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  1. I've had my a808 for 2 weeks and with my Sensa 2Xs there is no need for me to play around with the EQ. Very nice option to have, but so far I have only played around with it. I keep the EQ flat. Regards - reynman
  2. juli, I am glad you found out what was wrong and the seller is sending you a new one. I've had my a808 and case for about 2 weeks and had no problems. Regards - reynman
  3. TBR, Reaching out to the VP brotherhood, nice! As I said in the MD forums, been using mine for 2 years and have upgraded to SS 4.3 no problems whatsoever. Yesterday, I dropped it (VP and dock) about 3 feet!!!. I had it in our MPV. I did not secure it in my pocket and my youngest son kicked it out my pocket. Lesson learned. Bring VP in house first then son or is it vice versa!!!!
  4. Just checked the tracking number and the package is in Chicago going through customs, just a couple of more days. Even though I use my Sensaphonic 2X-S IEMs exclusively, I splurged and bought the Yuin PK2 earbuds. Had some great impressions and reviews on head-fi and other sites. Hopefully it something that replaces my long departed 888s or Senn MX500. Stay tuned... Regards - reynman
  5. I ordered the a808 in black with a clear case off of Ebay. Hopefully, it will get here while I'm on vacation next week!
  6. Thanks for the replies. I've checked all the links here and whatever is available on the web. I am definitely sold on the 808. I think I'll go the Ebay route. There are quite a few Japanese 808s FS. I've owned a Japan R900 MD so I won't think it will be a problem with coming here to the US. Now the question is violet or black or the rare silver? Silicone or leather case? My HD1 (RIP) along with my portable headphone amp and Sensaphonics 2XS IEMs were total audio bliss. The RH1 and the Sensas are a great combo, but 1G not enough for me. The Vaio still gets a workout at home, but I don't feel like carrying it around with me . My wife has my e507 and she's not letting go of it any time soon. I need a new toy...808 here I come. To be continued.... Regards - reynman
  7. I've been enjoying my RH1, but find that 1G is not enough for my uses through out the day - commute, lunch, workout. I doubt a higher capacity MD is going to be made so enter the A808....but of course Sony USA doesn't know when/if its coming to our shores. I am willing to overpay for the A808 (read importing). I have been in contact with a couple of UK vendors and I am almost ready to pull the trigger, but I have some questions. I am leery about my version of SS 4.3 (N. America??? Will it be compatible with an imported A808? Will I be able to use the AC-U50A charger? It is available on the Sony US website. Using the USB port to charge the A808 is no biggee. Any other pieces of advice before I take the leap? Regards - Rey
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