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  1. Hi, I am from Bangalore, India. Desperately looking for SonicStage that can work on Windows 7 or Ubuntu or Apple Mac. Please help! The download does not work for me. Getting a broken link error.
  2. Works like a charm for me. No problems so far. About 5 months of usage.
  3. This was a small pub/bar with a makeshift stage in front of one of the long couches on one side of the room. Sound was mostly off the stage direct, with only vocals and mild amounts of the instruments on the PA. How far is mostly determined by where you can hear the best sound. Usually this is very close to the mixing desk. After that, irrespective of how loud it is at that point, you can use the manual rec level setting to get the peaks in between the -12 dB and the 0dB marks on your MD Recorder. I hope I've understood your question correctly?
  4. Have begun download. Great work! Thanks.
  5. Yeah, that would be uber cool. But, I'm sure people will then want to decide how many min left should trigger this. Some people may want it to trigger at 10 min left or something. So, it becomes very arbitrary if not completely flexible?
  6. The one-point stereo microphone. I'm currently scrounging up to buy a decent set of binaurals... Hahahaha, indeed. I have the stereo microphones that have both mics on one single mounting. So, I guess I will have to scrounge up to buy a good pair of binaurals before I can rectify this.
  7. Hi all, After owning my RH1 for the past 3 months, I finally managed to record a live gig. Lessons learnt from the evening out: 1) Try to position the mic at head level. 2) Get a good seat. 3) Prepare for the entire evening before hand. This includes knowing where you blanks are, how much time you have left on your current disc etc. 4) Always prepare for an encore. 5) A good source matters. If the sound engineer has mixed the output well, then 90% of your job is done. Have a listen: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?act=m...si&img=3526
  8. What works great for me is this pair of tights that has a pocket sown in with a zipper at the back, level with the base of my spine (or slightly below that LOL). As it is flush against the body, and located at a place which doesn't swing much when you walk/run, it works great for me. Maybe you could try sowing in a pocket at this point?
  9. Finally got around to hacking my RH710 after procrastinating on this for many months. However, I switched to 20 from A0 instead of 24, so that I could still edit track titles. Do I lose any functionality (or could any other problem arise) because of the 20 (US/Can) setting?
  10. Another important query: I also have an RH710. Will SS 4.0 work just fine with that unit as well?
  11. I've never heard this band before. What kind of music do they play? *scoots off to Wikipedia* Getting the torrent presently. 4 seeds and counting. Thanks.
  12. Either way, i have to upgrade from my MDCF downloaded SS 3.4. Would you recommend one over the other? Or is the same whether I upgrade to the SS 3.4 that came with the RH1 or the SS 4.0? Also, any more things I should be doing beforehand (other than what I mentioned in the initial post)? THanks for your help Richyhu.
  13. So, if I don't use Connect there's no problem right? MP3s on my computer that I import and transfer to an MD disc (80 min) won't be affected?
  14. From what I understand SS 4.0 in combination with the RH1 achieves higher transfer speeds, is that correct? I really don't need SS 4.0 for legacy upload because I'm a Hi-MD era user. So, if the higher transfer speeds is not true, then I won't be upgrading I guess. What's a BSOD? And, if I may ask, why did you choose to upgrade?
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