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  1. I have had no problems at all. The ebay battery is working fine.
  2. After all, it's just a machine. I wouldn't exactly call it "precious". It's not like installing a battery in a pacemaker, or something that would kill a person if it was faulty. And , the exploding batteries in Dell, Sony, and Apple laptops are name brand. The fact that they were retail/OEM (Sony, same people who made these minidisc players and batteries that they contain) didn't seem to help the reliability very much. You never know what may happen.
  3. As an update.... I have been using my Ebay chinese battery for a while now with no problems at all. In my opinion, it's the same battery as the original that came with the RH1.
  4. I don't want to get in the middle of a good Feud , But I would like to say..... In my experience with a battery box and line in, My recordings have absolutely no noise other than ambient sounds of the location of the recording. This is nothing like audio tape, where it is near impossible to get a quiet recording. I can't disagree with the preamp argument, because I have no experience with them. It is entirely possible that either method will work satisfactorily for most people. Avoiding distortion is more important than worrying about noise levels with these digital recordings, in my opinion. Why not just do what is comfortable for you, and what makes you happy?
  5. I defer to your greater knowledge of mics and such. I was just under the impression that it was a voltage difference at the mics that made the most difference. I'm sure that the preamp can be overloaded as well. I assume that line in has no preamp to overload? If you powered the mics with 1.5v and fed them to line in , would you get equally good results? I am always willing to gain a bit more knowledge, don't want to go around spreading misinformation.
  6. For grins, why not try the various options by recording yourself? You can then evaluate the results with your own ears.
  7. Although I don't have greenmachines mics, I agree with his reply totally. For recording loud sounds, like a live band in any situation, you must use a powered battery box with your powered mics. The mics will only get 1.5 volts directly from the recorder unit, which will result in them getting overloaded and distorted with loud sounds. The battery box will supply the mics with 9 volts, giving the mics the ability to handle much higher sound pressure levels without distorting. I have never had mic distortion using a battery box and line in.
  8. I personally think there is a greater risk of damage to the unit by dropping it, or some other form of physical damage. The batteries both probably came from the same factory in China somewhere, one bought by Sony, and the other by a wholesaler who slapped a label on it. I doubt there is a big enough market for some other factory to gear up and produce fake LIP-4WM batteries. It's not like they are AA size and sell by the millions! If anyone is comfortable paying for Sony's huge markup, you are well within you rights to do so, and you are not alone. There are also those of us who look for bargains where we can find them, and feel that Sony has enough of our money already. We will buy the cheap batteries, and be blissfully ignorant of any potential problems of a sort that have only been imagined thus far. The fact of the matter is, There are both options available. Each person should choose the one that he or she is most comfortable with, and not be concerned about what anyone else thinks.
  9. I'm not sure if this helps. But here goes! Set it to record, push play/pause button on remote. Unit records. Push play/pause again, it pauses, push play/pause again, it records again. Push stop and unit writes to disc. Push play button and it says "end". I think you would have to jog back to your selected track to listen. If you were using a 13 yr old unit, you will be pleased with the RH1. It'll be worth learning to make it do whatever you want it to do.
  10. Someone my age can't hear over 16khz anyway. Most, not all, people lose the hi frequencies as they age. It's not that big a deal!
  11. My battery from China (ebay- leibflea) took 17 days to arrive. I am using it now, and it seems to perform identically to the original. Why spend more? If you want a backup, this seems the way to go.
  12. After spending some time working on this, I have determined that I have a cd burner hardware problem. It would get about a third way through the disk and slow down incredibly, introducing errors in the cd. Replacing the burner solved the problem.
  13. If you are referring to the download not installing SS4, delete your downloaded file, and run another download. If you are referring to the installed program, Then I would uninstall it, reboot, then reinstall. And maybe even a combination of both procedures. Could be a bad download or a bad install, or both. Also, try closing as many open processes as possible when running it and see if that helps. Good luck.
  14. The first thing I would try would be to uninstall SS4, reboot the pc, then reinstall SS4. Good luck.
  15. I am using my new Sony RH1 to do a USB transfer of some previously recorded band rehearsals (With my Sharp minidisc) live recordings in LP2 format. Using the sonic stage 4 program. I am using SS4 to convert them to wave, and they seem as if they are OK, everything zips right along, and all songs sound OK. But, when burning to CD, a couple of these tunes slow down the burning process to a crawl, and they have errors (some static or digital interruptions) upon playback in a cd player. I have downloaded the tracks a second time from the RH1. I have tried burning with both musicmatch jukebox, and EZ cd creator. I have also edited, compressed, and normalized the tracks with Audacity. I tried closing every open program I could on the computer while burning. None of these has eliminated the problem. I have come to the conclusion that there must have been some minor write errors on the original minidisc recordings. I have been unable on this forum to find much discussion about SS4, or our new capability of digital uploads of old recordings, made possible with the RH1. Any ideas? Any similar experiences?
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