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  1. For my Sony MDS-B3, I have build 2 remotes : 1/ The first one, very basic, is made of swithes and leds and the box needs to be connected to the MD by the rear DB25 connector. It works fine with almost all the fonctions of the front panel but you have a cable 2/ The second one has an programmable infrared interface ( very easy and cheap to build ) connected to the rear DB25 connector and can be used thru any Philips or Sony infrared remote control I use it with my Sony MDS-JB940 remote control. If anybody is interested, let me know. Pascal
  2. Hello, I'm new on this forum. I have a Sony MDS-B3. Perhaps somebody will be interested in the service manual but I don't know how to upload it for the community. You can download it from my internet provider : http://pas.voisin.free.fr/Sony_MDS-B3/sony...vice_manual.pdf Pascal
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