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  1. Yeah and it usually involves the battery corroding. Cleaning the contacts and battery/using a different battery seem to do the trick,
  2. Hi Jim Interesting story about your MZ-N510. I purchased a job lot of four "faulty" N710's off ebay a year or so back and ended up swapping them with Jim for something else (I forget what). I remember one of them was working when plugged in, but will be curious to hear whether these units were in a similar condition to the N510 he described.
  3. I'd urge some of you to try a Cowon MP3 player such as the Cowon j3. Coupled with a 320kbps AAC or a FLAC, I think that's the best sound you're gunna get.
  4. Thanks for the reply and detailed explanation JIm. Not sure I have the confidence in opening the unit up and attempting the grease fix, and this seems like a temporary solution too. Hopefully this fix this help others though who have a similar problem and the confidence and knowledge to perform the fix themselves. I don't know if this loud screeching is detrimental to the lifespan of the unit, but it is incredibly loud and annoying so I will contact you about a possible repair if possible.
  5. Ah I see.. Well I hope the manual is accurate and it is indeed digital. This MiniDisc business is quite complicated isn't it
  6. Well you know more about this than me. It does seem to say in the manual though that it performs a digital recording. Also, it transfers cd text for the track titles too when doing a synchro recording, which I believe is a feature of a digital recording.
  7. If someone can kindly tell me how to upload a file, I'll show you what it sounds like. Nevermind.. .Here we go http://www.filedropp...om/loudminidisc This is just from me inserting a new minidisc and then doing nothing. The first track of the MD though was "moved" from the end of the disc though, so the noise must be in relation to the optical pickup moving frantically to a higher track.
  8. Ouch, that is worrying if the M333NT doesn't use optical for internal recording. I always just assumed it did Does that mean all my recording are not in the highest possible quality? Will be extremely disappointing if the SD1 doesn't allow optical recording. My CDs will be CD/Rs burned with flacs, so there shouldn't be any sort of protection on them. Isn't it ridiculous if you can't record via optical unless you do it from a PC? (which ends up converting the signal anyway) *EDIT* After reading page 14 of the manual, it seems to suggest that it performs a digital recording from the cd player.
  9. Hopefully he'll know what's going on.. It seems to do it when I skip a few tracks up and make a big jump between tracks. The screeching sound is also VERY loud. Enough to put me off using it in public.
  10. Hello I received one of these units from ebay today. I have two now and both are in immaculate condition. However, the one I received today makes an incredibly loud screeching noise very frequently when seeking tracks. Almost like the motor is spinning the disc super fast! Since the other one doesn't do this, I'm wondering what it means and if it is damaging the unit? Thanks in advanced for any help
  11. Thank you for the very informative post. I suppose the unit I have works fine at the mo, but I am doing sooo much recording on it at the moment and worried I'll wear it out. It only has an optical in connection so I can't record from it onto a portable MD player unfortunately. I will be able to achieve this with that cheap deck I bought on ebay though.. Hopefully the sound quality via the optical out connection sounds as good as my current system. I plan to use my couple of MZ-N910s as my main units, which a MZ-G755 as my radio and podcast one, and a cheap MZ-N510 as the one I plan to record a lot from and not care if it gets scratched up or worn. The forum member who repairs things is Jim right? I've had a couple things repaired from him recently and he offers an excellent service. Unfortunately though whenever I have asked him about whether he can offer repairs for my CMT-M333NT I have not gotten a reply.
  12. Cheers for the suggestion. It doesn't have optical out though, and I'd like the option of being able to record via MD players too, so I can save wear and tear on the MD Deck. Very much interested in the MXD-D400 model but these seem extremely rare nowadays. However, I did manage to pick up a Sony HCD-SD1 unit off an ebay auction yesterday (including the speakers) for just £11 + £6 postage! Seems to have optical out and also have connections for an MD Deck too. I'm hoping the sound quality is decent but it seems like a fairly good model and worth that low price.
  13. Hi guys, Glad to see people are still using MiniDiscs I have been looking into the possibility of replacing my CMT-M333NT unit. http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_CMT-M333NT+M373NT.html I've had it from when I was a kid and use it every day, but the MiniDisc part has been largely unused the past few years until the past couple months where I have had a MiniDisc revival and it has been used a lot! The MD recording function does work fine but I am worried about how long this will last in general, since the unit is already almost 10 years old and they appear to be incredibly rare to find nowadays. I have been thinking about replacing my system with a higher quality one but I'm fairly clueless about Hi-Fi systems. One feature I absolutely love is the CD to MD synchro recording where it copies everything from the CD (including the CD-Text) onto the MD. I'm willing to buy a separate CD deck and a separate MD deck (replaceable so less worried about it breaking) but I'm not sure which ones I'll need to be able to do these synchro recordings? I'm assuming connecting a Denon CD player to a Sony MiniDisc player won't be possible to do these Synchro recording with the CD-Text? Also, my CMT-M333NT unit has a strange speaker connector which makes changing the speakers rather confusing so I have just stuck with the original ones. Similarly, it has no optical out connection so I can record via a portable MiniDisc player (a cheap second hand 510, to save wear and tear on the MD deck). Whenever I try recording via my PC & optical out onto my portable MD, the track marks are a right mess and it's just too much effort. These are a couple of the reasons why I'd like the option of getting a new system, but I'm just super-confused about what to get. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  14. Hi I've just seen this now. But I do have the install disc? Do you still need it and any more progress been made on this? Let me know here, or email me at "fade2black101@gmail.com" for a more swift response (just in case I forget to check back here)
  15. Oh, because I installed the files that came with the CD, and did what I usually do with XP but no matter what I tried M-Crew just wouldn't detect the Hi-Fi. Confuuuused
  16. Lol its a shame really. As I really find the ability to change volume and switch to radio, cd, etc via the PC as essential. Just to clarify though, I was trying to run it on Windows 7 Home Basic 32bit, as it was on a very very old AMD Athlon 2000+ PC, but it still didn't work. So I'm not sure this is just an issue with the 64bit version? Am waiting for the Dell XPS 17 laptops to include a HD/3D screen and then I'll be getting one of those and, I presume, will be running a 64bit full version of Windows 7. Its a shame there's no proper way to solve this and I just wish there was an alternative way to adjust the volume, etc of the Hi-Fi rather than having to rely on an archaic, albeit useful, M-Crew :-)
  17. Okay thanks. So just to clarify, after installing M-Crew via the virtual machine, I WONT be able to access it through the normal Windows 7 environment and will have to keep booting into the virtual machine to open it?
  18. Thanks for your response.. Was wondering what you mean by "virtual machine" though? From what I remember i've used it before to boot up older operating systems within a different operating system. Do you mean i'll have to boot up xp on the virtual machine, install it on that, and then keep having to boot into the virtual machine to access m-crew? Or am I way off and there is actually a way to make Windows 7 think I'm installing on XP when infact I can run it normally from Windows 7?
  19. Hey, I've got a slightly different problem, but since I can't find any info elsewhere after hours of searching this is my last hope. Basically I've just installed windows 7 after having xp, but I'm having some problems with my Sony CMT-M33NT hi-fi. Basically I'm not interested in the MD functions but all I want to do is to get M-Crew running on my PC so I can control volume, and other aspects of my hi-fi via the pc. The usb audio codec works fine and everything is okay in that respect, and with changing the compatability mode i've managed to get m-crew to run. But the problem is that it does not detect the hi-fi and therefore is useless. I've never encountered a problem like this before while using XP so I can only assume it is because of Windows 7. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've installed all the drivers that I recieved with the hi-fi too, including the PcllkDrv which, I believe, is responsible for the USB connection and M-Crew. So it should really be working:-( Its a shame there's so little support for this software online.
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