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  1. Nice to see them as they would be new. Sony's colour has similar look. I have Sony's still new in wrapper myself. Looking at your other posts from your collection, nice.
  2. netmduser

    I am back

    Welcome back Phillippe!
  3. If you cant hear yanny this lets you hear it, I am wondering if ATRAC or mp3 would filter this out....
  4. That's a good price for it. I have a similar setup but with an older model.
  5. Example of interface from borrowed Internet pic Is adjustment required how to do? Change in Laser Power Specification of KMS-260E - MiniDisc ...
  6. I received mine. Thanks PhilippeC!!!!!!!
  7. I have heard of something called a PONO which could play flac. I think sony should re-issue with ability to play the hi-res formats now out there as well as legacy formats. Is now the right time?
  8. I found balsa wood wine boxes at the local dollar store. I even stained them as a mini project. Minidiscs fit perfectly.
  9. LP2 was designed to sound just about as good as SP. That alone has a lot going for it, unlike others.
  10. thnxs PhilippeC good advice
  11. Right now Im making a real-time sp recording from a flac recording (24 bit from vinyl). No conversion necessary it just works.
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