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  1. for example adjusting volume,or other tricks...
  2. Hi, du u know how to upload volume on this model? i think i have european version and the sound rather weak...how can i solve this problem? maybe u know some cade in service mode?
  3. Hello i have n10 it is very good,but rather low volume....can u help me,how can i increase volume,may be i have european version of device and it has limitation? how to cancel such limit?
  4. I have record problem on my mz-n10...after recording it shows blankdisk!!! but the ribbon cable on record lens isn't broken! a clean lens....what can u advice me to do?
  5. Lenskiy

    Please Help!

    My Mz-N10 has lost his ability to record...i have read many marerials on this forum,so i assort my md and see that riccon on record lens isn't broken?! i don't know what to do.....(((( My warranty was expired...and it is very expensive in Russia to fix md in service center((( What can u advice me?
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