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  1. I would like to be able to edit minidiscs when connected to my PC. At the moment, sonicstage (4.2) does not support track splitting, and if I press "mark" on my RH-1 the display flashes PC-MD. Sometimes I have loooooong files that it is simply impracticle to put automark on, but later i have to do a lot of fast-forwarding on the unit. very time consuming. Simple editing requested please: track split, track join.
  2. yeah, dude - post us some pics! (i'm a complete dunderhead with electronics)
  3. allend

    RH1 mains hum?

    thanks ever so, but the sound i want to record is streaming radio from the net. i usually record from satellite digitally, but there are times that i want to record from the web. I already use sony soundforge 8 - the absolute dog's for editing. but what about earthing out the hum - or is it something i'm just going to have to live with?? thanks the rh1 doesn't have battery add-on (AA or AAA style). there is only the internal rechargeable. hmmmmmmmm.....
  4. allend

    RH1 mains hum?

    My new mz-rh1 is fantastic... i love it, but i have noticed something: i have tried to record sound from my laptop. this is not possible while it is connected with the usb cable: the unit display flashes "pc-md" when record button is pressed on the unit. so to overcome this, i disconnected the cable, put the battery in, and then connected a male/male jack to jack lead from the laptop's headphone socket to the rh1's line-in socket. the problem is there is mains hum on the unit. this hum is "earthed" when i touch the unit and so disappears, but as soon as i release my touch - it's back. so recording in this way is not possible. i have also noticed that the hum is present when i am recharging the battery from a mains outlet and listening to music at the same time. and yes i have all ferrite cores attached. Has anybody any advice for me?!?!
  5. Yep, my old sharp does have excellent bass grunt. There's "bass 0" flat, "bass 1" ballsy, and "bass 2" super ballsy. interestingly, the bass lowers off with volume increase, to stop distortion / popping. I guess i would like to have the option there of colouring with a little bass, but to be honest, as a musican, i've grown fond of natural "direct" sound. too many days in recording studios with mad guitarists whacking up overdrive / distortion / reverb / etc etc etc... And dont worry about my hearing, i started to lose that years ago (an industrial hearing test in a factory i worked at told me my high frequency was down to 17 - 18k!) interesting idea of adding my own battery kit. but wouldn't that be like drawing on a crayola moustache on the mona lisa?! d
  6. Excellent information, gentlemen... kudos to all. Well, I'm still unsure (although now more swayed to the RH1). My only problem now is trying to find one (whichever I choose) - I live in Tarragona, north east Spain, and the Sony Centre shop here is clueless. They cant get me anything. I've also tried websearching, with a possible purchase from USA (with a lot of $$$ wasted on shipping). I'll have to "look into my heart..." Thanks again to all. d
  7. Hi everyone, Semi-newbie here. I've been super happy with my old sharp MD-MT821H for 7yrs, but the rechargeable battery isn't holding its power anymore. Time to upgrade!! I've been doing a bit of homework (I want the best), but regarding the MZ-RH910 and the MZ-RH1, I seem to be a little confused. I've downloaded product manuals for each from Sony W/S, and done comparisons. They both seem to do the same things, but the only difference that I can see is that they want to charge me $100 extra for the RH1. OK, the disign is different, but I think the 5-line display of the RH910 is better. (Also the RH1 doesn't have an add-on AA battery) Anyone got any comments they'd like to share? I'll be using the machine for playing music when I'm on the go, and recording things like lectures / classes for studying later. Also, Will I be able to use the Bang & Olufson in-ear earphones with it? Doesn't Sony use a micro-headphone jack? (I paid €110 for my B&O's, and they sound QUALITY) Thanks
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