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  1. I mean, do ou always have to get the remote for scrolling from one album to another? I know there´s a Forward and Back Button on the unit. Does it pull out like on newer sony mp3 products in order to perform double function (track(album selection)? Miguel
  2. A few years ago with a Mz-N1 I had a strage problem. MD´s I would pop into the unit would be rendered blanck and I lost some significant amount of recordings on the course of it´s rebellion. I believe it was due to some kind of mulfunction on the unit (perhaps the laser). The screen would only display "blank disc", even if I had just finished recording and was Toc-editing. These are very fragile machines, considering we use it for recording, editing and also casual or frquent listening. Either way, there is a lot of moving parts and I know a bunch of friends and others who also had problems in their MD units. Some from missuse, some not. My point being, even being newer, if it´s showing any signs of bad behaviour watchout for important or irreplaceble data/recordings you may have. Perhaps clone it, back it up whatever. Not being apocalyptical. Just a thought.
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