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  1. Fguilo

    atrac3 to mp3

    Hi all. I'd like to know if there is a way to use atrac3 in minidisc transfer for mac cause mp3 is bad on rh-10 If we can't it's a shame, but if it is possible, which soft can convert my mp3s (and oggs) to atrac3 Thanks
  2. Here is a method that rely on free virtualization soft but requires a windows cd: A solution to Hi-MD under Linux I have tested and it works great
  3. Hi all !! I own a MZ-RH910 and want it to work under My Linux system. Who already got a Hi-MD player work under Linux (for transferring tracks, not as an external disk) ? If someone did, How ? I read that an english guy did. I can't manage it to work under wine emulation. is it possible with CrossOver ? Does Mp3 File Manager work with Mz-Rh910 ? If yes i'd like to try emulating it. Thanks
  4. I've got the same problem with a line-in recording !!!
  5. Hi all ! I discovered that SS 3.3 introcuded new bitrates. Wanting to test them, I ripped some CD tracks but impossible to transfer to MZ-RH910 Where is the problem ? If none, how to force SS transferring tracks at those bitrates, i'm sure that the formware of the MD can read Atrac3Plus at any bitrates as it's written in the manual. It would be great to start cracking SonicStage as Sony want to abandon it. Thanks
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