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  1. Finally! A thread I can hijack for showing of my new CD/MD car stereo and give my flaming word of advise to buy a radio that features Minidisc... show of 1st: If your car really is a 80s communist Skoda model you need a retro stereo - I´d suggest a Becker Pro MD Modell: (or the Mexico Retro with an interface for portables:)
  2. I have traded several discs with Sami in a very quick and smooth transaction. Communication was great and the discs arrived Germany intact and in excellent condition! Sami is highly recommended to everyone over here!
  3. sorry, I´ve overlooked "headphones"... What about those low budget 1-Bit units? Were they equipped with 4 pole phones? They usually sell for little money on ebay.
  4. Sharp ad-D1AC http://bluetin.com/catalog/sharp.html
  5. I´m a proud owner of a Panasonic SJ-MJ97 but don´t have any idea what type of battery is required to run this unit. Any experts around? (a normal NI-MH gumstick doesn´t fit)
  6. I have bought a Sharp ad-D1AC for the use on my DR77. To be honest I can´t hear any big difference in sound without using it. If you want to be on safe side you can still get these 4 to 3 pole adapters at Bluetin.com (Japan section/ accessories).
  7. Hi, unfortunately the N10 cradle doesn´t match to your N1. To save time by avoiding realtime recordings you could ask ebay member "mute-electronics" for a cradle (he´s selling MD related spare parts) or watch out for cheap defective recorders with complete accessories.
  8. Bluetin.com! Excellent service and payment by transfer to a european bank (using iban/bic).
  9. Welcome to the world of Minidisc your Aiwa NetMD unit is a rebadged Sony downloader. You can download the current Sonic Stage software (for music transfers) here: http://www.sony.co.uk/article/id/1154694485490
  10. We are Krauts. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and ethnolocial distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile. I´d be interested in SHARP Auvi Players/ Recorders, a Sony MZ-E710 or a JVC XM-C3 and willing to pay up to 80$
  11. I´ve bought my 2nd Eero Saarinen Tulip Armchair yesterday at a furniture 2nd hand store.
  12. 8url9 ...and if your quick ebay has the matching charging cradle (shipped international): CLICK
  13. Received two packs of blanks from Ziggy today. A diary entry for nice communication, fast shipping from Canada and 100% reliability! Would always deal with Ziggy again! --Dankeschön--
  14. Received a pack of blanks; nice communication and superfast shipping from Japan! Thank you very much!
  15. The boxes are made by ebest, a german manufacturer for Nintendo storages. It can hold a MZ-RH10 unit perfectly. The inlet is made of foam (with two gaps) and can be trimmed for other units and related accessories.
  16. It´s a box made for the Gameboy Advance SP - will send more information later...
  17. I´m using feltbags for my recorders - they´re equipped with Velco fasteners and can be worn on a belt: When travelling I use little boxes to protect them:
  18. Audiocubes2 has them for 29$ (+10$ shipping)... CLICK
  19. PriceJapan is indeed a good idea. Sometimes it´s also worth a try asking the guys at Bluetin.com (Japan Store) to manage to obtain a model. Compared to PriceJapan you´d save the service charge if they´re able to add it to their offers...
  20. Anyone interested in an original Sony 3V power adaptor/ charger? specifications: - model#: AC-ES3010K - plug: YP13 (vertical flat blades) - input: AC 100V 50/60 Hz 8VA - output: DC3V 1A It came with a MZ-E620 unit and I never had the chance to use it because it would deserve a lot of strength to ram it into a german socket...
  21. What about these? NH700 (used) Item number: 260248925719 (ebay) NH800 (new) Item number: 370056817845
  22. Yeah, you shouldn´t give it up! Although the MZ-N1has seen a few years it´s still a sexy little machine and it sounds magnificent!
  23. Thanks for your respond and your nice offer, Guitarfxr! I just rushed into it because I wanted this thread to be closed ->after a few days of no answers inpatience made me bidding on a near mint & complete unit on ebay which I have won for astonishing 25€ last weekend...
  24. Anybody out there who wants to get rid of this unit? Doesn´t need to be in mint condition; just asking for a unit + charging cradle without further equipment and major scratches. Thanks for any offer!
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