within the OMA-file? I thought of some custom field (e.g. "MLSONYID") within an id3v2-tag that you could use for storing some hash of the original filename/location. (The mp3-tag of an original file could even remain unchanged.) If it is not a problem but it is CPU/time-expensive operation the pugin could do the check only when title+artist+album+trackno do match.
  9. I have a playlist on my player which contains (amongst others) following track: ARTIST: James Holden & Julie Thompson TITLE: Come To Me COMMENT: Club Mix BITRATE: 320 Then I heve created another playlist in WinAmp which contains 3 tracks, and one of them is this one: ARTIST: James Holden & Julie Thompson TITLE: Come To Me COMMENT: Holden's Amateur Guitar Mix BITRATE: VBR ... as you can see it differs from the previously mentioned track in the COMMENT and BITRATE field, the rest is identical. When transferring the later playlist (containing 3 tracks) into my player only 2 tracks are listed in the message-box and then transfered; the later track was ignored and in the resulting playlist on my player it has been replaced by the earlier version. I tend to believe it is not because of the VBR (as another track in the later playlist with VBR has been transfered without a problem), rather because of the identical ARTIST and TITLE fields. Am I right? (And if so, has the issue been reported already?) And how about http://code.google.com/ for ml_sony issue tracking?
  10. yaroukh


    THNX otiasj! Mea culpa... I shall remember that "music library" doesn't mean "winamp playlist window". P.S.: Bye-bye SS :oD
  11. yaroukh


    I feel stupid but I just can't get the plugin working at all. E:\ OMGAUDIO - 04CNTINF.DAT - nocode.txt OMGAUDIO2 // the backup Sending a song to E:Sony Walkman (which is listed in Winamp under "Devices") does nothing. Also I can't see a button "Apply" you've mentioned couple of times. I'm using WinAmp 5.33 with Media Library, ml_sony103.zip, Win2k. Any ideas PLZ?
  12. Hi Is there a way I could import downloaded tracks into an existing playlist on NW/A-3000 from a computer that is not my own (I don't have my library on it)? I thought I've read here that it could be possible from up to 5 different computers if I register my NW/A-3000. If it is so where I can register it PLZ? (I'm not on my "home" computer and also I don't have the install-CD and stuff shipped with player.) I'd prefer some official way, as I was not able to make GYM work in a reasonable time. yaroukh
  13. Because that way I wouldn't have to change way I hold the player in my hand. It is not quite comfortable for me to press the hold button after I use the three rounded ones ni the bottom of the front side of the player. Having the option in menu I would definetely make use of it.
  14. I do agree ... - "add to now playing" is my #1 wish - replace Genre field in "Now Playing" with Comment (like "Ozgur Can vs. Yilmaz RMX") - release FW source-code (I don't think anything of above listed will happen) - fix some more bugs in FW (sometimes the player won't wake up untill I reset it; fortunatelly the player doesn't get reset, it just starts to response to buttons so I can wake it up)
  15. <kidding>In case you wouldn't be able to complete your NW-A 3000, would you be so nice and send me the USB cable PLZ?</kidding> i second this, do it
  16. yaroukh

    Sony A series HDDs

    Do you think there's a possibility that some future FW update will add some of the functions you've mentioned? I've read your comment elsewhere saying something like "wait until late summer" (I don't remember exactly what was it concerned to); does this mean you have some inside-info source in Sony? Should we expect any future FW updates at all? Possibility to enqueue songs while playing would be a good start. Though I consider this function to be so crucial that I'm afraid that there is some reason for which NW-A doesn't support it. (?some bad fundamental FW-design?) This leads me to conclusion that we won't get this function at all even if we get some more FW updates ... 8[ (Also I would love my NW-A to display song comments from id3-tags as I use to store remixer-information in it.) (I do apologize for my poor english and for moving topic to the SW/FW issues ...)
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