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  1. As soon as I got home from work this evening, I experimented with the RM-MC33 & 53EL models. The bad news is that the RM-MC53EL is definitely faulty. I tested out my Shure E4C headphones on several audio sources and they performed as expected. The good news is that I was able to connect the RM-MC33 remote control to my D-NE20, and it functions!! I have not tested the remote out thoroughly, however I was able to flip between tracks, adjust EQ, and volume. At least now I'll be able to continue using my D-NE20! Does anyone know where I can find a new RM-MC53EL remote for under $40 shipped? I paid $75 for my D-NE20 NIB on eBay in January of 2007, spending more than that just for the remote is ridiculous! One dealer I've found wants $90 for the RM-MC53EL alone!! RIP OFF!! How I wish that Sony did not abandon their CD Walkman line. ;( Looks like I will have to break down and buy a DAP soon. Milan
  2. Howdy, I've recently started having issues with my D-NE20 & its RM-MC53EL remote. For unknown reasons, the right channel cuts out whenever I am in motion. My D-NE20 was purchased NIB back in January of 2007. I believe that the issue has something to go with the contacts of the '53EL' remote. I've used a pressurized air duster to remove any dirt build up around the headphone contacts of the RM-MC53EL remote and no luck. I had a similar issue with an old CD Walkman that I purchased in 2001. In 2004, the remote started to short out, which in turn caused both audio channels to cut out from time to time. I've taken great care of my D-NE20 and am extremely disappointed that it's starting to fail after less than 18 months of use. BTW, I have 2 spare RM-MC33EL (D-NE10 generation) remotes. Will these function with the D-NE20? I'd appreciate any assistance! Thank You, Milan
  3. Howdy, According to the D-NE20 manual, you have to charge/deplete/charge the battery several times to obtain full capacity. Milan
  4. Howdy, I read over at Head-Fi that CD Walkman G Protection causes Redbook audio to be compressed in order to provide adequate anti shock functionality. I'd like to know if this is true, and if so, how much information is lost using G Protection 1 ? Would it be possible to completely disable G Protection on the D-NE20? Milan
  5. Howdy, About 3 weeks ago I got a Brand New D-NE20 on eBay for $75 shipped. I had been using a refurbished D-NE900 for the last 15 months. I feel that the D-NE20 blows the 900 away in terms of sound quality, and functionality. Much stronger bass response. I'm also able to hear details with the NE20 that I could not hear with the D-NE900, using my Shure E4C IEMs. Last week I also won a D-NE10 for a measly $27 shipped on eBay. I plan to keep this unit in the box until the unfortunate time that my D-NE20 dies. I figure that since Sony no longer produces high end PCDPs that I should stock up on NIB players. I am hoping to get the D-NE920, but it seems to be the rarest of the bunch. I had a D-NE920 back in the spring of 2005 but it died an early death as a result of an accident. I remember the D-NE920 being a very nice player and recommend it due to the good SQ and the nice LCD screen on the face of the unit. Good luck and I definitely recommend importing a Japanese or North American unit to get around the volume limitation BS. Milan
  6. rockphantom

    2007 PCDP?

    Howdy, Does anyone know if Sony has any plans to introduce a new 2007 line of PCDPs? I am starting to give up hope on any future models that will be capable of replacing the D-NE920 and D-NE20. Milan
  7. I had a DNE920 for 3 months and then it broke, so Sony sent me a D-NE900 refurb as a replacement. Personally, I think the D-NE900 sounds better than the 920. I am not a bass head, I listen mostly to rock n roll, so the EQ is fine for me. I wish that Sony would release the '30' line soon so that I could give them a listen. Milan
  8. I was curious as to if there is a sonic difference between the DNE900 and the DNE10. I've got a DNE900 and just ordered a pair of Shure E4C earphones. I want to make sure that I have the best possible PCDP to get the most out of the E4Cs. I was hoping to buy either a DNE930 or DNE30 but it looks like Sony has dropped their flagship PCDP line. Oh well, I'll probably buy a DAP within the next few years... Thanks in Advance for any information, Milan
  9. Well I have had the D-NE900 for 7 weeks now and I am beginning to prefer it to the D-NE920. The bigger remote is a major plus to me! The slimline remote included with D-NE920 was too cumbersome for me to operate. I appreciate how each function on the D-NE900 remote has its own button. Also, I can hear details on my favorite CDs with the D-NE900 that I could not hear on the D-NE920. I assume the more powerful analog amp had something to do with that. Overall, I am happy with my D-NE900 refurb, Can't wait to see the D-NE30 (?) line up next spring. Milan
  10. Thanks for the info Damage! Much appreciated. Milan
  11. Thanks for the info Pata, I do miss my D-NE920. I wish that unit was not so fragile. In my 2 hours of use of the D-NE900, I must say that it feels much more well built than the 920. Though the 920 had the far superior remote and LCD display. I did not notice any background noise, I'll keep listening and report anything of interest that I may find. I am hoping that the D-NE930 is unveiled soon, anxious to see what changes Sony has made to the 2006 line up. Milan
  12. Howdy, Today I received a refurbished Sony D-NE900 as a replacement for my 7 month old D-NE920 CD walkman which died a premature death 2 weeks ago. I have read that the D-NE10 is superior (sound quality wise) to the D-NE20 & D-NE920. I would like to know if that was the case for the D-NE900. I listened to the D-NE900 for a while and was impressed with the SQ, though I wish that Sony had sent me a brand new D-NE10. I was curious as to how the 2 models stacked up, so any input would be greatly apppreciated! Thanks! Milan
  13. I would still buy an A3000 for $200 MAX if it included all of the proper accessories in the package. Otherwise forget it. I've always resisted iPod. I even cancelled an iPod order last February and bought a D-NE920 (which just died). However, considering the short life of my D-NE920 I am very tempted to give the new 60GB iPod a shot, depending on SQ reviews. Milan
  14. Very cool!! Will we see D-NE930 & D-NE30?? I am on the verge of making an (EXPENSIVE) iPod jump, hopefully Sony can keep me on their side with a new line of quality PCDPs!! Hope that the 2006 line are of better build quality than my D-NE920 which inexplicably died on Monday. Thanks for the info Pata! Milan
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