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  1. As I own both units I´d recommend the RH710 if you don´t need a field recorder. Although it´s also made of plastic the unit has a much higher build quality (polished, shiny coating on the lid) and more gadget fame than the NH700. If you choose the european version multiple sources for music recordings are provided (USB/ analog/ optical). In terms of sound the RH710 is a bit bassier and mp3 direct playback is really much better than just acceptable!
  2. Last Friday i was unconsciously submitted by a pocket control in subway. The secret tester found my beloved Aiwa AM-NX1 unit in black. He took the recorder (including my favourite mixtape "eat dust harmony addicted") home for further research... Two days have gone and I´m missing this special unit! Is there anybody out there willing to sell his or hers to me? Is there anybody who can manage to obtain one? Being located in Germany I can offer payment by EU-Bank transfer or paypal. I´m thankful for every offer -> a positive note in my diary will be guaranteed!
  3. ...there´s a black one at ebay.co.uk. Maybe the seller can be persuaded to ship it internationally.
  4. Is there anybody out there left offering colourful blanks?[ I can offer different blanks (TDK "Clef", TDK "Pro"EU-version, Comm Alliance "Chum", etc. ...) Diary entry for every reply!
  5. Well, I guess this question has been asked several times before but after a while of scanning threads without a result I dare to ask again... Does anyone know if it´s possible charging a (UK specified) Sony NH700 with a power device of my RH10 in Germany? It´s the "world tourist" 3V AC Power Adaptor version (AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 5w 8-12VA). Thanks for any reply preventing me from causing a meltdown!
  6. follow the link and you´ll find a SONY MZ-DH10P with digital camera for 219$ only!!!
  7. Alternative status symbols to show off found on a fleamarket in Berlin last weekend: anyone who´s able to survive Moon Patrol for 5 Levels is challenged!
  8. yoko ono??? ...a top 20 lecture of good taste: The Smiths The Notwist The Robocop Kraus Erlend Oye The Rakes Zoot Woman Tocotronic casiotone for the painfully alone Console The Rapture Supersystem/ El Guapo Graham Coxon Kasabian Rocky Votolato Kraftwerk Ben Folds VHS or Beta Art of Fighting Spillsbury Malcom Middleton
  9. Hi, yesterday I got an offer for a Sony RH10 bought in Asia. Can anybody tell me if asian language can be changed into western languages? thx for any reply!
  10. Having captured some packs of hard to find TDK Colour I can offer 5 discs for 12€ + shipping (pls ask for your country´s shipping fee) ...items can be paid by european bank transfer, cash in registered envelope or (preferred) by trading other collectable discs send me a pm if you´re interested
  11. ciao, conosco due negozi che trasportano Sony Neige in Italia: http://bluetin.com/stores/europe/shop.html (2€ per disc) http://www.digital-e-uk.com Bluetin accetta i trasferimenti bancari locali
  12. I couldn´t pass this adhesive tape without buying yesterday saying: "Die Schönheit und Tragik des Lebens umfassen" ->"clasping the beauty and tragedy of life"
  13. I´ve bought 6 albums this week: - Casiotone for the painfully alone "twinkle echo" - Kasabian "Kasabian" - Lali Puna "I thought I was over it" - Erlend Øye "dj-kicks" - Komëit "falling into place" - Supersystem "always never agin"
  14. Thx for your replies. I´d have guessed the player is a clone. A comparison of Kenwoods and +-0 MD/DVD components seem to make sense, too! Do you know which of SHARP´s models is sharing the parts? Unfortunately the linked pmz-store hides all interesting information behind asian letters (even the contact button is encoded). But if we believe the follwing link the MD-Player was made in 2004 -> http://www.designspotter.com/weblog/archiv...video/index.php
  15. Today I rushed into the homepage of plusminuszero. Does anybody know specificfations about this player. As being addicted to minimalistic design I´d really like to know more about it. Especially where to buy it outside of Japan... thanks for any information!
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