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  1. Thanks! Those are so-called 2nd-generation. Tape Warehouse is using the old product number, though. See this thread:


    Two anecdotal claims of unreliable 1st-gen Hi-MD: Damage (post 11) claims trouble with 1st-generation Hi-MD blanks, and A440 in post 17.

    Drawbacks of 2nd generation are that the old flip-case is more protective (easily solved with buying new cases), and 1 anecdotal claim of higher mechanical noise of the operation of the 2nd-gen Hi-MD.

    So YMMV.

    I didn't know there were so many different types. The first ones I bought came in the big flip case, and were opaque black (if I'm remembering right).

    The ones I just received from Tape Warehouse were in a small slide case (much nicer) and the disk itself is a translucent blue.

    Is that enough to tell what gen they are? I could also look at the part number if that would help.

    Let me know.

    Mike M.

  2. I got the blue ones (I like them too)

    Sorry, I forgot to specify that apparently the 1st gen Hi-MD were opaque, dark blue or purple in color. Not sure, since I don't have any so I can't be certain.

    So you received 2nd-generation, translucent blue Hi-MD discs, or the former 1st-gen opaque dark blue/purple ones?

    The Tape Warehouse product number indicates 1st-gen Hi-MD discs, BTW, but they may have just not updated it.

  3. Part number 2724264569, under "digital audio" and "minidisc audio".

    The site uses frames, so I can't give an exact link.

    Have fun

    Mike M.

    Did you receive the 2nd-generation (blue, translucent) Hi-MD or the old style discs?


  4. Wow. That is not too bad and way better than AudioCubes' pricing. Does Price Japan's inventory always stay the same or do they add (or remove) things occasionally?

    I'm guessing Price Japan doesn't have any inventory and plans to order the unit after they have a buyer?

  5. I will try and complete my review on the Intec 205 series and post it as soon as it's ready.

    Yay! Let us know what settings and connections need to be made for the whole system to operate the timer record function. I'm hoping it is relatively straightforward.

  6. I just checked PJ again and they've got all the good stuff listed indeed, both decks and the bookshelf unit. I think I'll save some money for the X-B8 in the new year; would be nice in the bedroom. Which colour did you go for garcou? Black or white? Now both Richiyu and you will own one. I get this feeling too that Hi-MD is doing better than expected of all, and that export is booming. Kaneda is quite busy I reckon...

    Thanks to your verifying the timer functions, I ordered the Onkyo Intec275 series (minus CD player & speakers) A-933 Pre-main Amp, MD-133 Hi-MD deck , and T-433 tuner. Of course in the U.S. I need a step-down transformer to 100V.

    And if Onkyo has discontinued Hi-MD (I appear to have bought the last Intec275 units from Amazon Japan, which is now out of stock), this deck better last as long as my old Sony MDS-E12 workhorse (still going). But now that I've spend all the money to get this thing here, watch Sony release a pro deck.

    I am on edge until I get the units in my hands, hopefully they will make it here safely!

  7. Not all systems use the switch function for timing. There's a timer function on the tuner module, which you can see if you scroll down a little. That probably controls recording and timer play using an internal clock. These integrated systems usually use that method - meaning you don't need (or can't use) an external timer. The number of programs can be limited though. Of course no-one will really know until it's released....

    If these Onkyo systems have a timer function (as it seems they do), then I can finally replace the old MDS-E12, and do my timer recordings on a 1GB MD in Hi-SP (ATRAC3plus at 256 kbps), rather than legacy LP4 (ATRAC3 at 66 kbps). As a bonus, that gives me 7 hours 55 minutes of stereo recording versus 5 hours and 20 minutes of mono.

    So I've ordered them from Japan and will be sure to take pictures and post how (if) the timer function works.

    As I understand it, one needs the pre/main amp and the tuner along with the Hi-MD deck for this to function.

    Just hope they arrive soon, and in good condition!

  8. AFAIK, the lossless ATRAC format only works losslessly (is that a word?) on the PC. It creates a file that is a wrapper around 2 parts-- the lossless portion and a normal MD-compatible format (which is why you can choose Lossless 256/64/etc). It will only transfer the lossy portion to the MD unit. (assuming that since it's portable you don't need the fidelity?)

    Well, can I transfer wav as uncompressed PCM to the MD? Or is that only for recording directly with the Hi-MD unit via the microphone?

  9. Okay, I can encode my wav to lossless ATRAC. Then I want to transfer to the Hi-MD, but files end up as Hi-SP.

    Is lossless ATRAC only writable to CD and not MD?

    Sorry for the silly question, still working on learning what I can do with Hi-MD, Sonic Stage, etc.

    I noticed I have several encoding rates available in the software but not in my manual. Is there are definitive list and description of all of them?


  10. As long as we are dreaming...

    Hi-MD car deck with features like the 800REC, mainly

    -- recording and editing functions,

    and new features such as

    -- digital radio reception including subchannels

    -- variable speed playback up to, say, 200x or 250x original with pitch-control.

    Pro Hi-MD deck with features like the MDS-E12 ...

    -- REC timer function (internal calendar and clock)

    -- time stamp on recording

    -- coaxial and optical digital inputs

    -- optional balanced audio in/out

    AND something the E12 never had,

    -- variable speed playback up to, say, 200x or 250x original with pitch-control.

  11. I had some Sony earbuds with a long cord that finally broke.

    So I purchased Sony MDR-E829V with a 1.0m (39 3/8") cord.

    I discovered the short cord won't reach to where I sit (from my floor standing tower computer). I need at least 1.5m.

    Please recommend where to find/buy a cord extender (male-terminated mini plug to female-terminated mini-plug connector), or what model Sony earbuds have at least a 1.5m (59") cable.

    AFAIK these are not what are called "in-ear," these sit outside of the ear canal. Please no in-ear models, or ones that wrap-around the back of the ear... just run of the mill Sony earbuds.

    (Minidisc content: BTW, I am patiently awaiting my MZ-RH1.)


  12. 3rd gen wishlist:

    I want a portable Hi-MD pro unit that does this--

    1. Functionality of fast playback (up to 2x or so) with pitch control, operational on MP3 and ATRAC.

    2. Display can be toggled to show time and date (DD-MM-YYYY) of recording as on the old pro units.

    3. Speaker integrated into unit.

    4. Can use AA batteries in a pinch.

    And a Hi-MD deck with timer record function. This would get me to replace my E12 finally.

    And while I'm dreaming, a car unit. With record/edit capability. Ha!

  13. I was wondering the exact same thing, sounds promising to me. Must be waiting for more confirmation??


    Yep, I need the pro stuff. My criteria are a bit different, so here goes:

    1) the ability of a base station or deck to switch on and record from line-in unattended, on a single disc up to 6 hours (we're almost there with MDLP). This I accomplish with my E12, yay! So far, can't do this with HiMD.

    2) The ability to walk into the room with the base station, eject the recorded disc, replace with a blank disc, then exit the room within 30 seconds.

    3) A portable player with pitch-controlled fast playback up to 2x or 2.2x, listenable on headphones or external speaker if there are others present who wish to listen. This I use my MZ-B10 for, yay! (There are apparently 2 discontinued HiMD portables that had fast playback but no integrated speakers, so I could compromise on that, if I can find any new units with fast playback.)

    I'm attempting to duplicate this with a PC base station, but (1) PC will have to be continually operational, and (2) the method of writing to portable media format (e.g. burn CD) or transferring to the portable (over USB) can take 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds. And then, (3) no portable player that I know of possesses the ability to speed up playback of CDs or MP3s. The only alternative is to use RealPlayer and Enounce 2xav on my PC to re-record the program in real time (yuk) which means that 6 hours needs 3 hours to re-encode. And then you cannot slow it down-- it's sped-up permanently at a set rate. TotalRecorder has a kludge that takes 5 minutes to accomplish, and does speed up the program (again, permanently at a set rate) but without pitch control. So this is not a total dry hole but it's nowhere near as convenient as MD yet.

    Even with the HiMD portables with fast playback, I still have to take the MP3 off the computer (can Total Recorder use ATRAC???) and convert it to ATRAC before transfer because those portable HiMD don't support MP3. So there's some more user intervention required.

    Bottom line, I seem to be stuck with legacy MD until the Edirol or like unit can do fast playback of MP3s on removable media. Or if Sony gives us some good pro Hi-MD gear.

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