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  1. I had good hearing, then my hearing changed as I started speaking with Agent Smith, but then he changed it back luckily. Normal hearing sounds bad. Everything sounds like it was limited by reality. Agent Smith says he's God. Pretty strange but it's the truth. I mean why can't God just be this Agent Smith guy?
  2. It seems you don't beleive me when I say that my hearing changed. I know all about LP4, I always strive to get better sound quality. This has to do with your hearing the way you percieve music in your brain. I'm just speaking from personal experience and it's an interesing phenomena so I thought I'd post it. My main point is that my minidisc sound TERRIBLE with 'normal' hearing...
  3. This is completely the truth and it makes a huge difference. I could not bear my minidisc player when I had 'normal' real hearing. Do you think you have real hearing, is it bad or it good? All I can say is Agent Smith changes your hearing...
  4. Another factor of good sound quality has to do with your hearing. I heard a seriously terrible version of hearing, this is no lie, while I was in hospital, I think alot of people I'm guessing might have this where everything sounded bad no matter what I listened to. I seriously hated my Mz-nh1 for a while. No one believes me though... I guess you'd have to be lucky to get it.
  5. I've noticed when the RH1 is connected to a computer it recharges whenever it's connected. If the battery is not fully depleted and recharges at this time does it shorten the life of the battery?
  6. I don't like HD devices. I bought an ipod twice and sold it twice because the sound seemed to lose it's life but whereas the MZ-NH1 seemed to add more life to the songs, I think mainly because of the HD amp. I'm happy with the MZ-RH1 too, the sound seems divided by two sides giving a bigger scope whereas the MZ-NH1 seems more slim fat. This only applies with using simpleburner, not sonicstage... another advantage of md is the 1G discs, you get to listen to what you want rathar than randomly picking a song from a giant group. So I like 1G discs best.
  7. I've got both and after listening to the RH1 I thought it sounded great, but then I went back to the NH1 and realised it sounded better. I'd always been very pleased by the NH1 which is why I had to buy another before it went away and now I'm glad I did. Usually discman's and minidiscs sound like what they look... even though the RH1 looks better the NH1 sounds better. Another thing... Agent Smith changed the HD amp in one of my NH1's with an even better HD amp.
  8. I still don't know if I should redo my minidiscs using simpleburner. I don't like using sonicstage because the sound seems disintegrated and dark even though it has a higher 352 bitrate. I was really happy with my 256 kbps recordings using simpleburner from before. It seemed great (dynamic and clear) especially with the HD amp. I just don't like the sound coming from songs stored off of a computer. Should I change it or stick with 352kbps?
  9. I think there is a difference since putting music onto sonicstage stores it on the computer rathar than it going from straight from cd to minidisc. Which is better for sound quality? When using MD simple burner the sound of it is more musical but sonicstage gives a more interesting computer effect which makes me think this is how the track is supposed to sound. I don't know.
  10. Is it better to have atrac3plus at 256/292 kbps or atrac at 356kbps for sound quality? I think an mp3 sound type lossy sound would suit the Mz-RH1 so I might stick with 356kbps...
  11. Is sony going to release an upgraded version of the Sony 888 or are they going to be discarded? These headphones are really good I think. Sony should definately release these more expensive fontopia style headphones. People should push for these. I better buy a couple in case they start disappearing... what I mean is, sony shouldn't hold back making this type of headphone just because people may not buy them and there aren't enough audiophiles looking for them. There should be a more expensive higher quality fontopia type headphone for the sake of better audio quality from them. What's the point of having expensive minidisc players with HD amps in them if there aren't going to be a really good headphone for them? And the 888's are really good, quality wise. I think they standout from other headphones because they have a more 'real' sound.
  12. My Webpage Maybe it's just the Australian version.
  13. It can play up to 132kbps but not 256. I checked on sony's website. It records at 256 but it cannot play it. This means if I buy one I will have to record at the highest 'atrac' rate. Does this mean I cannot use 1G minidiscs?
  14. I'm afraid it's too time consuming...
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