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  1. Koo


    Doesn't work with 5.35. It works with 5.33. Don't know if ml_sony works with nwa808.
  2. Koo


    Problem solved. Downgraded to winamp 5.33. Sorry for the forum space. Should have searched better.
  3. Koo


    Hello, have a problem. The apply button does not appear anymore. I used ml_sony for several months with no problems at all, I know how to use it, always worked. A while ago I reinstalled windows xp and had to reinstall winamp as well (version 5.35 now). But I'm not sure if it stopped to work because of this. I could play the songs on the device via ml, also could download and delete them, but couldn't add any new songs. I initialized, replaced all the necessary files, replaced ml_sony plugin file. It is still not working. A friend also uses ml_sony, and she suddenly has the same problem, apply button does not appear and the config button does not show any info window. Not sure which version of winamp she has. I stupidly deleted the log file, in my quest to reset evrything. Don't know how to make a screenshot, if necessary, I will find out. Has it to do with new winamp version 5.35? And when it does, where can I find an older version, and which version do I need? Someone else had this problem? Thanks in advance! Edit: OK, it is the winamp version. Should have read the link of otiasj earlier, just right above. Try to find an older version now.
  4. Koo

    Portable Winamp

    This is a link where you can download Portable Winamp (5.1). You will have to register (free) though. Link: Portable Winamp 5.1 at NO-INSTALL.COM
  5. Koo


    Hey, Beware, this is a piece of bottom kissing. Half a year ago, I bought this sony music player (nw-a3000). I was completely stunned by the design. Then the use of software, fnck, what a piece of crap. I immediately tried to find an alternative, found ml_sony, did not work in the beginning (messed up database all the time), got back to "piece of crap". Then, after a long while, I was really fed up with "piece of crap" and tried this "piece of relief" again. And now it works all the time! I updated the database already 6 times and nothing went wrong, no idea why it works this good suddenly. I love it! I am really keen to try the new version you (otiasj) are working on. You can make a lot of people as happy as me, I think you can even boost sales for sony if ml spreads around, haha. Thanks! Koo
  6. This did the trick for me! Thanks a lot! How could someone ever find this out?!
  7. Hey, solved my problem! Had to do with reinstall of windows xp. Found the answer in a link posted somewhere else on this forum, but now I can't find it anymore. It had to do with deamon tools not working properly anymore after the reinstall. The driver (SPTD) for the virtual cd-rom messed up with the driveletters. This driver is sometimes also found in antivirus and other programs. This was how it worked: -Restart in 'safemode' -press 'start' -press 'run' -type 'regedit' press enter -goto: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\SERVICES\sptd -set startvalue of DWORD to 4 (disable, set to 0 to enable it again) -restart and my problem was solved! ok, found the thread: http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?...pic=2553&hl This is the link posted: http://www.softwaretipsandtricks.com/.....ive-letter.html
  8. My nw-a3000 doesn't show at all anymore. Someone please help. Tried to update the driver, tried to initialize, tried to reset. Nothing works. I can see it in the device manager tree, it is shown as a SONY HDD mass storage device under usb components. But there is no drive letter! How can I assign a drive letter to it? Many thanks in advance...
  9. Too bad... Thanks for the reaction.
  10. Hey there, In the quest of searching an alternative for sonicstage/connect, I found this little program: iTunes Agent. I haven't found any topic about this here yet, so if there is: direct me to it please. This is the programs website: http://ita.sourceforge.net It can sychronize iTunes with non-Ipod players. I am not sure yet how it works. It is supposed to be compatible with psp's and walkman phones. I wondered if anybody tried if it works with an nw-a3000\1000 or any regular walkman player.
  11. Koo


    So...I am very interested in this project but am a complete programming nitwit. I was curious if ml_sony is still develloping. I used the plugin several times, worked ok, but after a while the allready known issues come up. Obvious, when it works, it will make sony digitalmusic plyer owners very, I mean incredibly cheerful. Keep up the good work, Otiasj and Juppe!
  12. Oh, such cute icons. Thank you!
  13. Koo


    ok, good luck and thanks, otiasj. I am looking forward to test and use the new plugin.
  14. Koo


    use: nw-a3000 Ah, well, I have to come back on the 'no problem' part. I do have a problem or a bug. Don't know if it corresponds with previous reports. I found no resembling ones. When I disconnected my walkman for the first time after using ml_sony, names of artists and albums appeared correct. However after deleting some songs from the walkman with ml_sony, the library got totally mixed up. For example: When I went to the artist 'AIR' and saw the list of albums, it showed only the album 'ZITILITIES' this is from another artist. As I went to other artists, they all showed only the album 'zitilities'. When I entered the list directly via 'Go to Album", it showed a proper list of all the albums, correct. In winamp, the library on the player looks correct. Selected tracks are displayed correct with artist-names and album-names in the now playing window of the walkman. I tried to delete the .DAT files (except for THE one), and deleted a song afterwards with ml_sony, but still the problem there. Do I need to initialize and create a new library? note: when disconnected after using ml_sony, the walkman builds up the library and shows a message: 'connect complient software'. This never shows when starting it up normally.(I don't mind, but maybe it has something to do with it) I am an almost complete nitwit in software knowledge (know how to use it), but i'd like to help, and this piece called ml_sony was thrown in front of my feet as a chunk of gold. Thanks very much, hope someone has a solution!
  15. Koo


    Hey, Just want to compliment and thank you all (otiasj and the bugreporters!) for developing this extremely usefull plugin for winamp. It made my nw-a3000 shine like it never did before. Reasons are quite clear I think. I have had no problems, and I have no major or tiny irritations to write. Uploaded allmost my complete music collection to my devise with this plugin, lasted 4 and a half hours, but it was my pleasure You can take this to a very high level I think. This tiny plugin works ten times more intuitive than all the sony software, even a complete morron can install and use this much more easy than sony's software. Keep up the very good work!!
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